TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ – resigned from DAP

Tunku Aziz

I do not know much about Tunku Aziz, however with Tunku preceding his name he is from the royalty but from which state of the royal family, I do not know. You can find more details about him here. My first opinion on him being a DAP member was that his was different from the rest of the royals; he has his own stand and strong personal opinion but the same can’t be said about his political views. When he held a very senior post as Vice-Chairman in, DAP I wonder whether DAP was just using him to give some credence that DAP is not about the Chinese, it is about the Indians and all other races including the royalty.

When I first read his writings and gauge his opinions I had high respect for him for daring to say what he thought. Listening to his crisps English I assumed that he had been living in the UK for quite some time that he has picked up that accent and got used to it, just like Tunku Abdul Rahman the first Prime Minister. Since he was not fielded out as a candidate in any of the elections I presumed that he is just happy with whatever role he has in DAP. But the DAP elevated his role by appointing him as a Senator. He said recently his roles as a Senator is for Malaysia and not for DAP but that is fine.

When he unexpectedly voiced out his opinion against BERSIH, I wondered whether there has been some   misunderstanding between him and the DAP. Surely whatever it is, the matter must be resolved internally. Although this is what should be done, in Malaysia we have seen so many occasions when party members spoke out openly and used the media to make a point or raise their objections against their own party leaders. Mahathir had said things about Badawi openly. Pahrolrazi Zawawi had openly disagreed with Azizan. Nasharuddin Mat Isa had even gone to the extent of doing things against PAS by trying to bring UMNO and PAS together.  I see nothing peculiarly wrong in what Tunku Aziz had done.

Tunku Aziz argument is totally flawed

The gist of what Tunku Aziz said that not only BERSIH must not go against the authorities, it must also respect them. Tunku Aziz acknowledges that the present UMNO/BN is legitimate and has been put into power based on true democratic practices. Well this is no true and that is why BERSIH is rallying for the eight demands in the first place.

Anyway, the timing was also not proper. UMNO/BN has been attacking the PR by trying to destroy the credibility of every PR leader. Whatever it is all in the opposition must close rank since the election is so near, any time now until March 2013, just ten months remaining. For this matter I would also like to comment on what has been reported that PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang has again raised the Islamic State/Hudud struggle. This is also wrong timing. The opposition leaders must be wise enough! Well this is another story.

First of all I have always maintained that UMNO/BN is not a “legitimate” government because they have cheated in all elections. UMNO/BN and Mahathir can argue until the cows come home that the elections have never been rigged, I for one totally disagree. It is an open secret that UMNO has been using the government machineries during every election. This in itself by any convention is wrong.

Then what BERSIH is demanding is proper, genuine and for the betterment of Malaysia; for everybody. The mere refusal by UMNO to fulfill the demands by BERSIH proves that UMNO has bad intentions.

The fact that the court has ruled out that the “sit-in protest” could not be held in the Dataran Merdeka is a political ruling as the judges in the Malaysian courts can be bought as proven by the Lingham tapes. Note that the judiciary system in Malaysia has lost its integrity and no effort has been done to rectify the situation.

Therefore I do not agree with the simple excuse that BERSIH must comply with the authority which Tunku Aziz acknowledged as legitimate. BERSIH is not being defiant but is just trying to make things better because BERSIH did avoid the Dataran Merdeka. It was the authority who started the bloodshed as can be seen from youtube but of course the PDRM will say otherwise. It is their way of doing things to obey their masters in UMNO. For this matter, the PDRM can show whatever video clips to prove their case, the people simply won’t believe them because the PDRM have lied during BERSIH 2.0 when they fired the tear gas into the Tung Shin Hospital and coupled with the trigger happy nature of their personnel, two of their officers found guilty of killing Altantuya, some of their personnel involved in crime and vice, several people died in police custody and the many videos in youtube showing police brutality, who would give credence to the PDRM now?

The reason given by Tunku Aziz can only hold water if UMNO participates in the elections like a gentleman and the Malaysian judiciary system is back on track with dependable police personnel and respectable judges; the ones untainted and with integrity.

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One response to “TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ – resigned from DAP

  1. If the present govt cheats, how come BN lost 5 states in the last GE? Nobody is perfect and just ponder how horrible the 4 states fared under the oppositions. The laymen in those states still struggling to make end meet, whilst those in power living lavishly like a billionaire. Only fools like a kettle calling the pot black.

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