MAHATHIR IS WRONG; UMNO has always cheated in elections

Mahathir is wrong; UMNO has always cheated in elections.

Tun Dr. Mahathir once again wrote on his blog here, that the elections in Malaysia have not been fixed or manipulated.

Mahathir’s main reasons are, since the opposition had won substantial number of seats both at the state and federal levels and several states had also been won by the oppositions like Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Sabah and Selangor the elections in Malaysia have not been fixed or manipulated. Mahathir highlighted that “And no matter how the Government party tried, it just could not wrest Kelantan from the opposition”.

Well Perak was wrested back through legal manipulations by UMNO. Sabah withdrew from BN under Joseph Pairin Kitingan. The people of Kelantan are simply fed up with UMNO for not developing it when BN/PAS was in power under Mohamad Asri Muda (1964-1974) and BN/UMNO under Mohamed Yaacob (1978-1991). Other loses were due to UMNO’s own sabotage.

Anyway, the reply to this kind of argument can be simplified by stating the fact that had not the elections been rigged by UMNO, the oppositions could have formed the federal government. But this is too simplistic and Mahathir can argue back by saying that this is a wild accusation and may ask for proof.

Let us go back to what Mahathir has said

First of all no matter what Mahathir’s expectation of the Malays and UMNO, he himself has expressed his disappointments towards these two groups. He is frustrated with the Malays because whatever that he and UMNO had supposedly done to uplift the standard of the Malays have not worked and the Malays are still at the same hapless situation. Mahathir has lamented that UMNO has now become a Malay party without leaders of brains, caliber and integrity.

In other words, Mahathir is saying that both the Malays and UMNO are simply hopeless because the Malays are still at the same pathetic situation despite all that UMNO has done for 56 years as the savior of the race, religion and country; UMNO has miserably failed the Malays.

Mahathir has pointed out on several occasions that the Malays should not vote for those leaders who are corrupt and bad in UMNO. Mahathir even pointed out to Najib not to put the corrupt Isa Samad as candidate for the Bagan Pinang state by-election but Isa eventually won. The Malays have failed UMNO for upholding corrupt people in the party. UMNO has not been able to benefit the Malays and the Malays have spoilt UMNO.

Since UMNO has failed the Malays, how so can UMNO benefit the rest of the people and the country?

Indeed due to it corrupt practices, abuse of power, mismanagement of the country’s wealth for the past five decades, and the National Debt at RM 560 billion and growing, Malaysia is now at the brink of bankruptcy. The economy is stagnant; it is simply bad. Yes, Mahathir can blame the whole world for this but, did he save enough for the rainy days? No, he bled our country dry!

 UMNO has not even been able to make things from so clearly wrong to right. The RM250 million NFC involving Shahrizat’s family and the writing-off RM589 million what Tajuddin Ramli owed to Khazanah Nasional are two indisputable examples, let alone the RM7 billion useless Scorpene submarine scandal leading to the death of Altantuya Shaaribu and the RM12 billion PKFZ scandal!

Even the monarchy was not spared, UMNO amended the constitution relegating the sultans to ordinary citizens, whom UMNO can call “natang” or “binatang”, meaning animal in Malay.

Now with the above track record, how on earth will the people want UMNO to stay in power much longer?  UMNO has not much time. It has no more money under UMNO, only in their top echelons’ pockets. Their leaders are mostly corrupt as Shahrizat pointed out “Who in UMNO has no problem?” UMNO is fighting a losing battle to convince the people through its media in this IT age. The young Malaysians are not on their side. Najib has not been able to improve the situation.

But one thing is certain; UMNO will never admit its mistakes. It will cover up, whitewash, divert the people’s attention, blame the opposition, slander the opposition leaders, twist the issue, and carry out propaganda. They rather lie than going to jail by admitting their wrong doings.

 Najib has gone one step further by paying FBC to make up his image and lately using the National Fatwa Council to issue the ‘haram” (not permissible) “fatwa” (edict) pertaining to the BERSIH 3.0 rally who demands fair and free elections, but of course the FBC scandal has backfired and many Muslims ridiculed the “fatwa”.

What are the other options that UMNO can take to win the elections?

It does not need a rocket science to come to a simple conclusion on what options UMNO has. UMNO has no other option but to cheat. UMNO has entrusted the Election Commission (EC) to do the dirty job on its behalf. The EC in cohort with the National Registry Department (NRD) have enrolled the immigrants with automatic citizenship, as voters. There are many reports pertaining to this. We were even shocked when even the top EC men are purportedly members of UMNO.

The postal votes will be used to UMNO’s advantage. There are about 240,000 officials managing the polls and they are postal voters. The uniform forces also will vote by post. The combination of these two groups of voters will be used by UMNO/EC to ensure UMNO/BN top leaders will win.

Since Malaysia does not have the “Caretaker Convention”, the caretaker government which is UMNO/BN will use all the government machineries, civil servants and uniformed forces to work for UMNO/BN during the election campaign. This is the norm and it is wrong.

As usual UMNO is now on a spending spree to buy votes as Najib has given out so much money, the RM200 for students, RM500 for every household earning less than RM3,000 and has indicated that another RM1,000 will be handed out in the near future. The Indian and Sikh communities have selectively been allocated huge funds. Najib has gone to all extent even abolishing some tolls along the highway and subsidizing the goods sold in the KR1M by enriching Mydin.

Of course it is fixing and manipulating

If UMNO is so good, why does it have to do all these cheating and vote buying? And Mahathir, are these not considered as acts of fixing and manipulating the election processes?


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