The hopeless and hapless Pakatan Rakyat

Pakatan Rakyat

During the Selangor Menteri Besar impasse Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was at the brink of breaking up but now it seems that PR could be history.

After making inroads and gaining 51% of the popular votes ending with BN without the two thirds majority in the GE-13, PR component party members DAP, PAS and PKR have now decided that each of them will go their own way.

Each component party has its own internal problems. They are not in good terms with each other. Each party thinks that it is better than the others. At the same time, their leaders are not doing anything to improve their relationship and to close ranks.DAP in particular is bent on wanting PAS to leave PR.

Everyone in PR must realize that Umno and Najib are at their lowest phase in Malaysian politics. At this juncture, when Umno is in trouble and Najib not doing anything, it is difficult for them to improve things, thus to uplift that situation, Umno has no choice but to create havoc within PR. What would be the easiest way if not by jailing Anwar?

Does any PR leader realize that Anwar Ibrahim is the one that amalgamates the various parties in the loose coalition and now has his hands tied? He is struggling for his political survival and future in view of the impending jail sentence in Sodomy II. When Anwar is jailed, who will lead PR then?

Since PAS has already asked Dr. Mahathir to name someone to replace Najib, now let PR name someone that they can agree with to lead PR and also be the candidate for the next prime minister if Anwar is jailed.

Let us look at the individual parties.

DAP leaders and members are naïve and myopic in their view on Hudud that they want PAS out. What is DAP afraid of when Hudud is for Muslim criminals and not for the non-Muslims, more so when the non-Muslim has done nothing wrong! Why must DAP members be afraid of something which should not and would not affect them? Just read and try to understand Hudud and do not just make conclusion based on some frightening information. DAP should just abstain.

DAP must also open up their minds to evaluate the scenario based on correct information and not on prejudice. Just think for a moment, would PAS on its own be able to implement the Shariah Law in Malaysia? The answer is NO.

Now when PAS is pushed out and then it decides to cooperate with Umno, wouldn’t that be more conducive for the Shariah Law to be implemented?

DAP must understand that whatever achievement for Islam in Malaysia, is mostly attributed to Umno because PAS has never been in power in Malaysia. Minus the bad things that Umno has done, it has done more for Islam than PAS. The state shariah laws, Islamic banking system, zakat collection, mosques, various Islamic institutes and bodies, Islamic universities, Islamic values in national schools, halal food products and certification, creating Shariah compliance funds and shares, trending the wearing  of hijab for the Muslim women and many others are examples that cannot be denied by PAS either that Umno has done all these.

Thus when PAS joins with Umno, basically it would be just the Hudud Law that has yet to be implemented! Now when Brunei has already implemented the Shariah Law, what on earth will stop Malaysia from implementing it with PAS joining hands with Umno?

May be DAP has its own selfish agenda.

DAP the Chinese dominated party is maintaining itself as a single race party in the guise of being multi-racial just because they have several Indians, Malays and non-Chinese members. So DAP is thinking that now that they have managed to replace MCA as representing the Chinese in Malaysian politics and with these few out-spoken non-Chinese members, the rest of the people in Malaysia will vote for DAP.

With that in view, DAP is thinking of fielding more candidates in the GE-14 and is dreaming that it will be the dominant party in Malaysia; DAP is dreaming to form the government in the GE-14. Well, DAP can keep on dreaming.

Now let us look at Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). What is left of PKR after these years and after many of its members have left is much to be desired. PKR now consists of Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Syed Husin,  Nurul Izzah, Ismail Nasution, Tian Chua, Chua Jui Meng, Nik Nazmi, Rafizi and may be Azmin. And none of them is trying to improve the party and engage with DAP and PAS to close ranks. PKR is without clear planning and practical objectives. With Anwar in jail, PKR will be without direction.

As for PAS, it is without leadership and at the brink of splitting up into three groups; with one faction supporting Anwar; the other supporting Najib and the rest joining PASma. Instead of being so adamant on the implementation of Hudud at this moment of time, PAS should engage with the people and educate them so that Hudud is not misunderstood and making people unnecessarily scared for nothing.

PAS must realize that it cannot implement Hudud on its own, just like DAP cannot rule Malaysia by itself. The figures just do not add up. PAS should work out the details of its implementation with proper planning and not making one-off statements and actions. Has PAS not realize that the majority of the Malay Muslims are still ignorant and confused on matters pertaining to Hudud? Make them understand and accept Hudud first!

Based on what have been outlined above, the alternative coalition that the people have so much hope for is basically hopeless.

Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua, Azmin, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi, Muhammad Sabu, please do not let the people down. Please get your acts in order. It is not too late and better late than never.

The Malay Muslims know that despite the things that Umno has done for Islam, they are still bad; they are corrupt. The majority of the people are fed up with Umno/BN.

PR; you are still the people’s only hope.


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