SO AFRAID; UMNO leaders are getting crazy and can’t think properly now.

Najib said things against the opposition without thinking.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said today opposition political parties in the country seem to be teaching people bad things, even matters contrary to religion. Evidently, three bad things were that debts do not have to be settled, good deeds can be forgotten and promises need not be fulfilled, he said. As reported in several news portal. Read HERE

What Najib has said can be argued back.

First UMNO/BN has mismanaged the nation’s funds resulting in huge amount of money flowing out of the country. Then UMNO/BN has failed to improve our economy and therefore has to borrow so much that our national debt is now at RM460 billion. The UMNO/BN failed to prioritize the spending and ultimately failed in providing affordable if not free education.  

Najib must surely be referring to the PTPTN loans whereby many are not able to pay back and some are even refusing to pay back. Najib refused to understand that the PTPTN is a burden to our youths that have been forced on them due to the mismanagement of our funds by the UMNO/BN government. UMNO/BN has failed and has irresponsibly passed the burden onto the unassuming students.

In any case, the UMNO/BN government has failed to make the PTPTN scheme Shariah Compliant thus a double jeopardy to the majority Muslim students who take up the loan. Does not Islam ordain things to be based on its rule? What about the interest being charged on the loans? Why can’t it be interest free? After all, the infrastructure, the setup, the management cost of PTPTN has been allocated for initially. UMNO/BN is being more irresponsible for asking the PTPTN to be self-financing now! Najib is wrong in putting the blame on others because it is his responsibility to ensure that education is affordable if not free for every deserving citizen.

Although the private higher learning institutions do need the money from the students, in the case of public higher learning institution the student should not be liable to pay for the fees every semester because these institutions already have their annual allocations from the annual budget through the ministry of higher education. The students are directly giving back the money to the UMNO/BN government without realizing it; this is cheating.

Najib is wrong when he said that the opposition teaches the people that good deeds can be forgotten. Najib must be saying that UMNO/BN has done so many good things since ruling the country for five decades. Of course there are some good things, however the opposition has only queried, asked, questioned and probed all the bad things that UMNO/BN has done.

The opposition has never said that the people should not be grateful to whatever UMNO/BN has done; on the contrary, the opposition also wants the people to remember all the good things that PR has done thus far. The problem with UMNO/BN is that their bad deeds overshadow their trivial good ones.

 UMNO/BN has been creating several scandals per year! The price of everything is going up that UMNO/BN has to give handouts and create the subsidized KR1M. Although apparently being caring for the people, Najib is only enriching Mydin!

PR has only been in power for barely four years and only in four states. They need to be given sufficient time to fulfill all their promises. Moreover some initiatives that PR wants to implement need the cooperation of the federal government. It is not the fault of PR if the promises cannot be fulfilled since UMNO/BN will always sabotage. Just look at the Selangor government facing problem with Syabas who has the solid backing of UMO/BN and Selangor has not been able to control its own water while Syabas is more interested in making things difficult.

UMNO/BN refused to give the petroleum royalty to Kelantan and the allocation from the federal government has not been given directly to the state government. Despite PAS having control Kelantan for about 20 years, how can Kelantan fulfill all the promises without the money which rightly belongs to Kelantan yet withhold by UMNO/BN? The same tactics is being used in Penang and Kedah. This is obviously the bad intention of UMNO/BN.

Najib must make the PTPTN proper and less of a burden if not as full scholarship before insisting for the loans to be re-paid. Then Najib should look at himself, UMNO/BN look at all your extravagance, corruption, scandals and wrong doings first; before simply accusing the opposition.

Like Najib, Zahid is also in blaming Anwar for the negative reports about Malaysia.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today claimed that Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the source for several negative news reports about Malaysia in the Indonesian media. He said the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor had contacts in Indonesia, including among media practitioners, thus enabling him to disseminate such news there. Read HERE

The media will always look after news and report accordingly; that is their responsibility. Of course some news are more sensational than others and it is the right of each news medium to choose which one they seem fit to publish.

Kompass of Indonesia on its own accord reported on the Russian-Mafia connection of Maira Nazerbayev, the mother of his future son-in-law. It also included a story on how extravagant Rosmah Mansor is and mentioned the RM34 million ring purportedly bought by her.

The New York Post reported the dispute between Maira and her husband pertaining to the purchase of the apartment based on its own findings. It was only later that the news was picked up in Malaysia.

The Indonesians have the right to demonstrate in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta for the abuse of Indonesian maids in Malaysia which the UMNO/BN government failed to resolve as the abuses are widely reported.

The RM7.3 billion Scorpene scandal has been going on since 2006 and still being reported all over the world and this has got nothing to do with Anwar. It is Najib’s own making and may be Zahid has some role in trying to cover up for not willing to be subpoenaed by the French court.

Come on, there are so many scandals by UMNO/BN and when there are so many, a few will surely be found out by the news seeking media. UMNO/BN will never be able to cover up all of them simply because of the huge number of scandals for the past five decades.

So Zahid, it is not Anwar that is the cause of the negative news, it is of your UMNO/BN own making, including both Sodomy I and II. Of course the treatments that UMNO/BN gave BERSIH 2.0 and 3.0 with all the tear gas, water cannons and the police brutality are like magnets to the media.

Zahid must do better than just blaming Anwar for everything; look at your own self first. In fact Anwar cannot be blame for all that has been accused on him. He has the right to tell his version of the stories whenever he was asked about them.

Muhyiddin is on a different wavelength with Najib and Zahid.

Muhyiddin however said recently that, “To me, the situation is not as that portrayed by him (Anwar), that he is highly influential in Indonesia. I do not see it that way. He does not get much space in the local media to show that what he is doing is something great,” he told Malaysian journalists. Read HERE

Anyway, this is how chaotic UMNO leaders are because they are contemplating defeat in the next GE-13. Their minds are clouded with so many confusing things. The fact is, UMNO leaders do not know what to do to win the GE-13 except cheating. They refused to rectify their mistakes and refuse to resolve their many scandals. Yet they want the rakyat to vote for them.

UMNO leaders are so afraid to lose the GE-13 because they know they have done so many bad things and if PR takes over Putrajaya, many UMNO leaders will go to jail. Some have already thinking of political asylum.


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