Thinking of having a haircut in Kelantan?- Not likely  for many non-Muslims especially DAP supporters.

Want me to cut your hair?

Want me to cut your hair?

If you googled to find the highest number of HIV cases in Malaysia on the internet you may find this link,OutSyed The Box: Kelantan Baladul Maksiat (1). Then if you wish to find the same information based on some ‘official site’ you may find this, Kelantan makes it to the record books for all the wrong reasons (2) by MCA.

To find a salon to have a haircut by the opposite sex in Kelantan you may find this, Kelantan’s gender segregation rules affect non-Muslim businesses(3) or this MCA lashes out at PAS’ gender laws(4) or this Of snoop squads, unisex salons & ‘hudud’: MCA turns up the Islamic HEAT(5).

Reading through these articles you will find so many comments many of which are foolish, simple minded, biased or simply prejudice. Some are idiotic. Some may have forgotten that they have brains but may have used their backside to think. The majority presumably and I repeat ‘presumably’ are non-Malays, non-Muslims and supporters of MCA and DAP and I hope I am wrong. They are not rational and far-sighted. Some are rather childish if not stupid. They simply do not look at the bigger picture.

Some salient conclusions can be made after reading through the above articles;

  1. In general, the articles are right with facts but wrong in analysis, argument and conclusion reflecting the inaptitude of the ones they quote or the writers themselves. A simple fact of one plus one simply turns out totally bizarre; beyond the mathematical convention.
  2. It seems that many people must have their hair cut by the opposite sex to be able to live in this world.
  3. Just because of not be able to have their hair cut by the opposite sex in Kelantan, many Malaysians are willing to let UMNO/MCA/BN to continue plundering out country and turn it into another Greece.

“Kelantan had the highest number of HIV and AIDS cases in the country last year (2011)” reads the headline.

OutSyed The Box (OsTB) called Kelantan cynically as the Nation of Vices simply because the HIV figures are high in Kelantan. OsTB stated that the crime rate among teenagers was at a worrying level because many parents in Kelantan failed to report juvenile cases such as rape, incest and theft involving their children to protect the family name. OsTB also states that there are many cases of rape and violence towards women. And all the atrocities occur in high figures despite TGNA is the Menteri Besar and the women in Kelantan wear long ‘tudung’. Thus instead of “Serambi Mekah” or “the corridor of Mecca”, OsTB named Kelantan as a “Nation of Vices”.

OsTB may not be a statistician but he should be able to add one and one and the answer need not rocket science to be solved but rather it needs this simple mathematical convention saying that the result should be two for things to be right, functioning and performing properly in rocket science.

I know OsTB is talking politics, but based on his conclusion that Kelantan is now a “Nation of Vices” based on the HIV figures and the other crime rates simply proves that OsTB is Stupid and with a capital ‘S”. He has the nerve to also make a correlation between PAS which is Islamic to be unable to eradicate HIV but instead promote the disease in Kelantan. That is what OsTB is trying to imply anyway.

Let us list down several reasons for the increase in HIV cases and other crimes in Kelantan using some common sense and using our brains;

  • There are many drug users sharing tainted needles; but this will only give credence to the skeptics that PAS has failed to improve the Muslims in Kelantan because there are more drug addicts as well. But one can argue that without PAS Islamic policies, there could be more addicts. This is the same agreement when UMNO said that if UMNO/BN has cheated in the GE-12, why PR wins five states, and the answer is that ‘without cheating, UMNO/BN would have lost that election’
  • There are many brothels in Kelantan; well this is simply not true because Kula Lumpur have more. But then, the people in KL are more educated and therefore know how to stay safe in having sex with prostitutes. However based on the understanding by OsTB, Kelantan must increase the number of brothels, much more than KL to help reduce the number of HIV cases in Kelantan.
  • People in Kelantan do not practice safe sex; this could be true but cannot be blamed on Kelantan fails in its Islamic policies when Islam prohibits any extra-marital sex anyway. But OsTB is implying that to reduce the number of HIV cases, Kelantan must discard its Islamic policies like the other states in Malaysia.
  • Brothels in Thailand are easily accessible; Thailand is just across the border and due to the exchange rate, people may find that vice is cheaper or at least more affordable in Thailand. But since the activities are carried in Thailand, Kelantan cannot do anything about it, so Kelantan cannot be blamed for this phenomenon. But still OsTB should pay a visit to any of the border crossing complexes in the northern region and watch how many cars passes through having out of the state number plates.
  • Kelantan women do not serve sexual needs of their spouses; could this be true because of the Islamic culture inculcated by PAS in Kelantan? Islam does not promote sex, so they say. But we have in our midst a group of well covered Muslim ladies, the Obedient Wives Club tried to promote better sex between spouses, they were ridiculed! So we now have a situation of “damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t”, but still OsTB will blame Kelantan for this.
  • The report could be wrong because many cases could have not been reported in other states or the figures could be fabricated to discredit Kelantan; this goes back to a conspiracy theory which people say that UMNO will go to all extent to discredit the opposition.
  • Many cases go unreported; now when they are not reported, how come the police know that there are such cases and should be included in the report. If not it is just speculation.
  • There are rape and incest cases in Kelantan; does this mean that there are no rape and incest cases in the other states in Malaysia?
  • How come despite TGNA and the women wearing long ‘tudung’ still Kelantan is still experiencing a high crime rate? TGNA and the women are not directly involved in enforcement; it is the police and the various authorities. So it is the responsibilities of PDRM who is not doing their duty properly that the crimes increase. PDRM is under the control of the federal government, so this can also be due to UMNO/BN trying to sabotage Kelantan. Musa Hassan(6) has just confirmed that ministers do interfere with the works of PDRM! Musa Hassan also confirmed that the PDRM indeed manipulates the statistics(7) too!

