THE RECENT 2012 PAS GENERAL ASSEMBLY- Almost spoiled everything

PAS General Assembly – PAS almost spoiled everything

PAS General Assembly November 2012

The naive Hairun Nizam and young PAS grass root supporters and foolish PAS leaders spoilt everything, well almost.

As they grow up into adulthood the Malay youths will morph into several groups. The majority (some say 90%) of them will turn out to be the “couldn’t care less type”; ordinary and simple minded citizens. They can’t even think for themselves; they need the politicians to tell them what to do and UMNO will brainwash them to do or die with UMNO.

Some of the Malay youths will have the minds of their own, to be whatever they want to be and politically ending up either supporting UMNO/BN for the obvious benefits and the remaining few will aim for the ideals.

Hairun Nizam from PAS Ulama wing is one of those few Malay youths who have reached the early stage of adulthood and like other young adults who have the minds of their own, have read many books, observed what is going on and enlightening their minds to aim for the ideal. However the real world has never been ideal for anything. In short Hairun Nizam is naive and inexperience in this unfair world especially in facing the mainstream Malaysian politics; dominated by gutter politics of UMNO.

Another PAS leader who is considered ‘young’ or is late in maturing politically is the PAS ex-Secretary General Nasharudin Mat Isa. Nasha wants the Muslims (Malays) to be united with UMNO because he realized that the majority of the Malays support UMNO no matter what UMNO is; even if UMNO is corrupt. This is the group of majority consisting of the “couldn’t care less” type of Malays. So Nasha in his “idealism” of uniting the Malays wants PAS who has the small group of Malay supporters to join the larger UMNO.

Naïve and foolish PAS supporters

Hairun Nizam has yet to understand that PAS needs Malay support and not the other way round. PAS also needs support from the non-Malays and this too is not the other way round in order to have some clout in Malaysian politics. If not PAS will be sidelined.

Hairun Nizam fails to see that the Majority of the Malays do not want Hudud to be implemented. If the Malays want to implement Hudud, PAS would be the dominant party in Malaysia for the past five decades and not UMNO.

In wanting PAS to continue pursuing its Islamic State agenda the delegates failed to see that their desire of implementing Hudud as the present situation now is more of a “syok sendiri’ affair or a one man show which is not appreciated by the audience. Thus PAS top leaders have worked along with the various parties in Pakatan Rakyat with the strategy of taking over Putrajaya as the main priority. PR has realized that without the federal power, their position at the state level is never secure.

Hairun Nizam and his boisterous supporters in the recent PAS annual conference have a lot of work to do in convincing and changing the mindset of the above 90% Malays. Voicing out your idealism of Islam being dominant in front of an equally naïve young adult of one thousand and wanting Abdul Hadi to be the prime minister is futile if not laughable. Even Abdul Hadi himself is not interested in becoming the PM and he is really serious about it; he wants to resign from politics. Abdul Hadi is even willing to accept the inevitable by contesting in Pekan! He prefers to be a fisherman!

Be wise Hairun; look at TGNA, Harun Din and Abdul Hadi. Do you think that they have given up the struggle for Hudud? No definitely not, but they are wise enough to understand the reality that the major stumbling block in implementing Hudud is not the non-Malays but UMNO and the Malays themselves. Abdul Hadi used to be very vocal on Hudud but has now mellowed because he understands that now.

Hairun can also ask and learn from Dr. Dzulkifli Ahmad, Khalid Samad, Shaari Sungip and Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin to name a few, the facts of life and the Islamic struggle. They have all gone through the phases of change of their struggle for Islamic idealism. Go and take a short course from them.

Hairun Nizam must look at the mammoth Himpunan Merdeka Rakyat rally in the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium where, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang reaffirmed this stand;  declaring that PR parties DAP, PKR and PAS were united in selecting Anwar to replace Umno’s Najib Razak should the pact win in the next general election.

Now look at what you and your naivety have done

Now when Abdul Hadi foolishly declared his willingness to be the PM, UMNO is jumping on this opportunity to ridicule the PR and despite the matter was non-issue really, where up to now the PR has been on the right footing and the overwhelming faults of UMNO, the whole issue has been taken by UMNO to their advantage and you spoilt everything!

The only consolation is that, there is still enough time to let the matter settle down before the GE-13, hopefully.

PAS youth and leaders are foolish too

PAS has been proud of itself of being an Islamic party and guided by the Ulamas, the Muslim scholars and elder. Their role is to ensure that PAS is always on the right track. In this case PAS top leaders should be the ones to lead and not be led, especially by the youth whom they know are now passing through the same feelings, aspirations and experience the elders have had when they were younger. Abdul Hadi should be consistent in his stance for the desire to retire and not wanting to be the PM. He should not have said it himself, and le the Shurah Council to make the announcement if need be but as has been agreed with the other PR component party, PAS should have been wise enough to stick to that agreement that Anwar shall be the PM and what is so difficult about it?

While it was wise to not mention anything on the Islamic State agenda, Abdul Hadi should explain why he did not mention it and not let others to speculate!

All PAS leaders want that one day when the situation is conducive it will be able to establish the Islamic State in Malaysia and they are sane enough because it requires the people’s own free-will to accept that not forced upon them. So between now and then PAS has so many things to do for the betterment of the people and country, thus after denouncing UMNO, joining PR is the best thing to do.

Do not be foolish to force the top PAS/PR leaders to implement Hudud when the majority of the Malays do not want it! So common sense tells you that convince the Malays first, before convincing the top PAS/PR leaders; they know what you don’t!

It would be more foolish if Hairun Nizam manage to replace the present PAS leaders with their own kind which will be the biggest screw up in PAS history ending in disaster. This form of PAS will just be a private “syok sendiri” club instead of a political party struggling for the Muslims and the people.

Hairun, the majority of your own brethren some 90% of them do not want an Islamic State, they are happy with UMNO and can live without PAS. That is your ideal challenge; convince them otherwise.

PAS like DAP has a lot of things to do to convince your own leaders, members and supporters!


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