Titanic maiden voyage and UMNO final cruise

UMNO evolution

UMNO evolution

The Titanic was the hugest, most advanced and sophisticated luxury liner during its period that nobody really believed that it could sink. It was only when the ship really started to sink, i.e the scene unfolding in front of their own eyes that those who were skeptical really believed, but then it was too late to do anything much, not even in saving lives because the ship was not equipped with the proportionate number of life-boats. The ship won’t sink; there was no need for life-boats! That was what they believed.

The Romans may have similar confidence that the Roman Empire could never collapse because the empire continued to grow in strength and conquer more lands despite the infightings within the Roman government. So too were Genghiz Khan of the Mogul Empire and the Pharaohs of Egypt. Even the British are still bewildered with the fact that they have no more empire now. We have also seen the collapse of the USSR, the most powerful communist regime and a superpower is now left with Russia and a few Balkan states affiliated to it.

UMNO which is now 66 years old purportedly has 3 million members, but this figure has been questioned whether genuine or not. UMNO has been living with false pretense because the number of members is questionable  and whether they are bona fide members or not when the process of enrolling members have been through photostat NRICs and signing on the blank forms with the membership fees being paid by the party.

But despite the 3 million members, every UMNO organized event needs a rent-a-crowd to fill in the empty seats.

HKR #KL112 vs Najib’s Tesco gathering in Semenyih

Dataran Tesco Semenyih 112

Dataran Tesco Semenyih 112

On the same day when 300,000 people in green (environment/Lynas), red (oil royalty), orange (struggle for FELDA), black (A.B.U) and yellow (BERSIH), Najib also organized a counter gathering mostly for the Indian community in Selangor, but despite the usual pocket money, free food and bags of rice with hundreds of chartered buses, only about 5,000 people attended the event.

Top view of  HKR#KL112

Top view of HKR#KL112

Najib was apparently oblivious to the small number in Semenyih compared with the one held by the opposition, the 10-point declaration and the efforts by the opposition to capture Putrajaya;  Najib was happy just to be able to give handouts to the participants in Semenyih and trying to take back Selangor when he repeatedly mentioned throughout his speech mostly in Malay, “…SYABAS…, SYABAS…, air…, air…, SYABAS…, SYABAS, air… air, AIR, SYABAS…air…” while his audience waited impatiently for him to stop talking nonsense and start giving away the handouts! Najib said this at a “Meet-the-People” event organised by the Indian Progressive Front (IPF) at Dataran Tesco.  Read here.

How big is UMNO and how strong it is?

Of course UMNO has been the main ruling party and has all the power to control almost everything in Malaysia and may be too big to fail, but have UMNO not realize the fate of the Titanic described above?

UMNO has morphed from its humble beginnings as a platform to unite the people especially the Malays, supposedly to attain independence where people were willing to contribute money and energy for its cause, to an organization that is used to make money enriching a few top leaders, their family members and cronies.

Anyway, after gaining independence what else should UMNO leaders do, if not getting easy money and accumulating wealth? Yes, pocket all the money meant for UMNO. So much so that UMNO has not much money now to finance its political activities especially in facing the impending GE-13. This is giving a huge handicap on Najib who is not that wealthy to finance his political future but fortunately he still has the official power.

Despite the huge possibilities UMNO is now on life support

We all know the recent UMNO history and the present one; from a vibrant youth full of energy and great potentials, UMNO is now so weak and fragile and is living on life-support.

The money that was plundered and supposedly meant for UMNO has all gone into the accounts of top UMNO leaders because they need the money to be able to control UMNO to their advantage. UMNO has just been left to be a political brand that needs to be advertised regularly like the KFC.

UMNO is like the living dead; a zombie. Its members have no choice but to keep on propping up UMNO and its leaders because you cannot change a living dead into anything else except just blow it to pieces, which many who have taken advantage of UMNO and still dependent on it to continue accumulating wealth and power refuse to do, because they have so much to lose.

UMNO/BN has been using every government project and every government procurement, no matter how small or big to enrich their leaders, family members, cronies and relevant supporters. Thus it is not a wonder that the wealth of the country is in the hands of a few.

When strong and powerful UMNO has many financial backers but …

But what UMNO fails to understand is that there is a limit to everything. There is a limit to how much the economy can withstand the plunder. There is a limit to how much the country can be in debt. There is a limit to the resources and funds. There is a limit to every opportunity. And above all there is a limit to the people’s patience.

As there is not much improvement that Najib has done through his ETPs, this shows that all the above nonsense has reached its limit. Money is not coming in anymore and there are no more funds that can be readily plundered. This ultimately means that there is no need even for UMNO to exist anymore; exist for what?

Despite the plundering, UMNO has not much money because whatever that has been plundered are in the hands of several individuals, thus UMNO has not much money in its account. Therefore UMNO needs financial backers desperately.

The financial backers simply are shying away from UMNO; they know that they won’t be able to get lucrative returns from their investments anymore. But these financial backer are also not backing the opposition either and for what? What can the opposition do since Malaysia is at the brink of bankruptcy!

So the life-giving supports for UMNO have  been detached one by one from the dying UMNO on its sick bed. UMNO is now surviving on its own remaining nutrition and that is also in limited supply.

See, even powerful regimes have collapsed, what is UMNO which has long been on life –support and that has been detached from it? Furthermore, how long can UMNO survive with its vicious infighting?

UMNO won’t realise what hit them until it is too late

Top UMNO leaders shrugged off the impact of the #KL112 saying that the huge number is just because the people came from all over the country. They also say that the huge number will not translate to huge votes for the opposition.The top UMNO leaders are not impressed by the #KL112 and the UMNO members, supporters and bloggers also ridicule the event. They are confident that UMNO/BN can win the GE-13 with more than two-thirds majority and even win back Selangor.

But they refused to understand that for every one participant in the #KL112 event, several more were not able to attend and that is the main point; they came form the whole country! It is the voice of the whole country!!

Like those who built and who were on the Titanic the day it met its fate on its maiden voyage, UMNO members and leaders will only realize that UMNO will also sink just like the Titanic when the event start to unfold in front of their eyes it its final cruise.

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