Mahathir, Mahathir, Mahathir…

You know who

You know who

For a tree to bear fine juicy fruits, the tree has to be healthy and strong. The soil has to be fertile and additional nutrients are needed to supplement any deficiency. After a certain period surely the fruits will be produced and with proper care the tree can be productive for many years to come.

But Mahathir has failed to make Malaysia being the tree that bears fruits for the rakyat. Just look at our situation today.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has had his chance to do what is best for Malaysia. To be a developed nation by 2020, with high income, no poverty, zero unemployment, better standard of living, people having money to spend, with heavy industries, aerospace industries, better healthcare, more millionaires, with all the backwardness in the 70s be bygones and people living in racial harmony, crime free society, more freedom, with maturity in politics all leading to the formation of a Malaysian race, reaching the top of the world at the Himalayas, be world class in almost everything and even be a nuclear power with our own defence  and space program. Well that should wrap up what Mahathir vision was.

But in reality after 22 years in power including ten more years behind Badawi and Najib the vision has turned out to be just a dream if not a nightmare!

With the present economic situation we can all forget about Vision 2020. The income that the majority of us earn is just sufficient to make ends meet, with no savings and we are only able to buy some desirable items using the credit cards. Jobs are not in abundance and have become the employers market. Thus more and more jobs are created for the low paid foreigners and illegals. There are so many people living in poverty that there are many NGOs and charity organizations in various forms to help alleviate the daily hardship faced by this group of people.

Our heavy industries like Perwaja and Proton need bailout, while HICOM is now a just a name without any real productive and profit making industries. As for the aerospace industries we may have one in Kedah near Bukit Kayu Hitam, fabricating some parts for the light airplane on intermittent basis. We can’t even produce toy airplanes!

The improvement in healthcare is more delay in receiving treatments and that too after have to face the trouble of looking for empty parking space at the hospitals. Another improvement is the 1Malaysia Clinics without a proper doctor, just the Medical Assistant prescribing paracetamol, cough syrup, anti-biotic and occasional tubes of cream for the itchy part of the anatomy. In modern times, these are safely self-prescribed and the medication could be purchased almost any outlet that sells cigarettes.

Although we are not in the 70s, we are not moving at the same pace with this new millennium; we are trapped. Crime rate is ever increasing with religious and racial tensions being instigated by racist individuals and instigators.

By why are we facing this gloomy situation now? Have we not worked hard and do our best? Don’t we have people with brains to chart out our economic plan, the welfare of the people and the country? Don’t we have the resources?

See, Singapore without a single drop of palm oil and petrol, no forest and no farm lands can make it in this millennium. Something is very, very wrong somewhere in our country and someone and some group of people must take the responsibility and the blame for this!

Now, who has been power and in control and in charge of the country? The answer is Mahathir and UMNO. Mahathir and his UMNO have been in the limelight since he penned his criticisms before achieving independence until today. Mahathir is always in the news; Mahathir said this, Mahathir said that, Mahathir this, Mahathir that! But for what?

Until today, there is nothing being done to improve the situation and Mahathir keep on giving useless remarks, same reminders, unasked opinions, false warnings, ridiculous suggestions and anything that has value is all focused on the politics and power struggle and none on the welfare and the fate of the people while other countries are focused on improving their countries and citizens.

Have we not had enough of Mahathir for putting us in the present predicament?

Mahathir is not the statesman that UMNO has portrayed him to be. All the hype and propaganda have not been able to change history that Mahathir has suggested because as one commentator in the internet, Mahathir is not a good father- figure  at all; he has been described as follows; and I quote,

a. Father of Institutionalized Racism
b. Father of the Destruction of Race Relationship of Malaysia
c. Father of Corruption, Cronyism and Nepotism
d. Father of
(Racism)Malay Supremacy (as Perkasa’s advisor)
e. Father of Con (for fooling the gullible Malays, especially Perkasa supporters, that he is a Malay)
f. Father of Unaccountable Missing Tax-payers’ Money
g. Father of Racial Instigation
h. Father of Hypocrisy (for speaking about peace to ignorant and gullible foreigners overseas while instigating racial hatred in Malaysia)
i. Father of Failed Proton
j. Father to all foreigners with blue ICs!
k. Father of All Salesmen (for selling Malaysia to foreigners through his Project IC)
l. Father of Shamelessness (for being who and what he was and is)

m. Father of cronyism (you may add).

With his days numbered, we know why he is so desperate to rewrite history. But the truth will prevail! HE WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR ALL HIS FAILED AND EVIL LEGACIES!!!


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