But why pick on Kelantan when there are crimes everywhere? Anyway according to the PDRM and Pemandu report, as a result of Najib’s transformation programs and the NKRAs and the KPI for the PDRM, the overall crime rates in Malaysia has been reduced. But is that really true(8)?

Syed Akbar Ali, since Malaysia’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) has worsened (9), meaning people perceives that Malaysia is very corrupt countries why not call Malaysia a “Corrupt Nation”?

The case of the hairdressing salon

MCA said that this will jeopardise the economic activities of the non-Muslims, as if all the Chinese and Indians in Kelantan are only involved in hair dressing business and nothing else. This is despite Wanita MCA secretary-general, Chew Lee Giok, saying that these cases were “few in number”, she then said that,” it was nevertheless a sign of encroaching Muslim moral authority” but why say it now in November 2012 because Kelantan has implemented this policy since 1991.(10)

So what ‘jeopardising the economic activities” is MCA talking about?  Can MCA prove with proper records, the downfall of non-Muslim businesses in Kelantan since 1991? Can MCA prove that since 1991, the Chinese in Kelantan have all been forced to convert to Islam, I really like to know! Can MCA also show to the public of the negative effects of such policies in Kelantan, please provide prove and not mere allegations!

But why when Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTM) implemented the ‘Women Only’ coach for the comfort and safety of our woman folks, not a word was heard from MCA? Isn’t this another Muslim moral authority issue? May be not because MCA is silent about the matter and the transport Minister is also from MCA. Still this is what Islam enjoins, segregate, more so when there is a need.

Let us look at the two situations; thus if only a few cases are involved like in the hair salon, based on MCA’s understanding then it will be infringement of the rights of the non-Muslims but when a huge number of public is involved, then it is alright for the UMNO/BN government to impose the Muslim morality in the ‘Women Only’ coach case. When the majority is involved, it is fine with MCA.

Therefore I can also say that now MCA is supporting UMNO/BN that Hudud must be imposed on the non-Muslims as well because it will be imposed on the majority. If this is so, than the Muslims should not vote PAS/PR but instead vote MCA/UMNO because BN will be doing a better job! It is obvious that based on what MCA is doing; it has shown its true colour. MCA is all the way in favour of Hudud after all and to be implemented on non-Muslims as well, albeit it will be MCA/UMNO Hudud.

But on second thought, have the HIV figures and a hair cutting business got anything with Hudud?

Please note that the HIV figures in Kelantan and the hairdressing salon have got nothing to do with Hudud. As for the HIV, Kelantan has not implemented the Hudud Enactment yet, and definitely Hudud has got nothing to do with the HIV figures, whether in its decrease or increase.

Hudud Law is only specific to some criminal acts and hair cutting whether by male of female has got nothing to do with Hudud as well. It is like Illegal Abortion Act has got nothing to do with the Petronas Enactment and Petroleum royalty Act.

So please read my lips, ”KELANTAN HAS NOT IMPLEMENTED HUDUD LAW YET”. So how on earth can Hudud Law to be blamed for all the crimes in Kelantan now?

Forget about the HIV in Kelantan because it may be too complicated for you to contemplate over it, but for those who talk and comment as if all 27 million of us are having our hair cut by the opposite sex, please think carefully. Thus if it is just because you are not able to get such a haircut, you are not going to support the opposition and let UMNO/MCA/BN to continue plundering and create chaos in our country?

The Kelantan hairstylist has ‘cabut’ to Johore so run for your lives now

The Kelantan hairstylist has moved to Johore and because of this incident that has happened in Kelantan, many people have changed their minds; they won’t vote for Pakatan Rakyat any more. PR might as well close shop now and start from zero.

So just because of one hairdresser getting out of Kelantan, you are happy that UMNO/MCA/BN will continue plundering the country and turn it into Greece(11). This is a very ‘wise consideration’ indeed. May be you also have the figures and statistics to prove that Kelantan is very bad in everything because of its hairdressing ruling and mind you, it was implemented since 1991. I hope you can show all the statistics from 1991 onwards.

So just because this one hairdresser who gets two summons a week (amount not disclosed), you are happy to let UMNO/BN siphon a few hundred millions for the next four years. What are another few billions since they have siphoned RM893 billion since 1970(12) anyway? Is that what you are saying?

So show also how many chicken rice businesses selling non-halal chicken have closed down, show how many Chinese hands have been cut-off or their penises be circumcised. Oh please also list down all the Chinese businesses that has failed or gone bankrupt in Kelantan since 1991. You can also show us whatever is bad in Kelantan since 1991.

Come on, PAS Islamic State agenda and implementation of Hudud Law cannot be achieved as long as Malaysia is Malaysia. Malaysia has got to change a lot before that can happen;

  • The Malays must be united in wanting Hudud to be implemented. As for now  they are a confused lot; as confused as any Tom, Dick and Harry
  • The non-Muslims must understand what Islamic Law & Hudud Law is all about.
  • The social condition and political condition must be conducive

Let us all put all the differences aside for the time being. If anyone is not happy, we can discuss the matter later. Let us all make sure that UMNO/BN be removed from power in the coming GE-13 which can be held anytime from now until June 2013 latest.

By the way for those who are foolish enough to believe what MCA said on the imposing of Islamic values please note that PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang has clarified(13), see!!

It is your prejudice and ignorance of the many Islamic values which are universal. Your myopic minds and prejudices are due to lack of reading and finding facts and not using your brain in just believing what MCA said which will only result in you making the wrong judgment in the coming GE-13.

DAP supporters please use your brains!

Non-Muslims rights will not be compromised.Read here. To understand Hudud Law read here.Why the Chinese should not vote MCA, read here.


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