The AES Highway Robbery; UMNO-style now showing.

The AES Highway Robbery; UMNO-style now showing.

No matter how the storyline may be viewed, whether a team of high-class thieves avenging their mentor’s death or flawless gold bullion heist from a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice Italy with a clean escape, the Italian Job it is simply a well-planned robbery story. The US western movies (cowboys movies) portrayed horse-mail carriages often being robbed along the route  at some isolated locations.

We in Malaysia have our own version which is now showing ; neither the Italian Job or the western-style  nor Gangnam-style; it is UMNO-style : the AES highway robbery!

Basically when you took something which does not belong to you by whatever means is unacceptable, even by law when it is clearly used oppressively or with some ulterior motive or bad intention. After all laws, rules and regulations can be bent and manipulated and even discarded by those in power.

The Automatic Enforcement System (AES) for road traffic violations

The Ministry of Transport has installed the AES system, using cameras located at strategic locations all over the country, as one of its initiatives in view of public safety by ensuring that motorists adhere to traffic regulations. There is nothing wrong with this initiative and the MoT can do so, after all the locations where the cameras are installed are accident prone.

But as pointed out by Lim Guan Eng, there are pertinent questions to be asked and the minister in charged has not given any satisfactory answers and the UMNO/BN has stubbornly decided to go ahead with its implementation as scheduled and even refused to temporarily delay it for a while for review.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha insisted that it would benefit road users in the long term. But Lim Guan Eng pointed out that the AES will only benefit the private companies operating the system to an amount of RM700 million for a year’s work. This is similar to the heist in the Italian Job but this time it is done by people in power, the high-class thieves.

How the robbery was planned

First find a legitimate reason for the robbery to work. So someone in UMNO think-tank got the idea to install cameras at the accident prone areas, gather a group of people and willing partners in crime to work out a plan.

This involved the PDRM who will provide all the records and statistics to determine as many locations as possible to provide the economics of scale. The PDRM is actually good in providing crime statistics and the more locations the merrier. After all there is not much money to be collected from one lousy camera!

The Ministry of Finance and most probably Mampu was entrusted to work out the numbers, quantities, figures, schedules and time frame and most probably to coordinate all legal aspects. What about the repercussions? That of course is the responsibility of the politicians; they know how to squirm their way out in case of emergency!

Then the MoT arranged for nine companies to participate including two companies that have the right connections with those in power, make proposals just to show that the contract was executed properly like the one for the Ampang LRT extension project where after the proper tendering exercise, Najib simply award the contract to his friend Tan ay Hock. This is the same scam.

So pretending to really follow the tendering procedures, because the Auditor General will scrutinize it later and if some wrong practices which were overlooked ( one can never be too cautious these days) were to be exposed, at least the paperwork must be in order. Make sure the fingers will all point towards the supplier of the system, like Zahid Hamidi blaming the manufacturer for selling the Rapid Intervention Vehicle at RM500, 000 higher than its usual price as pointed by the Sultan of Johore.

Well so far so good, it seems to be flawless and me and you my friends will be robbed day and night, 24/7 for the next five years minimum if you past in front of these cameras.

The usual scapegoats just in case

So by using the MoT with Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha as possible scapegoat like the late Eric Cheah and Ling Liong Sik, coincidently was the ex- Transport Minister involved in the PKFZ scandal, UMNO has stage an almost flawless highway robbery.

Well no crime is perfect, bear that in mind and more so if it is concocted by UMNO. Just look at all the exposed scandals so far, from the RM7.3 billion useless Scorpene-Altantuya to the RM250 million NFC debacle. Today 19th October is exactly six years Altantuya was brutally murdered by the way.

In defending the government’s decision to go ahead with the implementation of the AES, Kong Cho Ha said, the government need not pay a single sen because all will be borne by the private companies. But of course, that is the idea; you don’t need a single sen to rob somebody!

The AES is simply a robbery setup  by the government. It is a crime and crime should not pay.


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