NGEH KOO HAM is doing harm to DAP/PR with his antics

Ngeh Koo Ham is doing harm to DAP/PR with his antics

Despite claiming itself as the Democratic Action Party, with the word “Democratic “ in its name, DAP has always been viewed by most Malaysians as a Chinese dominant party and in direct competition with MCA to struggle for the interests of the Malaysian Chinese community.

Immediately after gaining independence UMNO/Perikatan /MCA being more affluent has managed to overshadow DAP and  partially succeeded in portraying the Chinese in the suburbs as communist sympathizers, thus DAP being less affluent and was more active amongst the less affluent Chinese, DAP has been viewed by the Malays with disgust if not hatred as being communist too.

DAP events have mostly focused on the “Chinese “issues and has failed to mould itself into a real “Democratic” party representing every Malaysian of all creed, ethnicity and religious believe. If DAP had succeeded, it would by now be the most dominant multi-racial party and could even have the chance to form the federal government.

DAP has failed to change that “Chinese” image even until now, that it has no choice but has to join the PR coalition and until DAP can shake-off the “Chinese” image and be more appealing to other races especially the Malays who form the majority of the voters, DAP can never be a dominant party and in the end within PR, DAP will be relegated to the role of MCA in BN.

MCA has been able to maintain its “Chinese-ness” and acceptable to the Malays as a party despite it being corrupt as any other party in BN for the past 55 years because MCA has been able to play its role very well in showing favours to the Chinese but at the same time able to show connection and have respects for the Malays, Islam and their shortcomings. This is the main drawback of the DAP in trying to win the Malay votes or even from the other races.

DAP is to too Chinese and is more “Chinese” than MCA. There are even many Chinese who prefer to join PKR rather than DAP because of this image. Besides questioning the implementation of Hudud Law, which MCA also does, unlike MCA, and despite having the connection with the Malays now, the Malay community has little tolerance towards DAP. And Ngeh could trigger a crack between the Malays and DAP.

Although all is not lost but…

However with the present top leaders in the form of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and even Karpal Singh, DAP has been able to make some inroads into the Malay community with the help of PAS, another PR coalition member. The Malays in the villages can now accept DAP and it is only after 55 years of independence that DAP has been able to do so.

 Some well-known individuals like Aspan Alias and Mohd Ariff Sabri have even joined DAP thus further add “colour” to DAP and should lead more non-Chinese individuals to join DAP.

But, the rest of the DAP leaders have not been able to help shake-off the “Chinese” image with the exception of a few, for example the Selangor DAP’s Ng Suee Lim, who can relate to the Malays in Selangor wherever he goes. He can even speak the Javanese language and understands Islam at least to get him acceptable and the Malays being very comfortable and rest-assured with him.

Tan Seng Giaw is a DAP veteran whom the Malays can be very comfortable with. The Malays who support the opposition will have no hesitation in voting for him but it is not so for the rest of the DAP leaders. That is why, in a Malay majority area, PR has no choice but to field a Malay candidate either from PAS or PKR.  Due to its multi-racial form, PKR has more choices of candidates to be fielded compared to PAS and DAP.

Ngeh Koo Ham and his antics could trigger a disaster

Recently Ngeh Koo Ham has been in the negative light due to his foolishness, myopic mentality and political naivety. Despite being the Perak DAP chairman, he has failed to show examples of a respectable leader or at least emulate the top DAP leaders mentioned earlier. What Ngeh has done, and this is not the first time, can destroy the efforts made by them.

When he expressed his opinion that the Muslims are wasting time in demonstrating against the film “Innocence of Muslims”, he exposed his ignorance of the issue and somehow showed that he lacks general knowledge other than that of his own limited field and constituency.

Ngeh failed to watch all the events that have happened throughout the world and grasp or understand how important the issue was to the Muslims. Even the US was very concerned and both UMNO and PAS tried to grab the issue to their advantage and neither party wanted to be seen as not being upholding Islam when it was being ridiculed, yet Ngeh simply rubbished it off as a non- issue.

Ngeh and many non-Muslims in Malaysia thought that the “Innocence of Muslims” incident does not affect them. Of course it will not affect them directly, but indirectly when Malaysia is affected, the fallouts will not discriminate race or religion! We are in the same, one country and therefore in the same boat. Ngeh could help make things cool down by refraining for giving coments out of his ignorance; if you do not know, don’t talk!

Ngeh ridiculing “Halal” matter

Ngeh lacks sensitivity but the problem with him is his stubbornness and refusal to open his myopic mind, when he later ridiculed the “Halal” certification.

His closed-door mentality was again exposed when he questioned the reason behind having the “Halal” certification that has been done in our country. Ngeh failed to look at the bigger picture. UMNO has successfully embarked on the “Halal” certification, started the “Islamic Banking” and formed various “Islamic “ agencies, institutions and can use these efforts as mileage amongst the Muslim communities both locally and overseas. PAS and Anwar Ibrahim can never put claim on this. The “halal” issue is so fundamental to the Muslim that they are now questioning so many things whether they are “halal” or not. The rest of the world is also trying to capitalize on the “halal” issue because it means business.

The Halal industry is the new growth sector in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector and is the fastest growing global business across the world. It is also an emerging market force that is attracting non-Muslims with its wholesome, hygienic and contamination-free principles is food production. The global value for trade of Halal foods and non-food products is estimated at USD2.1 trillion annually.

Ngeh questioned why is there a need to have the “Halal” certification for drinking coffee and said that it is only in Malaysia that has such requirement and he added that even God has said nothing about drinking “Halal” coffee. What Ngeh has twitted is true but if he could just open up a bit of his mind, the coffee we drink is not just coffee. It contains several other ingredients like dairy and non-dairy products, stabilizing agents, colouring, sugar, oil and fats and other substances which could be hazardous contaminants.

It is not just a simple thing just to drink a cup of coffee because it went through several processes before it is served for you. Some of these ingredients could be contaminated and contain non-Halal substance; in short it is not pure. With scientific advancement today, all the various impurities could be easily detected and certified.

As for all other religions, Islam too stresses on purity.

If Ngeh could ridicule the cautiousness of Muslims in drinking their coffee, then he could also ridicule the practice of other religions with their concept of purity. Some sects of Hinduism believe that urine is pure, so Ngeh could make fun of it too. Like Islam, Judaism forbid consuming of pork; not just it meat but, everything associated with it physically. Ngeh being a Christian should know that in the old days as practiced by the Orthodox Christians, they too forbid the same. So Ngeh who eats any that moves with its back facing the sky, should show respect and have self-restraints in making remarks out of his ignorance.

If his thoughts are only for the Chinese people who voted for him, then Ngeh Koo Ham is not fit to be the Perak DAP state leader. In Malaysia nowadays, you have to be the leader of Malaysians not just for one particular race!

This is neither a big issue nor a national one but Ngeh’s remarks have been circulating in cyberspace catching the attention of the Malays both from UMNO/BN and PR and so far they are not happy and no right minded Muslim has come  forward to fully defend Ngeh.

This is going to be spreading like cancer, slowly but surely silently killing the support for DAP/PR and if not put under control could distance the Malays from DAP and since nobody in DAP has reprimanded Ngeh, then the Malays may take Ngeh’s chauvinism as the true colour of DAP. In the end DAP won’t even realize what hits them in the GE-13 or in future general elections.

UMNO knows the situation very well and they are all hoping for Ngeh to continue with his antics.

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