GE-13 is the opportunity for atonement for MCA and MIC

GE-13 is the opportunity for atonement for MCA and MIC

csl MCA

Those in power are the ones who are able to move, do and undo things in the country. They are the ones who can be the judge, the jury and the executioner. They can use every conceivable instrument to their advantage.

Unfortunately history has shown us that every empire that had collapsed are because of the wrong doings, abuse of power and other excesses, and corrupt practices of those in power. It is the same in the case of BN and in particular UMNO. However, UMNO is not able to change for the better and they continue with their arrogance, justifications and denials that they are corrupt to the core. Therefore let us forget about UMNO but focus on the other major BN component parties namely MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP. Well, Taib Mahmud is a class of his own; the de facto Sultan of Sarawak akin to the Sultan of Brunei, he is untouchable at least for the time being.MIC palanivel

These four major parties have been had by UMNO for so many times but the continue support for UMNO is because their top leaders have been assured of positions, some power and opportunities to accumulate wealth. Other than that, they have contributed nothing directly to the country and the rakyat; it is all UMNO, not them. They are there to ensure UMNO stays in power.

In ensuring UMNO continues staying in power for 55 years, they inadvertently have become cohorts in doing wrong to the country and the rakyat. They have been blinded by what they have got in enriching themselves and just become the mouth piece of UMNO to convince the people they represent that UMNO is the best. They refused to even accept the fact that Malaysia is at the brink of bankruptcy and corruption has become the bane for Malaysia. They are only interested to continue making millions.

Gerakan KTK

But it is not too late to make amend, repent, be good and atone themselves. They can keep their millions, after all although it is morally wrong, they got them by “stealing legally”. So why not take the once in the lifetime opportunity of the GE-13 to redeem oneself? The people can forgive those who are really sincere to repent. Most of the Malaysians are not vindictive, we are good people, only people who are bad inside are vindictive. Anwar has assured his enemies that if PR wins, there will not be a witch hunt.

So what can MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP really do?

It is obvious now that UMNO has played them out. UMNO is a truly racist party, caring only for the UMNO Malays and their non-Malay financial backers. What has UMNO done for them since 2008 until now? All the non-UMNO leaders are on their own perils. Chua Soi Lek has not been backed by UMNO, neither is Ong Tee Keat. Lim Liong Sik has to face the judge so is Kong Cho Ha. Where is Samy Vellu now? Who is Palanivel by the way? Is he still around? Koh Tsu Koon is helpless on his own without any sympathy from UMNO to revive his political life. Who is the head of PPP now? These questions may be sarcastic but they are meant to be so; to put some sense in their numbskull that UMNO has done no lasting good both to them and those they represent.

ppp kayveas

So why not take this GE-13 opportunity to play UMNO out, once and for all, and at the same time win back the hearts of the people? Be the real life ‘baddies turned heroes’.

There are so many ways to play UMNO out, but basically you can either jump ship now, leave BN because UMNO is the one running the show or you can jump ship after the GE-13 and let UMNO sink on its own because you have not much to lose compared to UMNO. Some of you would even be most welcomed by PR.

UMNO lembu

May be you are not able to decide, but have you not heard of the consensus? Jump ship now!


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