MAHATHIR IS RIGHT; Malaysia is not Africa

MAHATHIR IS RIGHT; Malaysia is not Africa

You know who

Mahathir said, “Financially and economically, we are not too badly off. The cost of living has gone up a little but people are not starving the way the Africans and some Asians are starving. A generous government is ever ready to extend help”

I was in Melaka in 1991 when the state experienced the worst draught that water in the reservoirs supplying the state depleted to the lowest levels and purportedly even the fish could be seen jumping up because the water pool was too small to accommodate them. The UMNO leaders there urged the people not to waste water and bear with the state government and should feel fortunate because Melaka was not Africa. Indeed Malaysia is so fortunate and blessed by God and draught in Malaysia has never led to death. But Malaysia is not Africa and we should not have Africa-like crisis either!

Children use water in Africa


My friend in the Jabatan Bekalan Air (JBA) Melaka was so angry when I called him to ask w.t.f was going on with JBA until Melaka was facing a “water crisis”. He said, “Do you think we are idiots? We are trained and highly experienced engineers and we have done our best to manage the water supply, you go and ask the CM why we must face the water crisis now!”

Indeed the water crisis in Melaka was UMNO made. It was simply mismanagement of the water supply system being manipulated to be a money-making scam because as a result of that, the federal government gave Melaka an emergency aid of RM200 million to get raw water supply from the Muar River. The project cost much less, nevertheless all the money was spent and the project was executed without any fanfare; incognito. It was completed without the public knowing about it.

Local Sarawakian used river

There are several other UMNO leaders and UMNO Ulamas who made comparisons between Malaysia and Africa to justify the failures of UMNO. Mahathir too has referred to Africa several times. Recently Mahathir has gone several steps further when he mentioned all the crisis in the world and Malaysians should feel grateful for UMNO/BN as Malaysia is still not like them and therefore let UMNO/BN continue to rule forever. Read here

Africa slum

Has Mahathir not realized that Malaysia is at the brink of bankruptcy after 55 years of UMNO/BN? If UMNO/BN is so good why does this happen? Our National Debt is at RM455 billion and just another 2%, the borrowing limit will be burst and according to some considerations, it has already burst beyond what is allowed for by the constitution. All these and every crisis in Malaysia are made by UMNO.

Since Malaysia is so blessed then by right we should already be a developed nation leaving Singapore behind, because Singapore is just a small island state without any resources and it even depends on our water supply to survive!

Why is it suddenly now we have to change our objectives?

School children in Batu Caves

Mahathir used to say “Malaysia Boleh”. Our patriotic songs always have the word “Berjaya” in them. Badawi said Malaysia is “Cemerlang, Terbilang and Gemilang”. Mahathir even named our flag “Jalur Gemilang”. We have sent one Malaysian to the International Space Station. Malaysia has its own “heavy industries”. We can build our own cars. We have the tallest twin towers in the world and KLIA. We have the MSC. We have the Formula One circuit, Monsoon Cup, Le Tour De Langkawi, and world class sports facilities. We can also organize international conventions, sports events and concerts. We even have a brand new administrative capital, Putrajaya. We have Cyberjaya and new Palace for the Agong. You name it and we have it. Our roads and highway is 20 years more advance than India.  But why are we still desperate? Is there no such word as prosperity in our vocabulary?

Squatters in Malaysia

Surely with all the a

African squatter

bove, Malaysia should be in a class of its own, in its own league. Why must UMNO leaders use Africa as the base reference? Why should Mahathir now point out all the crisis in the world as a bench mark of our success?

The only reason is that after 55 years UMNO has failed and failed miserably. That is why we need to change the government FULLSTOP.


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