UMNO THE SINKING PIRATE SHIP; has not struggled for the Malays

UMNO THE SINKING PIRATE SHIP; has not struggled for the Malays

 By right, Najib can dissolve parliament and hold the GE-13 anytime he wishes and be certain that UMNO/BN will win. Surely after 55 years, the Malays in particular and the rest of Malaysians should by now be earning highly paid jobs, the country is peaceful, there is better social harmony, crime should be negligible and everyday needs are affordable and abundant. The opposition should be rendered irrelevant by now too. There should always be a “feel good” atmosphere and election campaign and procedures should just be the formalities to return back power to UMNO/BN for the umpteenth time.

The truth however is most disheartening for Najib and the rest of UMNO leaders. They are still not able to grasp why UMNO is so weak now and is facing both a huge and wide range of problems, compounded with many dilemmas. UMNO is in the state of denial.

Najib, Mahathir and even their advisors can’t even be sure when the GE-13 should be held because there is no period conducive enough for UMNO/BN to be sure of winning. And the opposition is gaining more grounds as days go by. The people too are getting more fed up with UMNO.

 Support from the Malays who are the majority has decreased little by little. UMNO Youth under Khairy Jamaluddin failed “road show” promised during his appointment and the young people could not be persuaded to join UMNO as desired. The majority of UMNO supporters have been from the first generation ever since. The Malays are now free to support UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP, abstained or do not vote at all.

Unrest in UMNO has been imbued where leaders fighting for positions and power, all for self-interest and neither for the party, nor for the Malays, religion and country. The turbulence occurs at each branch, division, state and even in the Supreme Council. There are always factions in UMNO. The turmoil will peak during the election period and the dust will settle down only after the president is either propped up or replaced.

In not so obvious ways, the bickering is not only limited to the UMNO leaders, even UMNO Malay supporters, sympathizers, party workers, civil servants, teachers, professionals, businessmen, media practitioners are also not in agreement of who should they support.

This upheaval has peaked and consequently, will trigger a crisis of leadership at every level. Thus the post of UMNO president is actually quite precarious, more so when the president is not elected through the party election. When Mahathir “appointed” Badawi, Mahathir also had the power to remove him.

UMNO must accept the facts that it has failed

UMNO has made many mistakes; scandals, corruption, fraud, wastages, deception and other wrong doings. There is no need to explain one by one, as the internet has a variety of information. However Umno does not want to admit its mistake and will never improve the situation.

UMNO even boasted that it has done so much for the Malays and forever demanding the Malays to be grateful to UMNO.  UMNO did implement several initiatives and policies but failed. UMNO has failed to improve the economy of the Malays and the poor Malaysians through the New Economic Policy. The slogan created by Mahathir “Bersih, Cekap, Amanah” or “Clean, Efficient, Trustworthy”, “Look East Policy” , “Melayu Baru “ or the “ New Malay” and  Vision 2020, with Badawi “Work With Me”, “ Islam Hadhari” and currently Najib’s “1Malaysia” have all failed too. As a result of these failures UMNO is on a lost cause and direction.

“Ketuanan Melayu” – No, “Ketuanan Taukeh”- Yes

UMNO has always been saying that it struggles for the Malays and will improve the condition of the Malays and ensure that “Ketuanan Melayu” or “Malay Supremacy” still prevails.

But efforts to raise the spirit of “Ketuanan Melayu” falls flat and UMNO has to create Perkasa and Pekida and in the end resulted in racism and violence. Some Malays are even sarcastic because knowing that behind all the UMNO leaders and even Ibrahim Ali, the Perkasa chief survives on Chinese business acumen, thus they say  that there is no such thing as “Ketuanan Melayu, but rather ”Ketuanan Taukeh.” UMNO is not Malay and Malay is not UMNO.

During Mahathir’s time, we can see his close relationship with Ting Pek Khing of Ekran Group, they can be seen together on many occasions. He was also close with Francis Yeoh of YTL Group. Badawi was close with Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group and Najib of course is close with Vincent Tan and Tan Kay Hock of George Kent. Tengku Razaleigh was close to Khoo Kay Peng of the MUI Group.

There are others as well like Lim Goh Tong / Lim Kok Thay (Genting Bhd), Lee Shin Cheng (IOI Bhd), Tiong Hiew King (Ribunan Hijau), Kua Sian Kooi (Kurnia Insurance), Lim Wee Chai (Top Glove-rubber) and Jeffrey Cheah (Sunway) all making money in cohort with UMNO leaders.

Although there are many Chinese tycoons behind the UMNO leaders, it did not translate into enriching all the Chinese in Malaysia. They have been sidelined too, but that is another sad story.

UMNO in cohort with the Chinese tycoons are just enriching themselves and the Malays are just being used by UMNO as fools to support them to stay in power.

With the present scenario and the predicaments of the Malays, it is a living proof that UMNO has not really been struggling for the Malays. The Malays have been used by UMNO and have been taken for so many rides by UMNO only to enrich its leaders and cronies.

All of the Malays must wake up before it is too late not only for the own sake, but for the country and the rest of our fellow citizens as well, because it is the Malays who still have the majority vote. The Malays should use the opportunity in the coming GE-13 to teach an unforgettable lesson to UMNO and for those Malays, who are still blindly supporting UMNO, please ask yourselves this question – “What have you got so far for supporting UMNO? “ Your support will only fatten the UMNO leaders!


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