EMPTY or REAL THREAT; when UMNO decides to sack its unscrupulous members?

EMPTY or REAL THREAT; when UMNO decides to sack its unscrupulous members?

When the Auditor General Ambrin Buang published the 2010 Audit report, there were so many unscrupulous transactions involving over-priced items, over-budgeted departments and ministries, wasteful expenses, not following the procedures and many others, but to date nobody has been taken to task, except UMNO charging the whistleblower Rafizi Ramli over BAFIA, and Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail accused of cheating Shahrizat’s Husband, the NFC boss Mohammad Salleh.

Shahrizat’s husband was charged in court to pacify the critics and only after a relentless pressure from the people and the opposition leaders.

Najib has been most unscrupulous

Najib on the other hand broke all standard procedures to award the RM1 billion Ampang LRT Extension project to his ex-school mate and golf buddy Tan Kay Hock of George Kent. We all know about the RM7.3 billion useless Scorpene-Altantuya scandal when Najib was the Defence Minister. When Isa Samad was found guilty of money politics and completed his punishment, Najib elevated him to the big boss of Felda. Khir Toyo was found guilty of corruption and given the lenient punishment of twelve months jail. Najib too, defended Shahrizat related to the RM250 million NFC debacle almost until the end.

When Shahrizat asked the ultimate question, “Who in UMNO has got no problems…”, she is openly stating that all UMNO leaders have been unscrupulous and must be taken to task too, not her and her husband alone!

Now, if UMNO decides to sack all its unscrupulous, conscienceless or unprincipled members i.e. UMNO saboteurs, UMNO will be doomed. Therefore knowing that UMNO refused to take action on the top civil servants managing the various departments and the ministers  as highlighted in the 2010 Auditor General report, how on earth UMNO can take action on its members especially its leaders?

The time bomb in UMNO; resentful incumbents

As reported in the New Straits Times, Najib is finding it difficult to decide on the winnable candidates because of the open resentments amongst the incumbents who have proven with supporting letters and show of support from their grass root supporters that they are indeed the winnable ones!

Most of the incumbents are not happy except for Idris Jusoh of Terengganu who ought to have enough and the first top UMNO leader who volunteered to pull out from any nomination. Najib has recently been in Kedah to make a deal, to compromise and to placate his people to accept Mukhriz as the candidate and the next Menteri Besar. Ahmad Bashah must surely have been hugely compensated to ensure Mukhriz raise up in the Kedah UMNO hierarchy.

Najib in his paranoia to stay in power does not trust most of the incumbents. He wants his own supporters to be elected, but in trying not to be obvious, he has entrusted his cousin Hishamuddin to search and propose the suitable winnable candidates from amongst the hard party workers for Najib to finally choose and replace most of the incumbents. Muhyiddin knows about these maneuvers too and thus the open feud.

Muhyiddin warned UMNO saboteurs of sacking

There has now been an open feud between Muhyiddin and Najib since the appearance of posters in Johore trying to promote Muhyiddin to replace Najib before the GE-13. If this was the effort from the opposition to create friction between Muhyiddin and Najib, Muhyiddin would have vehemently denied the allegations but instead he entrusted PDRM to investigate the matter, which is now just hanging in the air. Mahathir has been very quiet over this issue too and he diverts the UMNO members’ attention by commenting on other issues.

Then recently Muhyiddin Yasin warned UMNO leaders and members of expulsion from the party if they sabotage the party’s general election candidates. Although the strong warning was primarily directed at those who would be upset or frustrated at not being selected as candidates, it can mean other things as well. The next day Hishamuddin suggested that other BN component parties should also do the same so that not only UMNO should be in the spotlight, but actually Hishamuddin has been entrusted by Najib to watch every move made by Muhyiddin.

Is Muhyiddin trying to create havoc in UMNO or is it just an empty threat?

He is actually aiming his threat at Najib. Muhyiddin is telling Najib that he cannot have it all his way and watch out for the repercussions if Najib is stubborn enough to go it alone and being self-centered all because it has been crystal clear that Najib has been promoting himself and not UMNO for all these years. If possible Najib wants UMNO all to himself but he is not cunning or shrewd enough like Mahathir who has been able to sabotage his every move until now.

Since UMNO dare not sack any of its members because on the same basis all UMNO leaders must be sacked too, and on cue from Mahathir, what Muhyiddin has urged on the sacking, meant only for Najib who personally has done so many unscrupulous things, detrimental to UMNO and his cousin who is in cohort with him.

When Najib and Hishamuddin embarked on selecting their own winnable candidates behind their backs, even before the GE-13 and UMNO polls isn’t it a clear sabotage?

This open feud will further hasten the end of UMNO and coupled with the drop in FGVH share price that will wipe out the FELDA settlers support for UMNO, thus a third party in the form of some clear minded UMNO business cronies have taken the initiative to try mend the crack before it is too late. But will they succeed?


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