DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS; Najib is cut for the job

Doing all the wrong things; Najib is cut for the job

Najib and his advisors should realize that he just had over three years to improve UMNO and the nation. Then hold a snap GE-13.

The strategy should be to improve the country and make the people happy. Najib must avoid making mistakes and scandals. At the same time Najib must improve and strengthen UMNO. Therefore by now he should be popular enough and UMNO/BN can win easily. Unfortunately it is not so, such that Najib is having so many problems that he can’t even decide on the GE-13 date.

Despite the ETPs, NKRA and PTP Najib have not been able to improve the situation in the country. Despite Bank Negara earlier forecast our economic growth of between 4 to 5 percent, the Edge Malaysia on 18th June mentioned a 2 percent growth instead based on an independent think tank. To make the people happy Najib created KR1M, PR1MA and handouts were given. Despite all these schemes the majority of the people are still not happy. The people have been taught to expect more handouts and when will this end?  Najib fails to create more proper fulltime and stable jobs.

Instead of avoiding making mistakes and scandals, it seems that since Najib himself is prone to scandals such as his own useless Scorpene scandal, his wife extravagant spending spree, and his future in-laws with murky reputation, while none of the UMNO related scandals like the RM250 million NFC debacle, the never ending MAS bailout have been resolved.

Instead of being honest and reputable statesman, to improve his image, Najib spent money on media campaigns which backfired. Najib flip-flopped and lied to the people on many occasions such that people say he is a pathological liar.

Instead of agreeing with BERSIH for clean and fair elections, Najib is against BERSIH and used the police to unsuccessfully silence its demands and used the Election Commission to cheat in the coming GE-13. Najib and UMNO clearly do not want clean and fair elections.

Despite making 74 overseas trips since April 2009 specifically costing RM26 million Najib has not been able to make a name for Malaysia and himself at the international level. The moderation movement which was an international event was held in KL has now died out. In short Najib has achieved nothing in the international arena. Anyway his trips overseas are only to take advantage of the for his personal matters like attending his son’s convocation, his daughter’s engagement, his holidays, his image making and shopping spree for his mischievous wife.

So the big question is what have Najib done for the past three years? Besides wasting money on overseas trips and organizing huge wasteful events, he has done nothing substantial really; none of what he should be doing, but just manipulating things and spinning the issues around.

He has been enriching himself, his family, his cronies and UMNO people. By the way, that is the job description of UMNO president and UMNO’s SOP; cheating, manipulating, lying and enriching themselves, but not that of the prime minister of a nation.


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