SO VAGUE AND WITHOUT DIRECTION; 1Malaysia is flying back like a boomerang hitting hard on Najib/UMNO!

So vague and without direction; 1Malaysia is flying back like a boomerang hitting hard on Najib/UMNO!

What 1Malaysia???

What 1Malaysia???

One Israel was a short-lived, one-man political party in Israel led by Yitzhak Yitzhaky. Ehud Barak later formed a One Israel alliance between the Labour, Meimad and Gesher parties created to run for the 1999 Knesset with the aim of making Israel Labor Party appear more centrist and to reduce its secularist and elitist reputation amongst the voters.

Najib has been foolish enough to adopt that “One” concept to be his slogan for managing Malaysia and also to be seen as centrist because by concentrating inwards to the far right to impress its Malay supporters, UMNO has become less appealing to the rest of the Malaysians.

Najib has to rectify the situation by liberalizing more of its Malay empowerment policies and introduced the concept of 1Malaysia. Unfortunately Najib is also unsure of what 1Malaysia is and his words and actions do not really reflect the 1Malaysia concept.

Many concepts and slogans have been concocted by UMNO leaders and it all ends up in NOTHING!

Najib confused or blurr? or Both!

Najib confused or blurr? or Both!

Mahathir had the ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ (Clean, Efficient, Trustworthy), Vision 2020, Badawi had the “Bekerja bersama saya, bukan kerja untuk saya” (Work with me, not work for me) and Islam Hadhari and Najib “Rakyat di dahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan” (People first, Performance now) , 1 Malaysia and Wassatiyyah and several others with whatever they mean.

But they all end up with nothing positive but used to hide all the blunders made by them. However one thing is sure though, despite the “Bersih” slogan concocted by Mahathir, they are all afraid of the BERSIH movement especially BERSIH 3.0!

We don’t need slogans, we clean government with realistic and workable policies. After all, is there any difference in our country from independence until now with all the UMNO slogans, concepts and policies?

Of course there are developments, schools, universities, hospitals, housing, roads, highways, ports, airports, new townships, power, broadbands and so on, but at, who reaped the huge benefits, at what price and at whose expense? But these are different stories.

Najib on the other hand is bewildering. Najib has made some blunders all throughout his political career and make more blunders, one after another, more so on the eve of the UMNO general assembly and nearing the ‘life and death of BN’ in the GE-13 with another scandal involving Raja Ropiaah and Puspahanas as exposed by Deepak.

But that is not all, 1Malaysia is bad for Najib

Koh Tsu Koon rejected

Koh Tsu Koon rejected

In compiling the winnable candidate list, Najib has not fully considered the other BN component parties; MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP. None of them have contributed anything for BN to win. In fact they are political rejects! The people in their constituencies have kicked them out!

Except for the MCA porn star, whose only obsession is Hudud and condemning Islam, Palanivel, Koh Tsu Koon and M. Kayveas have been very quiet as if they are in hibernation. Yet all four of them are harping on Najib/UMNO for secured seats in the Malay majority areas. This is making UMNO members very angry!

Palanivel only knows one thing!

Palanivel only knows one thing!

Palanivel for one is making noise in Perak to secure some seats for some MIC people. This is his only contribution for the Indian community so far.

But why not get a seat for himself first? Is Palanivel trying to show that he is not interested in any seat? On the contrary, Palanivel has already been assured a seat in Selangor since he is the Selangor MIC Chief and because of 1Mlaysia, Najib has assured him! Indeed the Perak MIC seat squabbling is just a ‘sandiwara’, after all the assurance of his seat by Najib, Palanivel must show that he is doing something.

Chua Soi Lek anti-Islam

Chua Soi Lek anti-Islam

Many UMNO incumbents are crying foul and demand Najib not to entertain the demands by the leaders of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP. The UMNO incumbents are asking, “How can Najib replace the incumbents with fresh candidates and yet give secure seats to these four good-for-nothing parasites?” Yes, those in UMO are considering these four simply as parasites!

But Najib has said it all along that he is practicing 1Malaysia in all his transformation initiatives and whatever it is, Najib has to prove that he is really for 1Malaysia. If not, the loyal non-Malay voters will also start asking, “WTF 1Malaysia is?”

See, in actual fact Chua S.L, Koh Tsu Koon, Palanivel and M.Kayveas, they need not worry, they don’t have to do nothing and that is why they can stay in hibernation because when the time comes, Najib has no choice but to reluctantly grant them the save seats for the sake of 1Malaysia.

Unless the UMNO incumbents are either pacified or idiots like UMNO supporters, Najib must be prepared for an ‘amok-type’ sabotage from the angry and discarded UMNO incumbents!

Now, Mahathir is also urging the people not to change government and urging UMNO people to accept whoever is chosen by UMNO top leaders. Is Mahathir now not worried that Najib will take this as the golden chance for him to field his people everywhere as he pleases? But that is another story.


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