VOTE UMNO/BN OUT; if you love this country

Vote UMNO/BN out if you love this country.


 The government’s figures and actions can never be right all the time. But this is what UMNO have been telling everybody in this world that everything is fine if not excellent in Bolehland for the past 55 years even when Malaysia is now at the brink of bankruptcy. The notion that a country can never go bankrupt is simply a fallacy. We simply cannot give everyone everything without someone paying the price.


There are many policies being imposed on us by UMNO/BN that we just have to swallow and do nothing. The recent one is the 24/7 highway robbery in the form of AES! There has been no genuine and sincere effort by UMNO/BN to rectify and make good all the wrong doings in this country, even drug lords, loan sharks, pimps and murderers could go scot-free under UMNO/BN. What more if they are UMNO/BN prominent leaders and their cronies?


Top civil servants who have not performed were also rewarded with promotions and extended contracts. Some literally got contracts for various projects! Ambrin Buang and his team’s efforts are wasted and the Auditor General department and the MACC might as well be abolished. Then at least we won’t get frustrated by not being informed of all the wrong doings in detail but no action being taken by the authorities.

Despite the creation of the Whistleblowers Protection Act 711 UMNO/NM will not hesitate to take action on the opposition and the whistle blowers. Is this the way to curtail corruption? Surely not; UMNO is only promoting corruption because UMNO is totally corrupt. By the way we are not allowed to gather in groups, even small groups of five without police permission. It does sound like being in a fascist country isn’t it? It is fascist alright! How true is George Orwell’s 1987, at list part of it anyway.

BN barang naik

The illegal money out flow has rendered our financial institutions without enough money to sustain our economy. Our business community is competing amongst themselves from the limited funds syndicated from overseas.

Our education is in dire straits and without clear direction. UMNO has failed both in upholding Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language and produce citizen who can master the English Language which is no doubt the prominent lingua franca for business, education, science and knowledge. Yet most of the new generation Malaysian cannot speak and write proper English despite UMNO wanting Malaysia to be a regional education hub catering for students from overseas!

Say no to BN

There are more poor people despite the NEP and the recent Transformation Initiatives by Najib and this is further aggravated by the existence of urban poor which were never heard even in the 60s.

Malaysia is not only overwhelmed with foreigners, they have been given citizenship illegally and in the most irresponsible manner by UMNO while the various races and religious groups have been pitted against each other! Is this an action of a responsible government? Surely not; even the primary school children know that we must live in harmony with tolerance and self-restraint.

Tolak BN 2

Who do not want progress and development? Communist China and Russia have built more highways, schools and hospitals. What is there to boast about with our degrading highways due to poor maintenance but with toll hikes every year? Our hospitals do not even have enough car parks! We do have modern hospitals but at what costs? Who benefits most from all these projects?

Najib boasted that Malaysia is the only country which gives cash handouts but it is only vote buying. On the other hand, have we not compared the BR1M handouts with the handouts given to disaster stricken countries? Those affected by the disasters were given handouts; they queue like the BR1M receivers and the hopeless looks on their faces enlightened a bit after receiving the handouts just like the faces of the BR1M receivers! . They register their name just like the BR1M receivers too. And the meager handouts in the form of food are as meager as those handed out through BR1M. What is the value of RM500 nowadays? After 55 years UMNO has created a disaster like scenario in Malaysia.

Tolak BN

We can all forget about Vision 2020 dreamt by Mahathir and being a high income nation dreamt by Muhyiddin if UMNO/BN still rules.

Our soldiers and police personnel need not have died in Lahad Datu if UMNO had used the Ranger Regiment to nullify the 200 odd Sulu insurgents. Our police or even the VAT69 are not trained for jungle warfare. No amount of money can fully compensate the loss of some one’s son, father, brother and husband. Yet Najib can live on without any conscience or regrets.

The elections in Malaysia have been rigged each time and by any standard, it is illegal, invalid and wrong, yet UMNO claimed to have the mandate from the people while in fact every UMNO/BN government is illegitimate.

What about our natural resources? We could have been more developed than Singapore and be the envy of the world, but UMNO blew it. Our natural resources have been plundered like nobody business. Even when Petronas has announced that our oil can only last for about 20 years, UMNO has no qualms in using Petronas to do whatever UMNO likes and at the same time siphon the money out and enrich their relatives and cronies.

The list is much longer and need several days to be written in brief but for the love of the country is it not enough for those who still support UMNO/BN to open their minds, hearts and eyes to realize that they have been had for 55 years!

If you love Malaysia then give Malaysia a chance to change for the better. Try it out; vote UMNO/BN out.


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