THERE ARE TWO SETS OF LAWS IN MALAYSIA; One for UMNO and the other for the rest of us

Is the Deputy Inspector of Police implying that there are two sets of laws in Malaysia?

Deputy IGP

After being in power for five decades UMNO feels that Malaysia belongs to them alone and nobody else. UMNO has also lied about them being the only relevant player in the struggle for our independence or rather semi-independence. (Because it seems that the UMNO Malays have always look up to the British for inspirations). UMNO has also lied that they have been giving Malaysians the best of everything; best education, best racial harmony, best infrastructure, best democracy, best policies, best leaders and whatnot.

Whatever little good there is in Malaysia, UMNO claimed that it was because of their efforts and sacrifices and whatever bad no matter how trivial the matter is, UMNO accused others for that; UMNO has never done anything wrong. UMNO has successfully indoctrinated the Malays and even all those supporting BN to believe whatever UMNO tells them without question. So after all of the lies and indoctrinations, they claimed their rights to own Malaysia.

To ensure that Malaysia totally belongs to them and to stay in power, UMNO has made two sets of laws; one applicable to them at their whims and fancies, and the other to oppress others.

Occupy Dataran

On the night of 21st April I was at the Dataran Merdeka to follow up on all the happenings there. The main events were the concert for the Agong and the Dataran Occupiers. In the afternoon I had already visited the stalls selling all sorts of handicrafts and had even participated in the live show, I recited three “pantuns “(Malay poem) befitting the event, which I managed to pen out, but back in my mind, if only I could comment something on the wasteful aspect of the event that many things could be salvaged and re-used. Anyway that night I was more interested in getting the feel from the onlookers around the Dataran Occupiers.

PTPTN Dataran

There, I met with one intellectual voicing his views on the SMM, PTPTN and the Dataran Occupiers and I agree with his opinion. He then told me about another issue of being asked by the authorities to move his car away from the parking area that afternoon, if not he will be issued with traffic violation summon. He told me that he retorted to the police officer by asking him whether there are two sets of laws in Malaysia, one for UMNO and one for the ordinary citizen. If there is such law, then he would voluntarily obey the instructions to move his car to another location because he pointed out that there were many other vehicles parked along the same road but obviously those cars belonged to those preparing for the concert but were not issued with summons. Unable to reply to the question put forward by this particular intellectual, the police officer let him off.

That conversation continues to linger in my mind even until now. Indeed he has a point. With all the scandals, wrong doing, abuse of power, stealing our money, wastages, over pricing and rampant corruption not many and no big shot have been jailed. Even Eric Cheah was let off the hook. Tun Lim Liong Sik will have a smooth sailing throughout his court hearing and Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy will also going to be absolved of any guilty. Razak Baginda was not found guilty and the two ex-policemen who murdered Altantuya have not been hung.

No action has been taken on the officers who are involved in the death of Ahmad Sarbaini and Teoh Beng Hock. The latest UMNO people that have not been punished are those involved in the RM250 million NFC debacle. It is reported that they are still milking the NFC until today.

Even the well documented case of Nazri’s son Nedim, was covered up and closed by the police. Najib was let off for using the public money for the reception party of his daughter’s engagement. All the losing GLCs incurring huge losses like MAS and Sime Darby were bailed out and none of the top management who are obviously UMNO appointees were taken to task. Even the Boustead Ship Yard constructing the naval patrol vessel was given extra money because they are all related to UMNO.

On the other hand, those involved in helping and collaborating with UMNO will be rewarded like Tajudin Ramli, whose loan amounting to RM586 million was written off and former Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi purportedly helping UMNO to take over Perak, was awarded a lucrative RM2.2 billion contract to build the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex). Compare to the millions being given to UMNO people, in contrast the poor only deserve RM 3000 per household.

But when it comes to the students and activists trying to express their woes and asking for their rights, the law has been enforced hard on them. Even the police just watched and did nothing to ensure safety of the protestors being hurt by the group of hooligans set on them by UMNO. Anwar’s sodomy cases were allowed to continue despite both should be thrown out of court even during the preliminary hearings. Graduates who are not able to pay the burdensome PTPTN are black listed and barred from going overseas even for further studies.

Recently the peaceful BERSIH 3.0 was marred by police brutality which was equipped with tear gas and chemical water cannons and the police had a field day going berserk beating innocent people mercilessly, but the police became obedient slaves when UMNO held their 66th birthday gatherings and for that matter all UMNO gatherings.

Now the Deputy Inspector of Police has confirmed that there is nothing wrong for people to sell burger in front of Ambiga’s house even without the permit from KL City Hall. But I know firsthand the enforcement officers from KL City Hall do regularly raid and confiscate whatever they can get their hands on from the hawkers selling affordable lunch for the low salary workers who can’t afford the expensive mamak restaurants along Persiaran Hampshire at Megan Avenue.

If we look carefully at all that have been going on, definitely there are two sets of laws in Malaysia. Although it is not written, it is obviously being implemented all the time.

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