“ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES “ -Do we need slogans?

 “Endless possibilities “ – Do we need slogans?


Slogans are coined out by those in the business world to reinforce the business name or logo, and typically tend to make it memorable in the mind of the consumer. It is a marketing mascot; make brands more easily recognizable to the consumer.

While slogans have successfully help businesses, there has been no proven record that slogans have helped the development of any country. If the contrary is true, then what are the slogans for the USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan for that matter?

The idea of having slogans is only in Malaysia ( as far as I know anyway) but it is definitely not for the best interests of our country, instead  as in the business, the slogans are used to promote UMNO/BN and the prime minister of the day.

But why does UMNO find it necessary to create all the slogans? This allows a longer lasting memory of the brand UMNO/BN, in the subconscious mind of the ordinary people, and this will enable Najib to fool these people easily.

By airing the slogans through the mainstream television channels, promoting through every conceivable medium and methods, Najib will be able to make a lot of noise for the next four or five years. Please be reminded that empty vessels make the most noise!

The fact is that, UMNO/Najib has got nothing substantial to offer to the people after winning the GE-13. The appointment of the cabinet ministers was controversial with the unelected senators. MCA refused to join the cabinet and the same tainted people are in the cabinet, such that nothing much was done and noting substantial was planned during the 100 days Najib in his second term as prime minister.

Instead a lot of sensitive issues were created by those in power and in authority. We have heard from the ‘loud mouth’ Zahid Hamidi, the shooting spree by the assassins, stagnation of the economy and more deaths in police custody. While there is nothing much was done by Najib to make things better. In fact people have been asking, “Where are you Najib”, when it seemed that for the past 100 days, Malaysia was on auto-pilot.

Unfortunately, without having the best brains in the UMNO/Najib think-tanks, they managed to just create another useless ‘bumper sticker’; “Endless possibilities”, which more appropriately reflects, the ways how UMNO/BN leaders, ministers and their cronies will siphon out the money from the national funds this time around; endless ways of doing it!

Still Najib refused to admit that his 1Malaysia slogan simply failed to work as much as he had wanted. Najib explained that the new slogan is to compliment it. Why do you need to compliment it if it is so successful?

Like other UMNO prime ministers, Najib is just an empty vessel, making a lot of irritating noise. Therefore instead of “Endless Possibilities” the most appropriate slogan to reflect the entire UMNO era is “Endless Empty Promises”


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