NAJIB’s NEW ELECTION STRATEGY – organize mass gatherings

Najib’s new election strategy – organize mass gatherings

Najib has been arranging countless mass gatherings all over the country using public money and turn it into a BN political ceramah. He knows too well that it now too late to do anything except organize as many gatherings as possible and confident that this is the most effective way to gain votes and win in the coming GE-13.

The latest gathering was the 1Malaysia for you (1M4U) held at the KL Convention Centre meant to cater for the youth. Previously the “Gathering of One million youths” was held in Putrajaya. Najib is trying to woo the votes from the youths as the surge in the number of registered voters is from the youth and Najib is fully aware that the youths are not happy with UMNO/BN. Najib is trying to lure them to vote for Najib/UMNO/BN.

Najib is also organizing three separate gatherings namely in Brickfields (for the Indians), Kampong Baru (fort the Malays) and Petaling Street (for the Chinese) in conjunction with the National Day. There has been no report yet on whether there would be one in Kuching (for the Ibans, Murut, Melanau and Dayaks) or in Kota Kinabalu (for the Kadazan-Dusun).

See, UMNO is racists and always racist in their approach to the people. Najib can declare that his 1Malaysia slogan is a farce at the end of each gathering.

But is it really going to work?

When Najib refused to do all the correct things for example fight corruption and take action on the wrong doers, what else can he do? 

Actually UMNO/BN has no more ideas on what to do and they know that the people’s support is waning day by day and their only way of winning the GE-13 is by cheating. UMNO/BN has already arranged for fixed-deposit voters arranged by the Election Commission. Therefore in organizing the gatherings, UMNO/BN is only trying to gain a few more votes from the respective races, age groups and sections of the voters.

UMNO/BN is now more concerned with the infighting to be the “winnable candidates” for the “secured seats” traditionally allocated to the various component parties  they are confident to win. The present scenario is like UMNO/BN telling Najib, “Leave us alone to continue fighting for the seats and we will settle the matter in time for the elections, and you Najib, should just concentrate on the gatherings”.

Najib is the “naked emperor” and his close advisors have given him convincing feedbacks that after each gathering the opinion poll always shows a dramatic increase in support for Najib/UMNO/BN.

Are both Najib and his advisors being so foolish in believing their own propaganda?

We can see that it is so obvious as shown on rtm and pro-government media that the people interviewed during such gatherings selected from the various  races always give praises to Najib/UMNO/BN. The response and the number of attendees are always huge as reported by these media. Najib himself was so overwhelmed when in one occasion in Selangor those attending the gatherings wore t-shirts bearing his image.

Of course they are not foolish ( I hope I am wrong). Their only aim is that the ordinary people especially those in the rural areas and the villages will be convinced to vote for BN.

What else can be achieved by these gatherings?

Money-making of course! The contracts to put up all the banners, the stages and other paraphernalia will be given to the respective cronies and whatever the cost be funded directly or indirectly by public funds. This is blatant use of public money to gain votes for UMNO/BN. In other words UMNO/BN is using your money to make you vote for them.

I hope that the people would not be fooled by the shows and gatherings.  The public should shun away from such wasteful gatherings, unless there is free lodging, food, transport and sufficient pocket money all of which from UMNO’s own funds.

Even if you attend these gathering, bear in mind that we have had enough of UMNO/BN for five decades; let Najib/UMNO/BN be happy during the gatherings but kick them out this time around.


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