WHAT A JOKE? Najib wants the mandate from the people to change UMNO!

WHAT A JOKE?  Najib wants the mandate from the people to change UMNO!

Change the government

Change the government

A leader is a person that leads and not be led by others, more a leader of a political party; make the party better and more appealing for the people, and then the people will choose the party BUT not the other way round!

For a developing nation like Malaysia, a leader should be a harbinger; a fore runner who is ahead and makes known what is affront, NOT be the one who needs to be pushed and be pushed around like Najib.

“If I want to reform the party, I need a mandate from the people. Without the mandate from the electorate how can I reform the party?” he told the Malay Mail in an interview published today. What nonsense is he talking about? Read here for direct to the point.

It is inappropriate for Najib to ask for the mandate from the people for him to change UMNO. UMNO does not belong to the people and the people do not owe UMNO anything but UMNO is the party that owes everything; from its formation and continual existence to the voters. So it is up to UMNO to decide for itself to change and if the UMNO people do not want to change so be it, who cares?

If you want to change UMNO, by all means change it, nobody will stop you except those people in UMNO!

Moreover those in UMNO are comfortable with the corrupt activities, so why change? UMNO won’t change and can’t be changed as there is nobody in UMNO who can lead. It is most unfortunate for us to have someone from UMNO as the prime minister; it is this some kind of person, who can’t lead UMNO who is trying to lead the country! My God… this is simply too crazy and yet many people especially UMNO/BN supporters do not realize this! Have they not seen all the scandals and debacles that have plagued the country?

UMNO is diseased

UMNO is afflicted with a bunch of terminal diseases as in stage 4 of cancer. But in UMNO’s case it is not just one kind of disease, it is all sorts of diseases; corruption, greed, extravagance, uncaring, racists, cronyism and you can name it, UMNO has it all.

It is simply the most corrupt party and analysts say that the huge portion of the data taken to compile the corruption index is transactions and dealings involving the government! It is UMNO/BN which makes the bulk of the CPI!

Why is Najib asking for the mandate when all the while UMNO is not really concern about the welfare of the people and the country? If UMNO really cares why is our National Debt is now at RM484 billion? Why UMNO has not taken any action on the wrong doers? Just refer to the Auditor-General Report and so many things could be done. Why not investigate why government procurements are always two to three folds overpriced and sometimes even more?

Najib is wrong again here because with all the threats, scaremongering, blatant UMNO propaganda through the government media and manipulations by the Election Commission, it is not mandate that Najib needs. Najib needs to get the legitimacy to form the government through fair and free elections!


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