WHEN NAJIB SAYS, “One student may have taken down my flag…. “

When Najib says, “One student may have taken down my flag…. “


When Najib says, “One student may have taken down my flag, but thousands more are willing to raise it..”, he sounds like a general inspiring his troops for war, but the reality is, he is being foolish. Most probably he does not know the facts of that event either because he is so pre-occupied with his image making and just had instructed his officials to ensure that Adam Adli was punished somehow.

The fact is that the flag lowering gesture is something symbolic and one symbol can express many things; for example the Jalur Gemilang represents an entire nation of Malaysia.

Let us look back on that day 17th December 2011 where a group of student activists who called themselves the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) gathered at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) where UMNO headquarters is located after handing over the same memorandum to the Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah and SMM clarified that it was not Adam Adli alone who lowered and swapped the flag but the whole four hundred of them. And SMM represents thousands of other undergraduate who are not happy with the UMNO/BN government and they have a point to be made whereby even Saifuddin was supportive of their views.

Najib imposing burden on the graduates with PTPTN

Najib should look into the burdens faced by students because after graduating they will have to pay their PTPTN loans which Najib still insists on imposing on them. If what Najib said is true that thousands of students are supporting him, then these thousands are just stupid idiots. Any clever student will ask for free education instead of the PTPTN, because it is the responsibility of the government to provide free if not affordable education. UMNO/BN has been wasting the nation’s money and siphoning the funds until Malaysia is going bankrupt with our National Debts at RM450 billion.

That is why Najib cannot provide free education but he can use the rakyat’s money to pay for the engagement ceremony of his daughter, a banquet event order from Shangri La Hotel, which catered for the Seri Perdana event, when the Prime Minister’s Office was billed RM409, 767 for the reception.

This is not a small matter. Najib used taxpayers’ money for the personal luxuries and the students have to in debt. So, are there still thousands willing to support Najib? Then they are definitely stupid fools.

The student group Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) will hold a rally on April 14 to demand the immediate abolition of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans, a scheme that is a burden to university undergraduates. Every clever student must support this rally.

Najib has no grasps of things

Najib must have a very thick skin or even dumb not to take heed of many other symbolic gestures. The most obvious one was when he paid a courtesy visit to the Queen of England just after the BERSIH 2.0 incident whereby Her Majesty put on yellow attire and even had yellow flowers in the vase on the side table in support of the aspirations of BERSIH.

Najib was not being a war general in the event, he was being inappropriate in his “One student…” statement; is Najib challenging for more then? Is Najib asking for the real force that dissatisfied undergraduates can do? Najib must have a low respect on the intelligence of the undergraduates. May be he is confident that now the “Professor Kangkongs” that our universities have produced really have the desired impact to make out students less intelligent!

Najib should be taught about history from the events in 1975 in Thailand, whereby the university students in Bangkok held several weeks of street demonstrations whereby the military junta at that time was toppled leading to an end of its role in politics and the eventual re-birth of democratic governments in Thailand until now. Thailand is just across the north border, we need not have to look to the Middle East even!

Najib’s “One student…” statement shows his low status as a leader. It is even somewhat childish. Adam Adli is not his enemy and not even a threat to Malaysia that Najib should be boasting about. Adam Adli is not at the same level as a Prime Minister. Adam Adli is more like a son to Najib and making Adam Adli as an example for his election campaign at the event in UiTM in Shah Alam, Najib is being so low. It shows that Najib lacks the faculty, aspirations and vision of a leader.

On the contrary it implies that Adam Adli has made the desired impact that has eventually haunted Najib, and Najib has not even realized that he has acceded to the student’s demand by agreeing to amend the UUCA!

More empty promises on employment

At the same event in Shah Alam Najib made a pledge to create at least 3.3 million jobs by 2020. This is a farce. UMNO/BN leaders have on countless occasions announced that thousands of jobs will be created whenever a mega project is implemented. Where are the thousands of jobs previously promised by UMNO/BN? Furthermore the jobless especially the un-employed graduates want the jobs now, not in 2020 and for what? Because if UMNO/BN continues to rule, Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019! Najib can even promise the sun and the moon in 2020 and it has no meaning at all. Is Najib really serious that the 10,000 or so undergraduates who attended the even really believe him?

Then Najib had the cheek to urge them not to be swayed by the “sweet promises” of the opposition! Come on, who is the one who has been giving the “sweet promises” for the past five decades (56 years)?

We all know that Najib/UMNO/BN has only made “huge empty sweet promises”. Yes Najib/UMNO/BN did create thousands of employment but all for foreigners. And they are coming in by the bus loads to depriving our youth of some decent paid job when they can live with RM800 a month, living in cramp rooms with 20 people fitting in the master bedroom, eating instant noodles, porridges and plain nan or chapatti with watery and tasteless dhal curry. Some can even sleep in store rooms, under the stairs and bridges. Does Najib expect our graduates to have this kind of life? What about his wishes for “high income” nation? What about Vision 2020?

 But Najib has promised 3.3 million jobs and how can that be created. Of course UMNO/BN can create them, it is so easy; there will vacancies for maids because now the plan is to employ one maid for one duty, then the security guards will be needed for extra security, garbage collectors will be in demand too, and RM500 a month shop assistants and sales promoters will be needed, and the rubber and palm oil plantations need them as underpaid labourers too and the most important will be the construction industry to continue building shoddy houses to be sold between RM150,000 to RM400,000 which Najib said will surely be affordable by those earning below RM3000 per month.

Does Najib really think our graduates and undergraduate are as dumb as him?


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