NAJIB HAS NO INTEGRITY – He has top crooks as advisors

Najib has no integrity; he has crooks as advisors

Intellectuals are persons who have the capacity to think and acquire knowledge, especially of a high and complex order. Based on the five decades of UMNO ruling Malaysia and the many events that has happened lately which has culminated into a mockery of our intelligence, Najib in particular has no integrity and his advisors are not intellectuals.

Najib has made several silly but necessary reversals in his decision for example the repeal of ISA but replaced by the stricter Assembly Bill. Then he sent MACC to investigate the NFC debacle and after announcing that there was nothing wrong, the MACC was instructed to make a U-turn and found out that indeed there are wrong doings. Then Najib scrapped the new pay scheme for civil servants after implementing it in January this year. Now, the MAS-AirAsia share swap has to be undone. Najib can never get it right; he is simply hopeless.

However when Najib appoints Isa Samad as the chairman of FELDA and punished the two top Koperasi Felda staff, this proves that Najib is a crook and without integrity. Najib is surrounded by crooked advisors and close associate who are non- intellectuals.

Najib setting a bad precedent.

First of all, Isa Samad should not be given any position after he was found guilty of corruption. Corruption is corruption no matter how it was committed. Isa Samad has been tainted but why can’t Najib appoint someone fresh and will real background experience to head FELDA? There are 1.4 million civil servants to select from and if none of them is suitable enough compared to Isa Samad, then the 1.4 million civil servants are useless and more corrupt than Isa Samad. This is what Najib is implying from his action anyway.

The appointment of Isa Samad is against the rule, Isa’s status as KPF chairman violated Section 43 of cooperative rules and regulation which state that only Felda settlers, their families and Felda permanent employees could become KPF’s members.

That is why both Felda director general Dzulkifli Abdul Wahab, and  Abidin Abdul Rahman secretary of Koperasi Permodalan Felda, objected to Isa’s appointment as KPF chairman because the former corrupt Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar was not a member of the cooperative. This is the rule that was written to ensure proper running of the cooperative.

Instead of re-considering the appointment of Isa Samad, Najib punished both Dzulkifli by asking him to take a long leave and demoted Abidin. How can the civil servants fully perform when they are punished for doing the right thing? What is the intellectual rationale behind this move? Is this just because they disobeyed Najib? But what Najib has done is wrong on two counts; the first is appointing Isa against the rule and then punishing two civil servants for doing the right thing!

For any system and country to run properly, there must be rules and regulations. Those who transgress must be punished. So by appointing Isa Samad knowing that it is wrong and no action has been taken to rectify the mistake, is Najib setting a precedent that there is no need to obey rules?

Then why even bother to have the MACC, the PDRM and the courts? Why bother to charge Shahrizat’s husband either?  Does Najib know the word integrity? Does Najib know that Badawi was so concerned on integrity that he even created the Institut Integriti? If Najib is so ignorant and if he has never come across the word “integrity” in his life, then Najib and his advisors can go to this link to find out

A bunch of crooks

By appointing Isa Samad, Najib will ensure that Isa will be obedient and will do anything Najib asks him to do. Team Najib-Isa will have no qualms doing anything against the rules and regulations either. Surely when the FELDA listing goes through many will make money from the shares and from whatever projects that FGVH will embark on later.

Why would Najib and Isa be so stubborn and refused to budge, if not because of money? They want to make money at the expense of the Felda settlers. Of course those who support Isa and Najib will get their rewards and therefore it is not surprising that some factions within the Felda settlers also voiced their supports for the listing.

But we all know the kind of person Najib is; he is more concern on his vanity, he loves to use other people’s money to spend and he is a pathological liar. Now he has turned into a crook. With these traits in him, there is no wonder that he is surrounded by people who are non-intellectuals as advisors; they are top crooks.


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