GE-13 CONSENSUS ON THE GROUND; you want to know the truth?

GE-13 consensus on the ground; you want to know the truth? Find it out for yourself

There are several organizations which run opinion polls on the performance of UMNO/BN for the past five decades. The polls were taken by sampling from a few thousand respondents, the statistics analyzed and conclusions made.

Some skeptics say that these organizations are biased and inaccurate, short of saying the results are fake, just like the photos being doctored.

We as the member of the public can do our own survey and ask whoever we meet daily in our interactions within our society.

Let me relate my experience

While queuing to pay for the monthly sundries and groceries at the hypermarket, I casually talked to the person in front of me, starting with small talks, several smiles and some funny quips (short of making a fool of myself) to gauge or know their opinions. Like this.

When it was the person’s turn to check out and when I noticed the amount he or she had to pay, I simply sighed aloud and started lamenting on the high cost and ever increasing figures at the bottom of the display the screen compared to last month.

It won’t be surprising if at least three other people (the cashier, that person in front of me and the on behind me) will agree with me and that moment I audibly said that this is all because of UMNO/BN. All those who heard me, voiced their agreement almost instantly. These shoppers are of different sexes, races and ages. They are all fed up with five decades of UMNO/BN. This phenomenon occurs across the society.

When you openly admit that you don’t like UMNO/BN, they will spill what in their hearts to you. This has become my new acquired habit and I suggest the readers to do the same and find out for yourselves. But be cautious, judge the situation before hand, but don’t be afraid, we are still in a free society.

A trip to Kuala Terengganu

When I drove to Kuala Terengganu during one of the festive seasons recently, I did the same exercise along the journey; at the petrol filling station queuing to get breakfast early in the morning at the Petronas Station and the D’ Paya Serai Restaurant (seemed to be out of business) at the layby area along Karak Highway.

Since I was the first in the queue I was only able to talk to the person behind me and started to lament again, this time about the poor service by the café personnel which I blamed it again on monopoly of business to cronies by UMNO/BN. I said aloud that I don’t like UMNO/BN. The consultant from Kuala Lumpur (which I later found out, he gave me his card) totally agreed with me and he was fed up that the business community has to patronize UMNO/BN to continue doing business. He told me that of course he will not support UMNO/BN in the coming GE-13 but still put on a smiling face on anybody associated with UMNO/BN.I told him to tell others too.

Then I stopped at one of the R&R areas, to go to the washroom and again queued for late morning tea break. I took the opportunity to sit at a table near a group of people in the midst of eating and talking. I did my usual approach with  small talks and asking for the best route to Kuala Terengganu whether follow the highway through and through or take a de-tour somewhere. Then I used the amount of money I had to pay for petrol and toll and blamed it on UMNO/BN. Again this group of people totally agreed with me and to cut the story short, they will not vote for UMNO/BN this coming GE-13 either.

All along the way until I reached Kuala Terengganu and return back to Kuala Lumpur, whenever I had the opportunity to ask for their opinions, at the food stalls, fast food restaurants, cashier/owner of shops/ fruit stalls/keropok lekor, shop assistants, people at public toilets, chalet personnel/manager/residents none of them is happy with UMNO/BN. This is the present scenario!

Well, one or two still support UMNO/BN, so what?

It was only when I went to Port Dickson for the weekend that I met a middle age Malay women while paying for the things I bought at the TF Supermarket at PD Waterfront, who disagreed with me and told me that whatever that has been said by the opposition about UMNO/BN are simply lies.

However, she went silent when I asked her whether she has read the news about the useless Scorpene-Altantuya scandal since it was also written in all the main stream media.

I related this experience to several friends and they told me that it is therefore possible that UMNO/BN will be defeated in the coming GE-13. My daughter who was with me in that trip and in the TF Supermarket also agreed.

What about you?

WARNING: With the above findings and based on your own experience, how on earth UMNO/BN can win in the GE-13 if not by cheating ?


One response to “GE-13 CONSENSUS ON THE GROUND; you want to know the truth?

  1. Very insightful !!!

    Agree with you totally. I’m a law student . And I always have small talk with my friends about BN action on sudden give out (why not stop giving $ then reduced gas/petrol prices … whatever so) long story short ..many college students agree that we need change for better … enough 5 decade ruling … time for change. .. not saying opposition better or what. ..but malaysia needs changes overall

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