UMNO ENRICHING THEMSELVES; planning to impose GST on the people

UMNO enriching themselves; planning to impose GST on the people

UMNO/BN has been campaigning for the eradication of poverty since independence, yet there are still many poor amongst us today. Nobody wants to be poor and face any hardship in their lives. Poverty is a man-made situation. Fortunately there is remedy for it and it is also man-made. This is what UMNO has been using as leverage for their self-interest; they also know that there is a lot to be gained from poverty.

Make sure there is always a substantial number of people who are poor or in some sort of hardship, then use their predicament to stay in power and make money. UMNO ‘s motto is “The more you have, the more you can have”.

After reaping all the natural wealth of our country, UMNO used all the country’s funds and borrow from others. But when the others refused to give UMNO more loans, UMNO targets our most sacred fund, the EPF. UMNO used all these money to create projects and marked up prices to be diverted out for those involved in the money-making schemes. These funds are also used to bail out their cronies.

Knowing that the existing funds will disappear soon, UMNO has no choice but to start on another scheme; the GST. The GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a broad sales tax on most goods and services transactions in the whole country. It is a value added tax, that means the overall price of the goods and services will be increased and the sales tax will then be imposed on the overall price of the goods and service. The GST is not a sales tax.

Minister in the PM’s Office Idris Jala had insisted that GST would help spread the tax burden more evenly among Malaysians. Yes, UMNO/BN is giving the people more burden indeed. Instead of finding other ways to save money for the country and relieve the burden faced by the people, UMNO is taking the easy way out; tax the people, just like the medieval landlords did!

Development propaganda

 UMNO’s propaganda for the development of Malaysia started since Tunku Abdul Rahman but not is a grandiose scale, it was Mahathir who has sounded the trumpet for development for 22 years and yet the people today still harp for meager handouts form Najib.

What is the main purpose of development? Of course it is not to impoverish the lives of the people, but it is to eradicate poverty, improve and raise their standard of living and their quality of lives. In Malaysia the UMNO version of development means making the rich, richer and ensuring they stay rich no matter what, even making the country bankrupt. Our national debt is now at RM450 billion and growing.

UMNO/BN has been promising the creation of jobs and opportunity the moment it announced any development. The people are given hope that each project will benefit them and improve their lives. But the thousands of employment created are meant for the foreigners and a few locals will get some temporary jobs and once the projects are completed, only the qualified few will be employed.

Privatisation to benefit the rich

The era of the Privatisation of Everything has made the Malaysian economy one of the fastest growing in the world during Mahathir’s time. However the targets of the New Economic Policy and the era of privatization aimed for development and to improve the lives of every citizen have been transformed into money –making schemes by UMNO. Poverty and the poor are just the excuse to implement the schemes to make the rich richer and the poor remained poor.

The poor are not left out; they are placated

But just for show and gaining support the poor have not entirely been left out. The apparent help given by the UMNO/BN government to the poor and needy is also to benefit the rich and just to placate the poor. The halving of toll charges for Cheras-Kajang Highway comes with a hefty price tag – RM120.55 million in government compensation and a 15-year extension to the concession agreement. The highway operators are getting assured and easy money.

They were given RM 500 per household but Tajudin Ramli was given RM589 million. Najib set up the KR1M seemingly to help the poor, but he is just subsidizing the goods an ensuring that Mydin will make profit from the RM1 billion allocations. Even the RM200 book vouchers given to the students could be used only at selected bookshops; bookshop chains are owned by BN cronies.

We all know that the electricity bill has been increased and yet TNB is still asking for approval by the government to increase further to cover their huge expenses, but UMNO has not resolved the issue on hand instead UMNO forced Petronas to further subsidise the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), who are either owned by UMNO leaders or their cronies, leaving the people out to bear the bills.

What UMNO persistently refused to do

UMNO will not curb corruption and rectify its mistakes and wrong doings. The recent example of the RM250 million NFC debacle shows that UMNO is not serious in resolving the problems. In fact Shahrizat is still being uphold onto a pedestal.

UMNO still reward projects trough negotiated tenders. UMNO still refused to take action on those who have mismanaged the GLCs. UMNO refused to go on an austerity drive but insists on embarking on mega projects.

To maintain their extravagant and luxurious way of lives, and continue holding on to power, UMNO will make sure that the people will stay poor and carry on their money –making schemes.

Don’t be fooled forever

The fate of the poor in Malaysia has gone from bad to worst. Previously we are all aware of the poor in the villages and the estates, however since the eradication of poverty by UMNO/BN for five decades, they also managed to create the urban poor group and their number is growing. Not only that the number of middle income group will eventually decrease but still the wealth of the top rich people has never dropped. UMNO/BN will again use the urban poor to gain votes. Thus the more poor people, the more votes UMNO/BN can get.

The people must wake up now before it is too late. Please open your minds and eyes that UMNO/BN is not going to improve your lives; they never have the intention to do it at all. UMNO/BN wants you to stay poor and always in need of their help. UMNO/BN will give token hand outs and make sure you vote for them. Helping and concern for the poor is just a pretext for UMNO/BN to enrich themselves.


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