66th UMNO BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION; how many were inside the stadium?

66th UMNO birthday celebration; how many were inside the stadium?

The NST reported; 100,000 converged at the National Sports Complex, not the stadium. Let us go through the photos in the stadium at around 8.41 pm on 11th May 2012, the eve of the thirteen day celebrations. The plausible figure is only 43,000 at the most.

The facts are:

The National Stadium was constructed to seat 87,411 spectators and enough space for others with an overall capacity of 100,000 people. This means to say comfortably accommodating 100,000 people to cater for toilet facilities, movements, viewing and in case of emergency. The number of seats is exact, and the remaining should be 10,000 to 20,000, those occupying the main arena in the middle of the stadium. The seats are in three tiers and roughly seated *29,137 spectators each. Please note that none of the tiers are fully occupied.

From the photographs:

  1. There are many empty seats.(There are already many photos circulating on the internet especially in the Facebook social network that support this fact)
  2. The top tier is almost 90% EMPTY
  3. The seats at all three tiers behind the display screens and the podium where the VIPs were seated were all empty throughout the event that night.
  4. The central arena was also not packed with people and can be counted.

Let us do some maths here.

  1. I have divided the seating areas into 16 divisions and the area covered by the crescent shaped dotted line has 6 divisions. These empty seats represent 6 of 16 divisions or equivalent to 37.50% empty seats.
  2. Not every seat in the areas in tier 1 and tier 2 opposite the VIP podium were filled. The table below shows:

*Available Seats             [A]

% of Empty Seats (behind the VIP and screen) No of empty seats


No of spectators


Tier 1 29,137 6/16 = 37.5%    10,926 18,211
Tier 2 29,137 6/16 = 37.5%    10,926 18,211
Tier 3 29,137  90% Empty    26,223   2,914
Sub-total 87,411      48,075 39,336
Arena 20,000 (space) N/A     N/A   2,790**



3. Based on the above table the number of people in the arena is 2,790 and the number seated is 39,33

4. Therefore the total number in the stadium is 42, 126








**The number of people based on this photo occupying the arena is the sum of the numbers at the bottom of the grid i.e  2,028. But to be fair because the photo does not include the whole arena I shall put into account one more column on the left hand side and allow 254 people there based on the average per column. I shall also add another two columns on the right hand side and add 2 X 254, giving another 508 people. So the TOTAL in the arena is therefore 2,028 + 254 + 508 = 2,790.


4 responses to “66th UMNO BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION; how many were inside the stadium?

  1. Aloo brother… cuba keep track ikut time la… tu gambar masa acara baru nak mula la… jgn la bikin malu…

    • kucingkurapan

      Saya berada di sana dari awal hingga akhir..gambar yang di ambil ialah pada pukul 8.41, Najib baru sampai dan dia terus diarak dengan Rosmah mengelilingi arena,Muhyidin diarak sama.. program kemudian bermula pukul 9.00 malam. Semasa Najib berucap pun orang ramai, mak cik dan pakcik dah mula beransur keluar, saya tanya kenapa..mereka nak cepat balik, takut perpusu-pusu ketika keluar nanti bila Najib habis berucap.Saya tanya pak cik sebelah, apa yang Najib cakap? Dia tak tahu. Saya keluar tanya orang ramai adakah mereka dapat duit pocket? Mereka kata ada dapat RM10, RM20, RM30 and juga RM50. Belakang pentas VIP memang pun kosong dari awal hungga akhir! UMNO penipu.Tapi di acara sambutan 66 tahun ini, UMNO MENIPU DIRI SENDIRI.

  2. tepat dan mncapai target…!! matematika mantop!!

  3. wahahaha, umno think that we are stupid

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