UMNO IS TOO MUCH – AES highway robbery of RM1.2 billion a year

UMNO is too much – AES highway robbery of RM1.2 billion a year

UMNO can never stop itself from burdening the people with a variety of actions that only benefit its leaders and their cronies.

It is true that Najib gave handouts, but simply to win votes and defuse public anger. Let us think for a moment, what is the value RM500.00 today? Moreover, not everyone got it!

On the other hand UMNO leaders made millions of Ringgits from every project implemented by the UMNO/BN government and the amount they reaped cannot be spent finished for seven generations!

We’ve read the news of vans of security companies and trucks full of expensive computer chips being robbed on the roads and highways. The robberies involved the value of tens of millions of Ringgit and the victims were sometimes killed. But these were done by robbers, who planned and are ruthless. They are those who are termed “criminals” are not afraid of the authorities and the law. However, if caught, the authorities will certainly deal with them severely.

But UMNO is a different kind of robbers

Ates Sdn Bhd and Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd are two crony companies of UMNO / BN that were awarded by the UMNO / BN government to implement the Automated Enforcement System (AES). Both companies are given the right to get part of the payment of the summonses paid by the road users starting with RM16 for each summon for the first tier of 5 million summonses and the amount will increase for the second and third tiers. Read here.

From plans made by UMNO, the two companies, will collect RM600 million and RM800 million each respectively for the first year of operation!

The two main differences between the above highway robbers and UMNO are first; UMNO can rob the people legally and second while the robbers will only rob once in a while or one off, UMNO does it 24/7 and 365 days a year!

What is the actual cost for the year they begin operations?

1. Based on the estimate of their cost according to Tables A, B, C and D below, the gross amount for the implementation of this project in the first year of operation is RM23, 918,550.00, say RM24 million. This project can be implemented by just one company.

2. If we assume that this estimate is not accurate, we can double it, so the cost is RM48 million and we can round up the figure to RM50 million.

3. Perhaps there are those in MAMPU who will dispute these figures, so we doubled it again to be RM100 million.

4. Maybe the company wants to have maximum profit, so we doubled it again to be RM200 million.

The question now, since we have multiplied it by 8 times, from RM24 million to RM200 million a year so, is it still not enough? This is ridiculous!

Okay, for those who dispute these figures should come out with their own for comparison.

Anyway the technology used by the AES has already existed since the first man-made satellite was sent into orbit and there is no big deal about it. The high pixel digital camera was first used by NASA in the later manned flights to the  moon and has been used in the manufacturing industry to detect defects in the manufacturing processes and need simple modification for other uses.

The sonar/speed sensor and flash lights have existed even before the WWI, so what is so big deal with that component of the AES attached to the cameras?

Remember, the cost of electrical and electronic gadgets drops through time and it is corruption in Malaysia that increases with time! The cost of speed cameras some ten years ago bought by the government for the PDRM was between RM15,000 to RM18,000 only.Read here

There are already many versions in the international market and the software used are readily available, thus there should not be a monopoly in the price.

Thus the figures given below are very competitive and any ridiculous figures given by the two UMNO/BN crony companies were made up to ensure UMNO/BN can reap the people of RM1.2 billion, if not plucked from thin air.

So, where is the rationale of the two companies were granted the right to collect RM600 million and RM800 million a year!

UMNO is now executing the robbery 24 hours a day, for the first year of operation amounting to RM1, 200 million a year! (RM600 + RM800 – RM200)

Refer to the list of tables below;

Item Description Amount
A Set up company, main office, staffing ,maintenance and vehicles
1 *Setting up of company and office 150,000.00
2 **Rentals; Office and equipment @RM10,000/mth for 12 mths 120,000.00
3 Boss salary @RM20,000/mth for 12 mths 240,000.00
4 Managerial staff 3 nos. @ RM10,000/ mth for 12 mths 360,000.00
5 Engineers 5 nos. @ RM5,500/mth for 12 mths  330,000.00
6 Clerical and account staff 2+1 @ 2,500/mth for 12 mths   90,000.00
7 Power and water @RM15,000/mth for 12 mths 180,000.00
8 Telephones and internet @RM5000/mth for 12 mths   60,000.00
9 Vehicle down payments – 18 units @RM15,000 270,000.00
10 Vehicles and fuel for 5 nos. @ 15,000/mth for 12 mths 180,000.00
11 Contingencies; medical, repair, etc (Tea/Cleaner lady) 100,000.00
12 EPF & SOCSO contributions 123,400.00
Total cost 2,203,400.00

*Forming, register, advance office rental, renovation, furniture, cabinets, basic necessities for 10 personnel ** Monthly rentals; Office and equipment. All salaries

Item Description Amount
B Regional roving maintenance team(Office, vehicle, staff) – *8 locations
1 Engineers 8 locations with 1 nos. @ RM5,500/mth for 12 mths   528,000.00
2 Technicians 8 locations with 4 nos. @RM4,000/mth for 12 mths 1,536,000.00
3 Office/rental/utilities/ staff 8 locations @RM25,000/mth for 12 mths 2,400,000.00
4 Vehicles and fuel : 2 uints, 8 locations @RM15,000/mth for 12 mths 2,880,000.00
5 Contingencies + EPF SOCSO    255,000.00
Total cost 7,599,000.00

*Peninsula= North, Central, South, East Coast, /Sarawak = North, South /Sabah = North, South

Item Description Amount
C Setting up, server, monitoring and control system at HQ
1 *Supply , install and commission main server, complete with back up 200,000.00
2 **Setting up VDU 16 nos. wide screen @ RM5000 80,000.00
Overal cost 280,000.00

*Standard server and customized software **Standard 40” LCD monitor for 14 states+ 2

Item Description Amount
D Supply, install and commissioning of cameras on site
1 *Price per unit camera 2048 X 1088 pixel 340 fps with IP connection     15,000.00
2 ᶧHousing          200.00
3 ᶧPost and support          450.00
4 **Installation and commissioning        1,000.00
Overall cost per unit       16, 650.00
Total for 831 cameras 13,836,150.00

*Based on standard security fixed CCTV camera at high security area with internet/broadband connection – purchased by AES concessionaires ** Transport, logistics, manpowerStandard market cost – all these are sub-contracted to others

Item Description Amount
A Set up company, main office, staffing ,maintenance and vehicles 2,203,400.00
B Regional roving maintenance team ( Office, vehicle, staff) – 8 locations   7,599,000.00
C Setting up, server, monitoring and control system at HQ      280,000.00
D Supply, install and commissioning of cameras on site   13,836,150.00
Cost for one year ( first year in operation) 23,918,550.00

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