GE-13; IS UMNO OUT OF OPTIONS? And could Najib have had his last holiday paid by the public? 

Najib at WEF Davos

Najib has been warned that the more delays in holding the GE-13, the more problems will arise for UMNO/BN and the stronger the opposition will be.

Despite his supporters saying that his performance has been impressive, Najib does realize that the GE-13 cannot be won by him alone and there are several factors to be considered like the various candidates, economic welfare of the people and the economic health of the country.

However in such a critical period when the prospect of UMNO/BN winning the GE-13 is getting slimmer, Najib had the nerve to form the Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the giving of citizenship to the illegal immigrants in Sabah without following the rules by Mahathir.

Is Najib out of his mind?

Surely he should not add salt to the wounds and should have resolved the existing problems faced by UMNO like the infightings and the various accusations against him by Deepak Jaikishan instead.

Forming the RCI is a very desperate move because Najib wants to divert the people’s attention elsewhere, not on the state of the economy, the bad records of UMNO, the UMNO infightings, the overall hapless situation in the country, the grim prospect of losing in Selangor and the ever stronger opposition.

In forming the RCI Najib hopes to gain some points for himself, his legacies;

  • to ensure that Sabahans will always be grateful to him and to give their full support in the GE-13.
  • Najib also wants to show that he is not afraid of Mahathir. Najib is willing to face the wrath of Mahathir who has been pulling all the strings and is trying to force him to step down.
  • Najib wants to show to the any UMNO members who still have doubts in his abilities as a leader that he is in charge and he will have the final say in everything.
  • Above all Najib wants to divert the people’s attention away from the Deepak’s exposés beause Najib is unable to counteract accordingly.

Having a paid for holiday recently

After the RCI has gained momentum as planned, Najib thought that he deserved a holiday,  so he went to Davos, Switzerland.

He was to showcase Malaysia’s success story via his ETPs, NKRAs, NKEA, 1Malaysia and the various alphabet initiatives. Najib wants to portray to the people that he is a world class leader despite just a four year stint as the unelected Prime Minister of Malaysia. But the Davos summit went out with a fizzle and if you ask the people about Davos, they will ask you back, “… what Davos?”

Mahathir angry

UMNO on the other hand is left with Mahathir to think of ways to win the GE-13. Mahathir must be gritting his teeth watching Najib performance or rather non-performance. Najib could even be the reason for Mahathir to have the next heart attack!

The fact is Najib/UMNO is out of options.

What can UMNO do in just a short time of may be three months to win the GE-13 when they had 55 years to prepare for it but never did?

UMNO allies like the various BN component parties, PERKASA, Pekida, Utusan, TV3 and their bloggers are all having trouble of their own. They cannot contribute much to win the GE-13.

The people are all too aware of incompetent MCA, hopeless Gerakan, gone MIC and PPP is just like another KITA.

PERKASA only blows hot air which has turned cold, Pekida hooligans have even been exposed by RTM2 in a documentary,

Utusan has been sued repeatedly and lost almost every case.TV3 just irritates the viewers. UMNO bloggers are out of points to argue and put forward .Some have resort to blatant lies and have to use pornographic thumbnail image to entice viewers to click on their ridiculous articles.

Even the PDRM has started to distance itself from UMNO and the UMNO ‘Ulamas’ Muslim scholars have not been able to convince the people that UMNO is Godsend.

So with these scenarios, what can Najib/UMNO or even Mahathir do?

UMNO has tried several times to split the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition, but PR’s leaders are seasoned enough to face the onslaught.

The only thing that UMNO can do now is to use all the government machineries to campaign for them and the Election Commission (EC) to do the dirty works for UMNO/BN to win.

But there are also many in government who do not support UMNO/BN and they could resist the instruction or even sabotage UMNO/BN.

The EC cannot have a free hand like before; it is being scrutinized by many and if caught red-handed while trying to cheat and with the present ICT capabilities of the people; the EC cannot win in the courts; just like the police brutality during BERSIH 3.0.

Najib/UMNO has to face the great prospect that PR will form the next government and Mahathir’s legacy will not be his so-called 22 years of “achievements” but rather as a traitor who gave citizenship to the illegal immigrants in Sabah for votes which will set a precedent for the RCI to investigate the same in the peninsula too.

Najib may have enjoyed his holidays in Davos and many other exotic places paid by public money for the past four years, but Davos could be his last.


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