THE NAJIB CABINET – a cabinet full of crooks

The Najib cabinet- a cabinet full of crooks

Cabinet of crooks?

There are several circumstances where criminals can get away with the crimes they committed. They either have to commit a perfect crime, frame it on others or bribe all their way through. But they can never change or bend the rules because by law they have committed the crimes.

However for crooks to not only get away with their crimes but to be immune from prosecution is to be in the UMNO/BN cabinet. They are the ones who make the rules meant for those outside the cabinet and there is always a safety clause in the rules for them save their butts. They are like Teflon; nothing can ever stick on them.

Being in the cabinet give them other advantages too. They can use all the government ministries, machineries, departments, agencies, enforcement bodies, the courts, the media, the religious clerics and royalties to be used; as stooges, mouth pieces, protectors, and defenders and even scapegoats.

Ultimately with these powers, position and safeguards the UMNO/BN cabinet has been on rampage in our country since independence and culminating with the most notorious and lawless cabinet under Najib. Their excesses know no limits; from sex scandals, robbery to murder. Every member will also protect each other.

“Who in UMNO has got no problems?” said Shahrizat.

The above question, a reply from Shahrizat in defending herself in the RM250 million NFC debacle is clear and undisputed testimony from a top UMNO leader admitting to UMNO leaders’ wrong doings. Shahrizat was blunt and yet she knew that they are untouchable; not until they are removed from power.

The NFC case has shown us how UMNO used the MACC, PDRM and the courts to stage a mock trial for Shahrizat’s husbands and yet they are swift to act on the whistle blowers like The Datuk Fixit-Datuk Shamsubahrin, Rafizi Ramli the PKR Director for Strategy and former Public Bank clerk, Johari Mohamad.

While Khairy Jamaluddin, Muhyiddin Yasin, Noh Omar, Najib still defend the main culprit, Mohammad Salleh, Shahrizat’s husband until now and there is not even any clear steps taken to re-coup the M250 million back form the NFC and Shahrizat family can still enjoy the millions that they siphoned out.

The useless RM7.3 billion Scorpene-Altantuya submarine case involving Najib and dubious RM500 million commissions is another case of wrong doing but immune from prosecution. Even the murder trial of Altantuya was stunted and the people are prevented to know who ordered the murder yet PDRM has on many occasions boasted how efficient and world class they are in their performance. Well, no doubt our judiciary is a mess but that is another story.

The RM12 billion PKFZ scandal is another case of wrong doing but the all the actions taken are just for show and in the end all will go scot-free and many laughing to their banks with their share of that RM12 billion loot.

Nazri Aziz’s son Mohamad Nedim purportedly involved in the assault of a security supervisor when prevented from entering a posh Mont Kiara condominium in March this year and also the death of a youth, Darren Kang, at Uncle Don’s restaurant sometime in 2004.But the PDRM cleared them of any wrong doing. Nazri also settled the assault case out of court which Tony Pua pointed out that it is illegal to do so.

We know that Musa Aman somehow managed to get his hands on RM40 million, but nothing was done to investigate how and where did he get the money from although he was previously accused of having some illegal timber business dealings with one Michael Chia pointed out by the Hong Kong MACC. Later, it was proven that the Hummer used by Mohamed Nedim Nazri’s entourage was owned by Michael Chia. Even with these substantial circumstances, nothing has been done to investigate thoroughly to clear the air. Musa Aman, Michael Chia, Nazri and Nedim need are free to do whatever they like, all approved by the UMNO/BN cabinet.

The Sultan of Perak was manipulated in the power grab by Najib and the rest is history. Jamil Khir Baharom, the minister in charge of the religious department used the zakat money for his lawyer fees. The Mufti of Wilayah Persekutuan Wan Junaidi came immediate forward to issue some edict allowing the action. Najib also confirmed that the federal government has provided funds for Jamil to use to support him no matter how insignificant the statement was; it was clearly from the zakat money and not from the fund.

Several months back, Awang Adek clearly admitted that he received several hundred thousand from corporate individuals to organized political activities in his constituency and nothing was done to investigate him. As mentioned above the RM40 million belonging to Musa Aman was not investigated, but when SUARAM accepted donations and Anwar got a free ride on a private plane, UMNO complained and instructed all the relevant bodies to intimidate and investigate SUARAM.

Shafie Apdal was named as the minister who was having an affair with a local artiste Zahidah Rafiq. When even a murder case could be hoodwinked and Chua Soi Lek’s adulterous act was acceptable, Shafie managed to clear the air by mere denials. It would be a waste of money to send the religious department to investigate Shafie, he is also Teflon anyway.

The AES is the latest scam by the UMNO/BN cabinet member and by all definitions is a highway robbery that needs no further elucidation. Even the UMNO grassroots are also opposed to the AES camera scam; but they are not in the cabinet!

All have not been revealed

There are more scandals, wrong doing, scams, money-making schemes in the pipelines, all concocted by the Najib cabinet members but as long as they are in power, there is nothing much we can do.

Indeed when every member is up to some sinister thing, by all definitions the Najib-UMNO/BN cabinet is a cabinet full of crooks.


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