This is not about MACC.

This is about moral pervesion, depravity, integrity,dissolution, immorality, rot, putrefaction, putrescence, foulness, pollution, contamination and the opposite of purity and honesty.

“Citizens who crave democracy cannot stand the culture of corruption which leads to a culture of impunity and then to a restraint of public freedom” – William Bourdon

Transparency International defines corruption as follows:



Corruption can destroy lifes, families, societies and countries. It is a vicious cycle that threatens everyone, the taker, the giver, the bystander, the innocent and the unborn.

Corruption is the social form of global warming. The bad effects are there clearly to be seen but nothing serious have been done by humanity.

The integrity of any society or of any nation besides other things like rule of law and and social tolerance depends on the degree of corruption or how rampant corruption is in that country.

I have a friend whose family originated from Kampuchea who told me the problems they face when sending aid missions to their former birthplace. Their entourage will be stopped at the border and many things confisticated, then only whatever they have will reach their destination.

Kampuchea is so poor because the government is not able to collect taxes as most of the people have been pre-taxed by the government officials.

Without taxes, the Kampuchean government won’t have the money for development and this will forever be the case. The situation is further worsened when the ministers themselves are corrupt too.

In Malaysia, the corruption is rampant too, the only reason that Malaysia is slightly better than Kampuchea is that there are more money available in Malaysia.

Still this should not be allowed to happen because Malaysia can go bankrupt if left unchecked. Moreover MACC is hopeless, a joke, a sandiwara.

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  1. Yes, erica its almost occur here but most legally by the name of govrmnt & not by the officer but by the institutions and their agencies, wonder? All using the tax term but how they manage the income is not transparent as people want (CBT?). But still have a good leader and officer to look after, check & balance but less power, not powerless.

  2. I do not know much about Malaysia, but this seems like an interesting and passionate blog. I do have a question about this particular post. You say “Kampuchea is so poor because the government is not able to collect taxes as most of the people have been pre-taxed by the government officials.”
    If they have been pre-taxed, they have been taxed by the government yes? Does this sentence imply that there are two aspects/different governments, one taking taxes preemptively and the other not being able to do so…? Or do you mean that the officials are taking money privately from private citizens? Sorry, just wondering what the situation is like.

    • Dear Erica, the people of Kampuchea are being “pre-taxed” illegally by the government officials, that is simply corruption. Yes, the officials are taking money privately from private citizens, just like the medieval times.

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