DISGUSTING UMNO – a brief history

Disgusting UMNO; a brief history


UMNO was formed with the blessing of the British. It is a party that was created as a platform to implement British policies. What happened in 1957 was similar to what happened in Iraq, where the U.S. established the Al-Dawa party (which has deviated from the original Al Dawa) led by present Iraqi President Nouri Al Maliki as a continuation of American rule in Iraq.

The British easily granted independence to Malaya because UMNO was the British representative, whereby most UMNO leaders were educated, trained and coached by them to rule Malaya at that time.

While more than 90 percent of Malaya’s economy was also in British hands, British systems and ways were already established in Malaya at the time.

The Malay rulers were only puppets holding rubber stamps to approve what the British/UMNO wanted. Islam was compartmentalized and separated from the daily practices of the Malays, who were only encouraged to circumcise, to hold feasts, celebrations and to practice polygamy.

After tightening the grip on the people, UMNO became greedy with power and money, to gain more power and wealth; and not to serve the interest of the people. The Malays were blinded by UMNO propaganda and slogans carried out by the media, journalists, writers, historians, government bodies, government departments, ministries and UMNO leaders.

Finally the Malay rulers lost their power and relegated to be just like the ordinary people where UMNO can take legal action on them. The Malays are still poor; living a hard life and continue begging like in their own land! The rest of the Malaysian citizens are relegated to second class. UMNO then pitched the various races against each other.

UMNO continues to be greedy; grabbing and stealing public money through the various projects. UMNO continues to borrow money from everywhere, so much so that the national debt now exceeds RM 460 billion in 2012 and the people are enslaved to pay the debt for several generations to come.

When all the wealth of the country such as tin, iron, timber, rubber, petroleum is depleted one by one  by greedy UMNO, eventually the people continue to suffer and competing between the various races for what is left just to have a decent life.

These UMNO’s actions are simply disgusting but it is most disgusting when UMNO refuses to admit their wrong doings for their 56 years in power in Malaysia.

Although UMNO’s wrong doings have been revealed with the latest being Deepak Jaikishan exposés who  is daring enough risking his life to expose the scandals involving Najib, Rosmah and several other UMNO leaders, unfortunately the Chief Warlord of UMNO, who is  Mahathir, told Najib to ignore everything exposed by Deepak, without any follow-up to be investigated by the authorities.

Mahathir is doing so because he is also involved with fraud and if Najib is investigated, then Mahathir also needs to be investigated.

UMNO is forever mired with bad deeds; corruption, theft of public funds, fraud, lies, greed and cruelty. UMNO under the guise of progress and development has made Malaysia heading for destruction.

UMNO should not be given the mandate to destroy this country.


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