SPRM(MACC) must start investigating and tailing Ali Rustam; it could already be on its way but…

SPRM(MACC)  must start investigating  and tailing Ali Rustam; it could already be on its way but…

It is normal for wedding events of artists, stars and famous names to be sponsored because it is a form of advertisement for their products produced by the sponsors. But who are Mohd Ridhwan and Nur Azieha?  Both of them would most probably are unknowns even to the sponsors. Which companies are sponsoring and what products are they trying to promote? Yet Mohd Ali’s special secretary Datuk MS Mahadevan was reported by The Star today as saying much of the wedding’s cost was paid for through sponsors. Read here

People, oranisations and companies do not go sponsoring any event for nothing. It would simply be ridiculous more so when purportedly amount involved six figures which if based on a conservative rate of RM10 per head for 130,000 attendees, RM1, 300,000 are involved. Therefore since no products have been advertised, the sponsorship must be to get favours or could even be returning of favours; kickbacks.It is most appropriate when Pakatan Rakyat make an official complain for SPRM to investigate Ali Rustam. Read here

Ali Rustam then recently twisted the sponsorship story and admitted that the amount spent for his son’s wedding was only RM600,000 which is too expensive for him to afford based on his salary but unrealistic based on the market rate for catering such event, because that will just be RM4.60 per head just for food only! It doesn’t make sense.Read here..What about the cost of renting the tents and canopies, the power supply, the sound system, manpower to manage the crowd, hampers to give away and cleaning up after the huge crowd has gone back? Read here

It is no wonder that some people said that the Melaka Economic Development Corporation (PKNM) was also used to support the event. This is a blatant abuse of power and use of public money for Ali Rustam private event.

When the Ali Rustam, the Chief Minister is involved the amount could be very high and not only RM1.3 million which is considered peanuts, just like Taib Mahmud’s billionaire son whose ex-wife purportedly said that he can spend RM100 million like 10 sen. “The RM100 million can be said to be worth 10 sen to him” said his ex-wife.

SPRM must ask Ali Rustam to give the list of sponsors for scrutiny.

SPRM must put up their antennas and move in to look into the wedding of Ali Rustam’s son. SPRM must make sure that the companies, organisations and individuals are bona fide and legitimate. This is to ensure that the names given are not bogus. SPRM must also check where PKNM was also involved.

 Then SPRM must look into the financial connections to see whether they have any dealings with the Melaka State government, Ali Rustam, his aides, close relatives and close friends. In all probability, SPRM must check whether there is an UMNO connection as well.

Then SPRM must monitor the activities of these people after the wedding and GE-13 whether they are given any contract by the Melaka state government. SPRM must also look into the probable proxies. Follow the money trail. Those officials in PKNM who used their post to sponsor the wedding event must also be taken to task and charged in court. Read here

The wealth of Ali Rustam must also be investigated, time for his rivals to make a move.

Ali Rustam has been able to play it safe in not be exposed to scandals and corruption. But based on the several failed projects in Melaka which could be found in the internet, SPRM needs to start investigating why the projects failed because Ali Rustam has been so quiet like he is hiding something.

Now is the also the opportunity for SPRM to come in or for Ali Rustam’s rivals in UMNO to make their move; pressure Najib to send SPRM in. But maybe Najib has already looked into the matter.

 After all Ali Rustam has only been thinking of himself to stay in power and he has been in power since Mahathir’s time in 1999. When Najib was in trouble defending himself in the useless Scorpene-Altantuya scandal, Ali Rustam never said a word of support for Najib.

Similarly when the RM250 million NFC debacle exploded and Najib was exposed to the fall out, Ali Rustam also kept silent.

“Pecah lubang”

Why has the wedding been highlighted in the media when it seems that Ali Rustam has tried but failed to make it low profile? He should know that such a huge gathering will attract attentions and will be used by his rivals to attack him. Unfortunately he was foolish enough to invite the Malaysia Book of Records to the event; thus “pecah lubang”, it was exposed.

Now there are also rumours going around, that based on the 130,000 record gathering in show of support and his popularity, Ali Rustam is vying for the number two post in UMNO! Read here.Well this could also be another “pecah lubang” as well!  Since there is a plan already being executed to replace the present number one, this rumour could be true. Ali Rustam, Muhyiddin Yasin and Mahathir may be conspiring together to remove Najib from power.

But will SPRM investigate thoroughly and prosecute Ali Rustam and Najib?

The answer is a big NO. Read here

Najib is also being investigated for his role in the useless Scorpene-Altantuya scandal. Najib also used public money for the reception of the engagement of his daughter. Therefore it seems that SPRM is caught in between Najib and Ali Rustam. Read here.

The only way to catch both Ali Rustam and Najib is to make sure UMNO/BN is defeated in the GE-13.


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