Najib/UMNO/Mahathir is full of deceptions

UMNO has been portraying itself as the champion of the Malays. But has UMNO succeeded in uplifting the Malay community? The answer is a big NO! Even the instant millionaires-UMNOputeras have become poor.

The New Economic Policy implemented by UMNO in 1971 was to re-engineer the Malaysian society so that all Malaysians especially the poor will fare better than they were under the British. The method used was to give preferential treatment to the poor and the less fortunate by setting certain target which was actually very plausible. The more fortunate Malaysians were willing to accept and accommodate the plan in the hope for a better future for the new generations. Unfortunately UMNO leaders hijacked their own plan for themselves, leaving the Malays and the rest of the Malaysians with their own perils.

The target to achieve 30 percent share in the economic equity for the Malays have failed miserably. The figures that have been computed by various groups are between 12 -16 percent after 30 years of NEP.

GTP, ETP and PTP are the same as NEP but with different alphabets

On 2nd April 2012 Najib was on air, giving an election campaign speech on the pretext of giving the report on the status of his Government Transformation Program (GTP) and Economic Transformation Program (ETP). Najib started bluffing and spinning the issues the moment he opened his mouth. Najib lied through his teeth until the end of the speech which surprisingly it seems that all the people including ministers who were present in the audience swallowed all what Najib told them contentedly without even a single brain cell asking whether Najib was telling the truth or not?

Like the NEP, Najib’s GTP and ETP are all the same money-making and siphoning schemes and but now with different alphabets.

If Najib has been so successful, than corporate Malaysia initiated by Mahathir should be very rich by now.  Yet our National Debt is RM460 billion and growing. Just during the time when Najib is boasting on the success of the ETP, why on earth is he asking for another RM10.29 billion? Najib is seeking a parliamentary approval for RM10.29 billion in supplemental budget this week.

Najib said that his government is not an irresponsible populist government, but instead, is very wise in policy making and government spending. But if this is true, then why did Najib give handout? Obviously he did the opposite of what he said. First the people are still in need and find it difficult to make ends meet; this is the result of bad government. Secondly giving handouts will make Najib popular and he hopes that the people will think good of him and give their votes to UMNO.

Najib said Malaysia is not going bankrupt but his actions show otherwise

Najib said in policy making and government spending, the BN government never had any intention to cause significant financial damage, let alone bankruptcy, to the country. But even his own minister, Datuk Idris Jala had warned us twice that from the way the government is managing our spending, Malaysia will go bankrupt. Is not the present national debt just below 2 percent is near enough to bankruptcy? Shouldn’t Najib feel worried by now? Moreover surely after the approval of the RM10.29 billion this week, the National Debt will definitely be more than what is allowed by the constitution?

Najib said that, “We have and will always be honest and straightforward with the people about the things we can and cannot do. However, certain quarters find it easy to just promise the moon, the stars and the world to the people without thinking of the consequences.” But can Vision 2020 and high earning nation be realized by then? If so, what will happen to the RM460 billion National Debt? How much will it be by then? Are there any plans to reduce the amount? How will UMNO/BN pay back the money they have taken out from our EPF? So Najib should be worried on what UMNO/BN has promised to the people because it is only eight more years to 2020!

Najib also said the BN was not afraid to compete in a free and competitive market as the government was democratically formed through free and fair elections. What free and fair elections? This is a whole load of bull. Has he forgotten about BERSIH and how he was ridiculed even by the Queen of England? Najib is so low.

Najib hoped that the people are stupid enough to choose UMNO/BN

“We have full confidence in the wisdom of the people to choose and make the right decision.” Najib said, yes this is true and the people must rightly choose the opposition to prevent more harm to Malaysia from the ruthless UMNO/BN.

“We believe that the people will choose a government with proven track record and which puts the interests of the people above anything else,” he said. Yes, UMNO/BN has a very bad track record indeed with all the scandals and corruption going on unabated.

Najib the drunken driver claimed more successes

Najib claimed that he has succeeded in the Political Transformation Program by repealing the ISA, some emergency bills and even amending the UUCA to allow undergraduates to be involved in politics. We all know that this is not true. ISA has been replaced by the Terrorist Act which is more severe because now the ones who are against the UMNO/BN are terrorists and not just ordinary opposition party member. The emergency bills are outdated. The UMNO/BN government has passed another more restrictive assembly bill that in effect is more stringent than the ones in Burma. If students are allowed to get involved in politics, then why the harassments on Adam Adli and Safwan Anang?

“Let’s not experiment to change drivers midway, from the one proven capable to someone who is dubious and dangerous,” he said. The fact of the matter is that the driven is drunk! So, Najib should not drink and drive, it is dangerous for everybody.

Unfortunately Najib did not mention anything about the RM250 million NFC scandal. He did not mention how to improve the mismanagement or even tell us how he will ensure that for the Auditor General, Ambrin Buang will give a clean audit report for 2011.

Najib must be drunk too when he broke all rules to award the RM1.1 billion Ampang LRT Extension project to his ex-school mate and golf buddy, Tan Kay Hock of George Kent.

“So, be wary with the music played by the piper who appears beautiful but in reality, full of deception,” he added. It is Najib who is full of deceptions.

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