PDRM ultimate failure.

PDRM ultimate failure.

The London police was re-organised in 1829 by the then Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel. The British police, popularly known as “bobbies,” wear a uniform PDRMthat is nonmilitary in appearance. Their only regular weapon is a short, wooden truncheon, which they keep out of sight and may not employ except in self-defense or to restore order. Police on a dangerous mission may carry firearms for that specific occasion. Peel was quoted as saying, “The police are the public and the public are the police.”This would be the standard that all governments should adhere to in maintaining peace and harmony in any country.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the secret police are intelligence agencies or police agency,law enforcement office which operates in secrecy and also quite often beyond the law to protect the political power of an individual dictator or an authoritarian political regime.

Instead of transparently enforcing the rule of law and being subject to public scrutiny as ordinary police agencies do, secret police organizations are specifically intended to operate beyond and above the law in order to suppress political dissent through clandestine acts of terror and intimidation (such as kidnapping,coercive interrogation, torture, internal exile, forced disappearance, and assassination) targeted against political enemies of the ruling authority.

Secret police forces are accountable only to the executive branch of the government, sometimes only to the most powerful person in the country. They operate entirely or partially in secrecy, that is, most or all of their operations are obscure and hidden from the general public and government except for the topmost executive officials. This semi-official capacity allows the secret police to bolster the government’s control over their citizens while also allowing the government to deny prior knowledge of any violations of civil liberties. Secret police agencies have often been used as an instrument of political repression.

The police in Malaysia

In Malaysia we have not only two types as mentioned above, but three. The third being the loose cannons; the trigger happy, cop turned criminals or having links with the underworld and those that cause death in police custody or take the law into their own hands. See, we have all three, the good “bobby”, the “secret police” and the “loose cannons”

The main reason for the existence of the loose cannons is the fault in recruitment. In Malaysia we do not have a comprehensive pre-employment screening including the psychological exam. Pre-employment psychological screening does not determine a candidate’s sanity or lack thereof. Failing to pass the psychological exam does not mean that one is crazy. Instead, it simply means that a career in law enforcement is probably not the best fit for that individual.

There are a lot of demands placed upon law enforcement, and can be emotionally, mentally and physically taxing. There will be days when you are forced to stand firm yet polite in the face of tremendous verbal abuse, and there will be times when you are exposed to horrific scenes. The fact of the matter is, not everyone is cut out for a career as a policeman. While it takes all kinds of personalities to make up an effective police force, there are certain traits all officers should ideally share.

Conversely, there are also certain traits that are generally agreed to be undesirable in law enforcement officers. The psychological tests tend to focus on identifying those undesirable traits more than look for those desirable traits.

What are the traits that a police officer should have?

The evaluation of potential law enforcement officers should include these; impulse control, general intelligence, judgment, ability to perform boring or tedious tasks, reasonable courage, honesty, integrity, personal bias or lack of bias, ability to tolerate stress, what motivated the candidate to choose law enforcement, dependability, ability to deal with supervision, appropriate attitudes towards sexuality, prior drug use, racial and religious prejudices. Apparently there have been many reports showing that our police lack most of the above.

The normal working hour for the police personnel is 24/7. They cannot have proper meals, proper rests, proper working hours, proper holidays, can never reach home on time and in short; they will not be able to lead a normal life thus their mental states are also abnormal. Therefore instead of being the friend of the people, they can be their fatal enemies.

In mental healthcare there is a standard operating procedure whereby the period of interactions between the healthcare personnel and the mental patient is limited for several months and after that period say six months, the personnel shall be assigned to a different duty. This is for the best interest of the official; to maintain the sanity. But for the PDRM, every officer has to complete their assignment until the case in closed and along the way, insanity creeps in.

But who is responsible to improve the police department?

Just look at the reports on the crimes in our country. Look in the internet on police brutality. We can compile volumes of PDRM incompetency for the past thirty years or more. It is simply mind boggling to contemplate why it is the PDRM has been so reluctant to improve themselves for all these years? Instead the situation has got too bad until the people have lost trust in the PDRM. The PDRM cannot be trusted anymore because everything the PDRM touch will be manipulated to serve the interests of those who pull the string.

The only visible effort PDRM is to create slogans after slogans which they never walk the talk. By right, the police department must take care of the police but unfortunately they are at the mercy of those in power from the underworld bosses who managed to buy the bad ones and the politicians, the politicians; Home Minister and ultimately the Prime Minister. The ex-IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan has confirmed that the works of the PDRM has been interfered by the politicians. Ironically we have also been informed that Musa himself purportedly has links with the underworld!  In short when this scenario is reached, the police will be performing their duties not for the citizens but for others.

If UMNO is still adamant in not wanting to create the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), the PDRM will eventually morphed into a department of lunatics.


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