UMNO LEADERS ARE SCAMPERING INCOHERENTLY, because they will lose everything after GE-13

UMNO leaders are scampering incoherently because they will lose everything after GE-13

Malaysia is ranked at number three globally in terms of illicit capital outflow according to a report released by the Washington-based Global Financial Integrity (GFI) in December 2012 or an average of US$28.5 billion annually. An illicit outflow refers to a form of illegal capital flight and occurs when money is illegally earned, transferred or spent. Most of the money is in the Swiss banks.

The Swiss banks have been secretive for more than two centuries but everything  never last. After the US put enough pressure and won the court case against Wegelin & Co, when it pleaded guilty to charges of helping wealthy Americans evade taxes through secret accounts. This has set the precedence that there is no more such thing as secret bank accounts as we know it.

The Swiss government has also indicated its “readiness” to freeze the “illicit assets” of politically exposed Malaysian leaders if Malaysia submits legal assistance requests to its government.

Both Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman and Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud are now facing the possible freezing of their money.

The above events are another major factor that makes top UMNO/BN politicians having sleepless nights when all the illicit money flow for the past 10 years (from 2001 to 2010) amounting to RM872.8 billion could be frozen.

There is little concerted effort to tackle the issues affecting UMNO, proving UMNO in disarray and BN is out of the picture.

UMNO leaders have started to take heed on the writings on the wall that UMNO/BN will lose in the GE-13 when every effort to improve the situation simply failed to bear fruit.

The various events unfolding at present have made UMNO leaders  jittery and without clear action plan on how to tackle them properly. Every UMNO leader is now at his or her own perils and has to solve his or her own problems rather than cooperate in saving UMNO.

Even comments by the Bank Islam economic advisor seems to pierce the heats of UMNO leaders as if they cannot bear to contemplate on losing the GE-13 and they have not been able to prepare Plan B.

UMNO bloggers are aslo facing the courts on their own while Utusan has been found guilty again and again for printing lies and distorted facts.

When normally, the “Listen,Listen,Listen” would easily be dealt with by UMNO, it now has to distance itself from the SW1M president, Sharifah Zohra. UMNO has also distanced itself from Raja Ropiaah and Deepak. Najib is alone in trying to defend his wrong doings.

While PERKASA has not be able to improve things for UMNO,Najib is now gambling in forming the RCI to get all the details in giving citizenship illegally to illegal immigrants in Sabah hoping that the people in Sabah will put their trust in him but the buck will not stop there; the people would want him to do the same thing in other states as well, especially Selangor.

In doing so, Najib has indicated that Sabah is not secured after all and he is willing to sacrifice Mahathir which will just further tarnish UMNO’s image in the eyes of the people.

It seems that the PDRM has stopped o entertain the whimps and fancies of UMNO leaders anymore when they allowed the PKR#KL112 to be held without inteference. The police too are aware that UMNO/BN will lose.

UMNO leaders will have their hair turns white when the time comes for them to lose power and lose all the wealth they have accumulated when the Swiss banks will surely assist freeze the illegal money when the next Malaysia government submits legal assistance requests to its government.


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