When a student points out that the professor is wrong; Bravo Bavani!

Brave Bavani; BRAVO!

Brave Bavani; BRAVO!

There are two classes of students in the universities in Malaysia. Top universities will only admit brainy students and the less qualified students are admitted to lower standard universities. Never mind the two classes of students because most of the universities do admit both of them, but how many of these students use their brains?

From the hottest video clip being viewed even at this moment, we can have a rough feel that many of our university students do not use their brains .But Miss Bavani is a class of her own; she uses her brain and has the courage to speak out. Miss Bavani has “big balls” too, much bigger compared with the many male students in the audience and even the penal members on the stage in the hall at UUM, who despite having the balls are in fact eunuchs!

Foolish Shariafh Zohra

Foolish Shariafh Zohra

Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, however is an embarrassment not only to many of us, she embarrassed herself! Even Khairy Jamaluddin has distanced Sharifah Zohra from BN through his tweet. Sharifah Zohra is practically on her own now because so many people in the blogs, Facebook, and other social media are condemning her for what she did in the forum and it is on record that she can never deny but to accept the consequences that she has misjudged at the spur of the moment. She will regret it sooner or later for the rest of her live and you can bet on it!

Of course there are similar minded people who support her, but whatever they try to argue and prove, they are without substance.

Sharifah Zohra has no class at all because in trying to make fun of Miss Bavani, she is actually making fun of herself! Sharifah Zohra is no match to Bavani. Zohra would not be able to speak up like Bavani if she was in the same situation. Zohra is the product of 56 years of UMNO rule and she does not realize that she has been had by UMNO. Zohra has been successfully been brainwashed by UMNO! So much so that she has now become an embarrassment even to UMNO; a living proof of UMNO’s low class product of 56 years in power and educating the people.

Zohra failed as aperson who boasted to have been much older and holds a degree, to have an intellectual engagement with Bavani. This is a classic case of a bright student pointing out to the professor that he or she is wrong!

Ambiga with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

Ambiga with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

Watching the video clip makes me very angry at our foolish university students, many of whom simply clapped their hands without even thinking of what the forum was all about. The forum is just a brainwashing event by UUM ala Biro Tata Negara in the hope that the students will swallow whatever the organizer planned to feed. The organizers simply twisted all the recent events and indirectly condemn the opposition and tried to condemn Ambiga and A Samad Said both are people with stature and integrity. If the students were not able to realize that, then they are simply hopeless, indeed UMNO has succeeded in producing more Sharifah Zohra.

A.Samad Said

A.Samad Said

The ones who simply clapped their hands do not use their brains; they are used to being spoon fed without filtering anything and therefore they will even accept garbage as some useful information. Unlike the computer which is just a machine, at least it will thrash out garbage when your feed garbage into the computer, but our university students will keep and absorb the garbage and accept it as part of something they need to live with. Please wake up, we do not need garbage, we discard it!

Adam Adli

Adam Adli

Malaysia needs more people like Miss Bavani, yes to Bavani and not people like Sharifah Zohra who will only lead our country to doom. While UPSI has produced a real flesh and blood hero in the form of Adam Adli, UUM has produce our heroine; Bavani. You have contributed something very significant for the betterment of our beloved country through your small but magnanimous act. I salute you.

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  1. Hello! Whoever said she was a professor?

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