LYNAS PLEDGES TO SEND RARE EARTH WASTE ABROAD – Lynas, oh Lynas, can anyone believe it?

Lynas pledges to send rare earth waste abroad – Lynas, oh Lynas, can anyone believe it?

How arrogant can the people in Lynas be in making the above pledge? It reflects how they view us Malaysians; as idiots. Yes, Lynas people think that Malaysians are backwards as we can even accept “rubbish” as gifts!  So they send the radioactive rare earth to Malaysia. They think we are still living under colonial rule! UMNO too treats us like idiots. Unless both the people in Lynas and UMNO believe their own propaganda!

Which country on this earth in the right mind would accept the radioactive waste? Come on, it is waste and radioactive too! Unlike the waste from animals like the cow dung which can be used to produce methane gas for lighting and cooking, what can be done with the rare earth waste? Can Lynas give just one or two uses of such waste? Many would buy waste from animals like the bat droppings that can be used as fertilizer. But radioactive waste, aha surely not.

Well, has anybody been able to get a doctorate on the use of rare earth waste? May be Lynas could sponsor a few of its proponents to gain a Phd in that subject and if Lynas starts sponsoring now, it could then employ them just in time in four years  when by then Lynas will manage to produce enough waste to be made useful.

 The US has successfully used depleted radioactive material in the production of weapons like using it in making the tip of the missiles. But depleted uranium is not really a waste since it is physically a solid and hard metal, whereas the waste produced by Lynas is rejected by-product. But maybe UMNO has a genius to convert the waste into gold. Yes if so, please by all means bring in all the rare earth and all its waste to Malaysia.

Even if Lynas is able to bribe a particular leader of another country and managed to “safely” store the waste there, then after several decades there will be a regime change and the new regime will find out what has been going on sooner or later, like what PR has found out what UMNO was up to for the past 5 decades! That country will dig into the bottom of the scandal and surely they will go to the International Court of Justice to seek judgments. In the end Malaysia will be sued and be found guilty and has to compensate people in that country, Mahathir, Najib, Adnan Yaakop, Mustapha and the people of Lynas will be dead by then, so ultimately the people of Malaysia have to bear the costs and other consequences.

That will be our future generation, not only they have been stolen of their future by the RM450 billion national debt, Malaysia would have been bankrupt by then and the compensation that our children and grandchildren will to pay out will make Malaysia entirely a different country as we know it. They will have to be like the illegal immigrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam now in Malaysia. They will have to be illegal immigrants in these countries by then.

Maybe that is why UMNO is so accommodating to the illegal immigrants now; UMNO is preparing for future Malaysians being immigrants and hoping that they will get the same treatment there.

Now, Lynas could in the end even produce Malaysian dolls!


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