Can we trust AELB to control Lynas?

Can we trust AELB to control Lynas?

As reported in The Malaysian Insider;

Part of the Lynas plant

Part of the Lynas plant

[The Atomic Energy Licensing Board AELB has placed its officers at the Lynas plant on a full-time basis to regulate and supervise continuously each stage of the trial processing of lanthanide concentrates.

“Under Section 22 of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1994 Act 304 if the company committed a breach of any of the conditions of the licence or committed an offence under this Act the AELB may cancel or suspend the TOL issued to the company “The company’s operation will also be stopped immediately pending further actions under the same Act” the statement said.]

Let us look at the previous actions by the UMNO/BN government as precedence

When the MACC first went to investigate the RM250 million NFC debacle they concluded that there was nothing wrong with any of the business transactions in the NFC. After much pressure, they went to investigate again and found out indeed, there was something wrong.

When the works of the most crucial law enforcement body, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has been interfered by the Home Minister, the Attorney-General is of dubious character and when our judges can be bought as proved by the “Lingham tapes”, how can we be rest assured by a simple proclamation made by some unknown official from the AELB pertaining to the monitoring of the safety of the Lynas rare earth plant?AELB Logo

At the peak of 9/11, the US made a blanket decree and enforced that decision to freeze the movement of all sorts of radioactive material and equipment using radioactive material all over the world. Malaysia was just like a dog being shouted at by its master with its tail between the legs and head down.

What has gone unreported was that, much earlier the CIA officials stationed in KL had gone directly into our only nuclear facilities in Bangi, the Malaysia Institute of Nuclear Technology (MINT) and ransacked every conceivable compartment to make sure that Malaysia is not a potential threat. The CIA officials went in without even ringing the door bell and without any warrant as if the whole facility was their own.

In order not to make Malaysia as the radioactive material waste dump site, Malaysia has the return-back policy. This means we buy this equipment with the clause that when the equipment has past its used by date or when they are beyond repair and useless, the manufacturers and suppliers must take back or return the equipment back to their country of origin. The words in the clause may be bold, but there is nothing Malaysia can do if the US or any other country refuses to let the radioactive material/equipment into their countries.

What happened in 2001 was that several radioactive equipment being sent by air through MAS were left stranded in some storage rooms in several airports in Malaysia. Until now nobody knows what has been done about the debacle, maybe MINT and AELB can clarify.

We will have to  face a double jeopardy

Is he for Lynas of for the people?

Is he for Lynas of for the people?

As explained above, the UMNO/BN government cannot be trusted because it will use all its power to hide, disclose or cover up any sorts of debacle.

Malaysian authorities are themselves unreliable since their personnel have the “tidak apa” attitude. Even when Japan, having the most stringent and disciplined working people, incurred human error at one of its nuclear power plant when radioactive gas leaked, they overlooked, they failed to do proper service and maintenance on one of the pipes, how can Malaysian nuclear personnel be trusted?

Every measuring devices used must be calibrated periodically by a trusted body and it may seems trivial, but a defective device can give wrong readings. The chain-reaction of human error can have the multiplying effect. Just imagine when someone with the ‘tidak apa’ attitude does not send the device for calibration or when the individual personnel who does the calibrating treats his responsibility like an ordinary and  simply performs his/her duty callously!

There can be the same “tidak apa” attitude from the lowest level of the management of the Lynas Plant, the Local Authorities, Enforcement bodies to the prime minister and  were will be fried! Just look at the attitude of the authorities and the UMNO/BN government on the recent Tsunami scare on 11th April 2012. None of them are vigilant enough! Read here1.

Malaysia has not set up the emergency response plan, the mechanism, the manpower, the hardware, organization charts which should not just be for show but to really give us the assurance that the UMNO/BN government is fully prepared with all the contingency plans and has done its level best to face this situation of radioactive leaks and spillages. As it is now the UMNO/BN government is only depending on several guys from AELB each armed with one dubious radioactive detector!

Do  these two really care about the people?

Do these two really care about the people?

So when Lynas has accumulated enough amount of radioactive waste in its backyard, how on earth Lynas will guarantee to send it to Australia? Sure Lynas has signed the agreement in bold and keep it in the most secure save, but does Malaysia have the 5th Navy Fleet complete with 5 aircraft carriers, 30 accompanying support vessels, 1,500 jet fighters, 5 AWACS and 15,000 strong military personnel with tens of thousands of all sorts of missiles and ordnance?

Maybe Najib is fully confident but foolish as usual that Malaysia can enforce its nuclear policy onto Australia with the two useless, RM7.3 billion unsinkable Scorpene-Altantuya submarines that are now on various tour visits to various ports in Malaysia, for show and tourist attraction which have not been proven to be capable to defend our country because the two subs have never been used in a joint military exercise with the other branches of our military!

The people who supports Lynas and the several thousand workers are currently happy and in celebrative mood, but don’t play, play with radioactive materials. You ask the MINT guys, they know. You simply won’t realize what hits you! Only God can save us, buy God will not save anybody who does not want to save oneself!


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