Musa Hassan is now back singing the old tune; Mahathir/UMNO tune but for what?

Musa Hassan

Many have wondered why at one time Musa Hassan was suddenly so critical of the BN government by telling us that the Minister of Home Affairs has been interfering with the police work. He told us that just after Deepak exposed the failed money making scam involving the land belonging to the Defence Ministry and Raja Ropiaah while the 2012 UMNO general assembly was being held.

But now Musa is trying to scare the people by saying that if Pakatan Rakyat wins, then the country will be turned to chaos. Musa further explained that there are NGOs in the country being used by foreign powers to create the chaos. He also implied that the NGOs are pro-opposition.

Mahathir has earlier mentioned that when in power, PR will revive back the draconian ISA that Najib had abolished. However the fact is, although the ISA was technically abolished, Najib/UMNO has other laws, rules and regulations that can have the same effect as the ISA, for example the Anti-Terrorist Act.

But what is Musa really up to now?

Musa is in dilemma because he is in a very awkward position. He foolishly tried to straighten things when he has no more power, but not to the betterment of the country or to uplift the integrity of PDRM, but to save his neck. While he was in collaboration with the Attorney General in framing Anwar in the Sodomy I case, he tried to paint a very bad picture on Hishamuddin in his effort to deflect any fingers pointing towards him for all the dirty works of PDRM when he was the IGP.

After the blame on Hishamuddin, nobody from the opposition came to his support instead Musa’s claim was used by the opposition to put  great pressure on Hishamuddin to let the PKR#112KL to be held without PDRM’s interference and the present IGP Ismail Omar got all the praises instead.

Musa is left on his own perils without any support from UMNO either. But this does not secure him immunity if Pakatan Rakyat really wins the GE-13. Therefore Musa has no choice but to align himself with a still powerful Mahathir whom he adored and would do anything if Mahathir would ask him to do. He used to be the loyal errand boy of Mahathir and now he hoped that Mahathir will live for another 100 years and provide him with some protection just in case Pakatan Rakyat decides to open all the police files managed by Musa in the PDRM’s archive.

But Mahathir has his own problem and Musa Hassan has his own sins.

Musa in desperation forgot that Mahathir also has his own problems; the RCI pertaining to the Sabah citizenship for the illegal immigrants, the troubles in UMNO, Najib’s mismanaging the political crisis and the great possibility of UMNO/BN losing in the GE-13. Mahathir too is now thinking on how to save his neck. Thus Musa cannot depend on Mahathir anymore.

Musa Hassan is a lone man; one man trying to save his own neck and nothing else. From the day he prepared all the proof and evidence in Sodomy I, the people know that Musa cannot be trusted. The recent change in his tune makes him untrustworthy and whatever he says carry not much weight anymore, at least not to his advantage; he has made enemies both in PR and UMNO/BN.

Musa Hassan must realize that when he claimed that the NGOs are threats to this country, he is indirectly saying that the PDRM is an incompetent lot. Surely if they are threats, the PDRM must take immediate action. Why then the PDRM is doing nothing about it? It is because Musa Hassan is talking without prove and just singing Mahathir’s tune. But not many people are listening to him now.

Despite his recent move, Musa Hassan is still a very desperate man with many dark secrets of many prominent, important, influential and powerful individuals. He has a lot to tell, but unfortunately the same people also have a very thick file on him each. Musa Hassan is in fact much more desperate now!

Previously he may have sleepless nights but lately he may begin to  have heart-stopping nightmares.


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