The story of Altantuya, Deepak and Najib; will it ever end?

Altatuya alone

When a group of people conspire something very sinister, they must ensure that there are only a few of them and all trusting each other. The downside of this nature of under staff endeavor, is their inability to go to finer details to ensure its success and to mitigate if things went wrong. Thus in the murder of Altantuya nobody in the conspiracy was able to do anything to prevent the taxi driver from making a police report pertaining to his passenger being abducted by strangers and nobody in the group was able to prevent the report from being fed into the PDRM report system.

After a quick discussion they must have concluded that the only way to prevent this scandal from being fully exposed was to remove Altantuya from the equation.  First her name had to be deleted from the immigration department records as a precaution to prevent Altantuya from escaping from any exit points as the immigration personnel will automatically raise the alarm without knowing what was going on, since her name was not in the system which will be known to the highest authorities. Well the PDRM should look into who gave the order to delete, but that is another story.

Abdul Razak Baginda later reiterated several times that Altantuya was blackmailing him and this had direct implication to Najib who was the Defence Minister and directly involved in the RM7.3 billion useless Scorpene-Altantuya submarines. Najib then was preparing to be the next prime Minster after Badawi and he had to make sure that nothing would go wrong at whatever cost.Baginda-Najib-Altantuya

Altantuya was also reported to be having affairs with both Najib and Baginda, which eventually turned sour and she was C4-ed. But it does not end the story; there are other unwritten episodes; until we know the truth.

Deepak is luckier


Deepak Jaikishan as he claimed got to know Rosmah through his carpet business and somehow got to know Raja Ropiaah as well and definitely Najib would be aware of their business dealings or money-making scams, which are the specialties of top UMNO leaders. The deal between Deepak and Raja Ropiaah was also initially so sweet.

As for Rosmah, she was like his elder sister. Raja Ropiaah by the way is the UMNO Wanita Chief for Selangor and staunch supporter of Shahrizat. Najib would definitely want to protect Ropiaah to ensure grabbing back Selangor. Najib may have a soft spot for women but a hard on for some, but any bad publicity on Ropiaah will definitely shatter his dream.

Raja Ropiaah

But just like the deal between Altantuya and Baginda/Najib that turned sour, Deepak/Raja Ropiaah/Rosmah/Najib deal resulted in the same.

Now is the most critical time for Najib to ensure that he will still be the prime minister at whatever cost. It seems that history is repeating itself for Najib.

At this moment Deepak is openly blackmailing Najib by attacking Raja Ropiaah. But in haste, Najib made a silly move when he tried to silence Deepak by instructing the Defence Ministry to come out with a mechanism to pay Deepak which make things more complicated for Najib while Deepak is now emboldened by the result. Deepak’s price is much higher and has upped the ante, while Najib is also being haunted by Rafizi and the veterans!

This time around Najib has limited trusted help, resources and choices.

In the Altantuya case, Najib had many people who were willing to stick their necks and put their lives to protect him, but now with the uncertain future not only for Najib since there has been a move to remove him from power, UMNO/BN may lose the GE-13, so who would be willing to  help Najib now? Moreover those who had helped him earlier may also be saying enough is enough to Najib.

Altantuya was practically alone when she tried to go against the might of the UMNO/BN leadership. But not in Deepak’s case, because he must have powerful people behind him to make it to the present stage and still alive!

So with this kind of scenario, what can Najib do? Well nothing much really; he can either tell the people the cock and bull story or just own up.


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