Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013$FILE/EY-Asia-Pacific-Fraud-Survey.pdf

Corruption Index 2010

Kenya is number 150 in the corruption list of 178. Position 178 is the most corrupt in the list. Malaysia is at number 56. Israel ridiculed by the Malays is at number  30. Singapore is number 1.

I choose  Kenya to write about because if gone unchecked Malaysia can also be like this one day.

Kenya was under dictatorship until 2002. A new democratic and elected government was given the mandate of the majority because the main item in their manifesto was to fight and eliminate corruption. Kenya then embarked on a vision 2030 whose vision is:

To create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by 2030

The official report is as follows:

Caution:Well you may not be able to download because of the obvious reasons.

Unfortunately the Unofficial Version is bleak:

If you wake up in the morning in the fringes of Nairobi, do not expect to get water flowing from the tap when you open it.

The water supply was not constructed to supply efficiently despite the allocation for such comprehensive water supply system was more than adequate. The people of Nairobi were short-changed.

With the present scaled down water network, only areas that pay some extra charges to the water department will be given water. This elite group will be the wealthy, the business areas and government officials. The ordinary residents of Nairobi have to accept that matter as fated and the norm which means there is no point to complain.

Thus in Kenya the society is divided into two castes; the neglected majority and the minority elite.

Kenya’s Vision 2030 is long on legislation, procedures, standards, blueprints, studies, planning, and establishing various bodies and departments but short in implementation and achievement. There is more bureaucracy than real action.

Malaysia has a vision too, and it is called Vision 2020; to be a fully developed nation.

But with the corrupt UMNO/BN government the vision will just be a dream if not a nightmare because with present (2012) Malaysia’s National Debt ballooning at RM460 billion, Malaysia can go bankrupt by 2019 instead, like Greece.

……………………….. to be continued. May be you can start reading  here.


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