If Najib could turn back time, one of the things he would do is to make sure that Selangor stays under UMNO/BN in the GE-12. This will relieve him of so much burden and restless nights in trying to win back Selangor from PR in the coming GE-13.The strategic importance of Selangor is so crucial for Najib both in winning the GE-13 and staying power as UMNO’s president and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

UMNO has tried to use many issues to try to tarnish PR Selangor State government but simply backfired because it was UMNO/BN who created the problems that the present Selangor government is trying its best to resolve so that Selangorians do not bear the burden. Syabas, Unisel and Talam issue are all UMNO made.

The Selangor dilemma; lose-lose situation

If possible Najib wants UMNO/BN to win in the GE-13 and win Selangor with all his people fully backing him in the UMNO party polls so that he can stay in power. Unfortunately Najib cannot have it all his way. Whether UMNO/BN wins Selangor but loses in the GE-13; or loses Selangor but wins the GE-13 or loses both Selangor and the GE-13; all will result in him being removed from power. But what about winning Selangor and wins in the GE-13 and remain in power? That will be in his dreams.

It all bogs down to his weaknesses; he is both slow to grasp things and persistently indecisive. This is further aggravated by a stronger opposition, UMNO infightings and untrustworthy advisors.

With Noh Omar and Mohd Zin, Najib has to depend on other candidates

Selangor UMNO is headed by Najib with Noh Omar as his deputy. The problem is, while Noh Omar has been able to make some inroads in strengthening UMNO’s support, he is aligned with Muhyiddin and therefore Najib does not trust Noh and his followers.

Using Noh Omar, with extra funds and more cheatings, UMNO/BN can win Selangor, more so if Selangor holds the state election on a different date with the GE-13.

But there is an open dispute between Najib and Muhyiddin in the form of the posters in Johore demanding Najib to be replaced with Muhyiddin and also their differences in opinions on the Section 114A of the 1950 Evidence Act. Muhyiddin, veteran UMNO leaders and incumbents are not happy with Najib and what he has been doing behind their backs. They will make sure Najib be replaced with Muhyiddin.

The other UMNO incumbent Mohd Zin is not popular in Selangor except within his own constituency. Mohd Zin is not able to cooperate with the other BN component party members; MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP. After his appointment at the BN Election Director, there is nothing much that Mohd. Zin has done to ensure UMNO/BN wins since he is more interested in improving his position just to be the winnable candidate. Mohd Zin is trying very hard to ensure that he is the only winnable candidate in his constituency meaning, Najib has no choice but to put him as the UMNO candidate and if anybody else is fielded there will sure to lose!

So Najib if decides to field Mohd Zin and most of the old faces it will result in failing to win back Selangor. Selangorians are fed up with the present UMNO leaders, however Najib could ensure supports from these Selangor incumbents in the UMNO party polls but the rest of the incumbents in the other states will go against him.

The next alternative is to field all new faces and there is a chance to win back Selangor but since these new faces do not have any high positions in the UMNO hierarchy, they will be sidelined in the UMNO branches and states and they won’t be able to give their support for Najib in the UMNO party polls and that will be the end for Najib.

The new faces are also unknown to the Selangorians because they have been working backstage and sidelined by all prominent UMNO leaders. These new faces have been used by them. Thus if Najib uses these new faces, there will be revolt in Selangor but Najib has his own plans too.

Najib’s own candidates

As reported in The New Straits Times, Najib and his cousin Hishamuddin have been compiling the names of their list of winnable candidates. This is sabotaging the selection process for the winnable candidates by having their own selecting scheme initially just in Selangor. Najib may be willing to lose Selangor as long as UMNO/BN wins in other states and he is determined to stay in power after the UMNO polls.

These new faces are simply hard party workers that have been doing all the donkey work for the present UMNO leaders and they do not have much financial resources to help in the elections, which according to some analysts amounting to more than RM300,000. Najib has the resources but he will be putting a huge bet on these new aspirants. To help reduce the burdens, Najib has cooperated with his cousin Hishamuddin who after all is in the lineage of heir apparent; Hishamuddin has to make some sacrifice too.

