BERSIH 3.0 – Police brutality and stupidity

Police brutality during BERSIH 3.0

The police force has never had a good relationship with many of its fellow Malaysians. They themselves have been untrustworthy despite the image making through their public-relation efforts and the ever changing slogans as a façade for their poor performance.

Besides its bad image of having dealings with Ah Longs, the underworld, collecting petty bribes from road users, providing services in criminal cases for a price, oblivious to the illegal activities like vice and illegal gambling close by to their stations, unhelpful when asked for help, trigger happy killing several innocent citizens, having people dying in their custody and their own personnel involved in vice and crime, the events that unfold during the BERSIH 3.0 rally proved that the police is nothing but a whole load of gangsters and hooligans. The police force can’t be entrusted to protect the citizens. They are the perpetrators of violence and police brutality knows no bounds.

PDRM was not upholding law and order

The police must understand that the people have been oppressed by the UMNO/BN government for five decades and all avenues have practically been closed for BERSIH demands, thus BERSIH 3.0 was organised to Sit and Protest. The police have all the authority and mandate to deal with those oppressed people and remember, peaceful rally on the streets is a show of desperation and never a show of violence. In every case where violence erupted in any gathering has always been provoked by the police themselves. The police have professional provocateurs. Click here and here for report and press conference on these provocateurs. Some of their faces have been circulating online without any action by the police to apprehend them and any action taken will be on some others and never on these professional provocateurs.

More proves here and here.The police even pointed a pistol at the innocent people; read here.

We have seen unnecessary bloodshed during the BERSIH 3.0 and the police have put the entire blame on BERSIH and its supporters. But the people are not blind and many have photos and videos. The police efforts to tell their version of the events during BERSIH 2.0 were much to be desired; they don’t have the facts to prove that they are right and it backfired. Similarly for the BERSIH 3.0, the police are in the wrong. The police have not been professional in their actions. They did not follow the rules of engagement but merely obeyed the instruction to the letter by their political masters.

For example, how can the police explained the need to beat an old man and two youths in the Masjid Jamek LRT station? The police went berserk and as if possessed by some dark force in their hearts when they beat them 6 to one mercilessly in front of everyone in the station! Why must there be a beating? Why can’t the police apprehend them? Two police personnel would be enough and there was no need for another four policemen beating the youths and the old man without mercy! What if the youths were their own brothers or sons? What if the old man was their father? Look here for example. There are many other incidents of police brutality and there is no need for the police to deny and point fingers.

A one person report on police brutalityhere. Come on, Malaysia is not a police state.

PDRM upholding the corrupt UMNO/BN regime

The police involved must understand that the people are also struggling for them too. They are asking for a better government and better future for Malaysians for our next generation, for the police too. Why must the police be the frontline  tools  used by the corrupt politicians and their corrupt bosses in the police force? The police sacrificed their energy, blood, sweat, time, safety and their lives for what and or whom? They should be the protector of the citizens and upholding the law and order, but the events that occurred during the BERSIH 3.0 proves that they foolishly sacrificed everything just to uphold a corrupt regime.

The police did not uphold law and order in the BERSIH 3.0 event, the police upheld the corrupt UMNO regime. Still the police personnel involved in brutality are simply stupid because they sacrificed their safety for nothing, yet their bosses and UMNO leaders continue enjoying their daily lives while the poor policemen struggles to make ends meet. When they do not have enough money to feed their family, these policemen will even accept RM10 bribe.

A police personnel purportedly died and Najib is happily spending time and money like there is no tomorrow. Many people were unnecessarily injured. The police top brass can only say a few words of condolence and showing off the insurance money, but that can’t bring back the dead officer alive. Still it was later confirmed that the police who died, due to a heart problem while on duty in the event and not due to demonstrators.

So to all the police personnel, don’t sacrifice yourselves for the corrupt UMNO/BN regime, it is not worth it. The people only wish that the police is impartial and act professionally. The people wish that they can depend on the police for their safety. The people wish that they can respect if not love the PDRM. But unfortunately due to the PDRM’s own faults, it is difficult for the people to have any kind words for them.

Click here for prove that the IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar did not deny and indeed police brutality did occur and has to be investigated.

The UMNO/BN government however has warned the news editors to ensure that any news being published must support the police and the corrupt government. Click here.

Therefore it is only proper that the police brutality must be reported and exposed.    Click here for special video.


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