The Royal Malaysian Navy lacks real vision and purpose

The Royal Malaysian Navy lacks real vision and purpose


RMN Chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar does not seem to be living in the real world and may not even be the real chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy. His version of our history and the knowledge he acquired from it and its relevance are totally bewildering when he relates the acquisition of the two useless Scorpene-Altanuya submarines to the event in 1511 when the Portuguese conquered Malacca.

It is far-fetched. He could either be swayed or overwhelmed by the occasion or on an UMNO campaign speech in trying to instill some good feelings on the futile efforts of the UMNO/BN government amongst the attendees, who most probably either have their own minds, simply bored or taken for a ride!

He explained that the same scenario could be reversed, that is with the two submarines as extra muscles Malaysia will be protected. Read here. This only reflects his naivety if not foolishness for making such claim because nowadays battles are fought through many facets and fronts.

Today’s war is far from conventional and proven in  the present conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kurdistan, Northern Ireland, Sudan, Yemen, Mali , brute force simply doesn’t work anymore.

If conventional wars were to be effective, then it would need to be just like during the Cold War, and the threats by the US on North Korea, it is by using deterrent; a real and present weapon of mass destruction ready 24/7 in all weather conditions ready to be launched with a push of a button.

But Malaysia does not have that capability. So when Iraq under Sadam Hussien who had all the military numbers including several Scud missiles was easily bombarded by the US within two weeks, what can Malaysia do with the two extra useless Scorpene-Altantuya submarines? That is, if the US is our enemy but who would want to attack us militarily anyway?

Nobody in the right mind would want to attack us; neither in the immediate future nor within the life time of the two useless Scorpene-Altantuya submarines, unless Malaysia started it first, which we won’t dare do it and for what? For UMNO’s Malay Supremacy maybe but by that time those supporting UMNO would be zombies!

The two Scorpene-Altantuya submarines are useless.

Yes, indeed the two submarines are lousy, for the fact that they are mired with several technical problems like, diving and re-surfacing difficulties, limited communication capabilities, insufficient fire power and above all they are located in shallow seas denying them the ability to hide in deep waters;  they could easily be seen by the enemies!

The two useless submarines are also draining our already depleted funds with the maintenance, servicing, repairs and other upkeeps like fuel, naval bases and personnel. The two useless submarines are like permanent big holes in our pocket with not a single sen being repaid back!

Let us look at the figures.

In June 2010 the Defence Ministry revealed that it had spent a total of RM6.7 billion or  1.34 billion euros on the purchase of two Scorpene submarines including the purchase of 40 SM-39 Block 2 torpedoes from France and 30 Black Shark torpedoes from Italy. The acquisition was completed during the 2009 LIMA exhibition.

DCN the French company which supplied the submarines to the ministry had quoted additional costs of RM600 million for the maintenance of the submarines for a six-year period .If the RM600 million were to be added to the RM6.7 billion the total cost would be RM7.3 billion. Each submarine has 2 million parts and is equivalent to 14 Boeing 747s.

The total bill for these two submarines will be in excess of RM7 billion. And not really RM4.5 billion as claimed by the navy chief. He did not tell the whole truth.

What about the RM500 million commissions to Razak Baginda’s Perimekar Sdn Bhd? The shipbuilders paid that as kickbacks from the RM6.7 billion.

The Defence Ministry also added that a yearly total of RM 50 million is used to maintain the two submarines KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak to ensure a full operational under extreme condition and for the safety of its crews of the submarines.

Defence capabilities still not tested

The Minister also mentioned that the two submarines will make a nationwide tour to all ports in Malaysia for the public to view and to promote the subs. But these are war machines and the first task should be to do a battle maneuvers and then a joint military exercise with the other branches of the Malaysian defence forces.

Going on a nationwide tour for show is actually going too far, because these tactical submarines are not toys and not for pleasure rides. The cost and expenditures involved is definitely very high and the tax payer’s money will be wasted.

Above all, the acquisition of the submarines involved questionable transactions and murder of a Mongolian women Altantuya Shaariibu which is still not fully resolved. Is that sort of sacrifice that the RMN is proud of in showing off its new assets? Surely the murder will continue haunting concerned citizens including the defence personnel. The navy chief should feel ashamed of the scandals behind the useless submarines, unless of course he is already a zombie!

The useless submarines is the contributor to our weakness financially.

When our national debt exceeds RM460 billion, and unable to service the debts anymore just like Greece and Spain; the foreign banks with the instructions from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will  take over the control of our economy and finance, will the submarines be able to protect Malaysia from this kind of attacks and colonization then?

Of course not, but these two useless submarines are in fact one of the contributors to this new form of colonization and even if they were to be sold as scraps it won’t help. Nobody would want to buy these useless submarines as there now anyway.

So Chief Admiral, please sir, be more realistic unless your mission statement is just like the PSD Chief Secretary Ali Hamsa; to ensure UMNO stay in power, as what he did in forcefully urging and almost like a threat to the civil servants to support the corrupt and hopeless UMNO/BN government.


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