Although the scouting of the fresh candidates has been completed, as usual, Najib is still indecisive. In other words, the list of winnable candidates has not been drawn up yet even for Selangor. This will be another dimension in the dilemma for Najib if he decides to abandon the new aspirants because they will definitely be very disappointed and will surely create so much chaos in Selangor because their induced dreams will be shattered.

The Selangor experiment impending failure

Najib plans to have the branches and divisions in Selangor to have their meetings within September or before the GE-13 so that the new faces be introduced in the meetings and if possible to create a triggering event to force the branches and divisions to hold elections for new office bearers to replace the old faces. This will ensure that Najib stays in power after the UMNO party polls. This phenomenon in Selangor is such an intrigue that needs close scrutiny and continuous monitoring by Najib that he has neglected the situation in other states. Therefore recently Najib had to rush all over the country fire-fighting the revolts and infightings amongst the new aspirants, leaders and incumbents in UMNO.

If Najib managed to accomplish his experiment in Selangor, he will do the same exercise in other states. But unfortunately for Najib, this did not happen as planned and he has to postpone UMNO party elections until after the GE-13.

Muhyiddin is not stupid and he has started challenging Najib as mentioned above and has demanded members who sabotage the party be sacked. Najib is obviously the one being targeted as what he and his cousin have done in selecting the candidates is clearly sabotage. There are similar calls from other UMNO veterans too.

GE-13 will be delayed and will diminish his chances

While the oppositions are almost prepared with their list of candidates, UMNO/BN is still struggling and bickering amongst themselves. The UMNO list of candidates cannot be resolved within just a few days when every prospective candidate has been working hard for months if not years to be the winnable one. Inevitably, the GE-13 will be delayed until the list of UMNO/BN candidates are resolved and agreed upon by all.

Mahathir is considering making a political comeback to rejuvenate UMNO, to defeat and silence Anwar and to clear the path for Mukhriz to the top post. Najib in his decisiveness has forced Mahathir to act to ensure UMNO is safe.

The opinion polls can never sustain Najib’s popularity and his resources are depleting to finance further image making. Najib is now just able to consolidate some funds for the GE-13 and the bulk of the funds is not even trickling in as expected.

In the end, as the election is delayed and the opposition has more time to prepare while the feuds in UMNO become irreconcilable and more failures like the drop in the FGVH share price and any unexpected debacle, despite the many choices that Najib can have, he will fail miserably; he may lose everything. Najib has only himself to blame for this and Rosmah be his punching bag.


One response to “NAJIB IN DILEMMA IN SELANGOR – He sabotages Selangor UMNO

  1. Kepada setia-usaha Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor (UMNO) Ketua Parti gerakan Mah Siew Keong, Ketua MIC Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, Ketua PPP Datuk T. Murugiah dan peminpin-peminpin komponen.

    Kami YIP KUM FOOK Ketua MCA Gombak, YIP JIUN HANN pemuda MCA Gombak dan Jayanthi Devi Balaguru ketua Gerakan Segambut (CHIA OOI SUN & CO.) Advocates & Solicitors 48-1 1st Floor, Jalan Brunei Utara Off Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu 55100 Kuala lumpur, dengan hormatnya disini harap semua parti komponen BN menyokong seruan bekas menteri penerangan Zain Nuddin menjemput bekas Perdana menteri DR. Mahathir bin Mohamad ke Putera Jaya menolong Kerajaan mentadbir Negara.

    Kerana berbanding dari segi ekonomi, keselamatan, pembangunan dan lain-lain dengan jelasnya bekas perdana menteri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad lebih berkaliber dan berpengalaman mentadbir Malaysia dengan sepurna.

    Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima Kasih

    NO. 2A & 2B, 2ND FLOOR
    52100 KUALA LUMPUR

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