The DAP Central Executive Committee inevitable set up is upsetting.

The DAP Central Executive Committee inevitable set up is upsetting.DAP

Malaysia has a population of 28 over million comprising some 11 million Malays, 8 million Chinese, 2 million Indians and the rest consists of other ethnicities of 7 million. The Democratic Action Party (DAP) though democratic in its proclamations with over 20,000 members is overwhelmingly Chinese; its composition does not represent Malaysia’s demography.

Since its formation in 1966, DAP has failed to recruit more members from the Malay and Indian communities, let alone other ethnicities. This fault is by design because its only aim is to take over the role of MCA in serving the Chinese community. If DAP had been really serious in making itself a truly multi-racial political party, then it would have embarked on a consistent effort to recruit more non-Chinese. DAP would have both a short term and long term strategies to achieve it.

With the recent DAP party elections, the non-Chinese will be more alienated from it and the Chinese psyche and image will be more entrenched. Where are Aspan Alias and Mohd Ariff Sabri? But this is what one should expect when there are very few non-Chinese members in DAP!

Are its leaders not aware of the situation? Of course they realize but the lacking in their efforts also proves that it is by design. The DAP leaders also refused to wear the ‘songkok’ in official ceremonies! Anyway who bothers when more and more of DAP candidates can win in the various general elections and now Penang is definitely under DAP for a very long time and DAP nearly captured Perak!

With the present trend where the Malay votes are divided between UMNO, PAS and PKR, while most of the Chinese have deserted MCA, the Chinese DAP members are confident that they can win and do things on their own, without the help or even collaborations with others. But how long will this scenario remain as it is and would not revert back in favour of UMNO/BN?

People want change and DAP has urged them to change, yet for DAP what change?

The Malays and Chinese are fed up with UMNO and MCA respectively and not that they love PAS/PKR and DAP. Many of the people simply want change; try something else but not really have faith in Pakatan Rakyat. Many are also skeptical saying that whoever is in power, things will be the same since many of the PKR members are ex-UMNO; even Anwar Ibrahim is ex-UMNO! Based on the various PKR internal maneuvers they do behave like UMNO!

UMNO knows that there are many bad elements in their midst and it must do something about it; UMNO has no choice and by hook or by crook it has to change itself because it has too much to lose.

The Chinese business community is also behind UMNO too because it is UMNO who has facilitated their enrichment. The Chinese business community may want to fully back DAP/PR but it would be too risky because PR is simply not tested yet and with the PAS –DAP Islamic Law disagreement, PR can collapse within a day by a single event like the collaboration between PAS and UMNO.

UMNO has already started blowing the racial riot winds into the Malay heartlands and with the present DAP CEC, UMNO can paint a more sinister picture; DAP has become more Chinese in nature!

DAP losing foresight

It is only because of leaders like TGNA that PAS can continue to be steadfast in its dissociation with UMNO and it is because of leaders like LKS and LGE that the Malays can accept PAS collaboration with DAP. It took almost 13 years since 1999 for the DAP to be able to make inroads inside the Malay community with its collaboration with PAS. LGE managed to show his racial impartiality when he defended the Malay girl purportedly involved in the scandal with Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, the then Chief Minister of Melaka.

But can the younger leaders of DAP and PAS uphold the legacies of their present top leaders? It is impossible to be certain but with the recent PAS general assembly asking its president to be elected prime minister instead of Anwar of PKR and the set up of the DAP CEC, PAS and DAP are asking for trouble within the PR coalition. A selfish trend has been set at the initial stage now for DAP and PAS members and once these veteran leaders are gone Pakatan Rakyat will crumble. I hope I am wrong.

DAP will then be alienated by the Chinese because UMNO together with the support by the Chinese business community will force the Chinese community to support MCA if they want their grievances to be heard and attended to. The Chinese community also knows that even PERKASA’s Ibrahim Ali have his funds from the Chinese tycoons.

We have seen how Kedah and Kelantan are denied federal funds and assistance, Penang has been denied the same in solving its traffic and transport problems under DAP. Therefore it is most crucial for PR to takeover Putrajaya to make it worthwhile for PR to capture more states. But the present DAP CEC set up is not of much help;it is really upsetting.

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