THE UMNO MALAYS CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK – the milk they spilled themselves

The UMNO Malays crying over spilled milk, the milk they spilled themselves.

More Malay voices have lamented on the present predicament of the Malays as still being far behind in almost everything including in the upholding their religion, Islam. These voices are actually echoes from the past 56 years that cans still and will be heard again and again as long as UMNO is in power. Why? It is simply because it is UMNO who has spilled the milk and spoilt everything, not only for the Malays but for everyone else in Malaysia.

Nature, history and facts have proven that many things will improve through time. Wounds would heal, scars would diminish, seedlings will become huge trees, technologies will be more sophisticated, medical advancement has improve tremendously, poor nations has develop and societies would be more tolerant. Countries like South Africa has changed from apartheid to a democracy, countries ruled by dictators Italy under Mussolini and Iraq under Saddam Hussien have become democracies. Even the US has elected a Barrack Obama who is black as president while the US has a majority white population.

But it is no so in Malaysia under UMNO. Malaysia being mismanaged five decades by UMNO has either improved a bit, changed a little but above all has turned the country backward is several aspects.

Let us look at the basic social harmony that we had in the 60s to early 70s and compare it with today. In the kampongs those days the Chinese and Indian were able to just squat on the Malay lands and as long as they behave and respect the Malay culture and taboos, they can live together on the same plot of land until the next generation.

The Malays who are Muslims have never tried to convert any of the Chinese and Indians to Islam in those days. The children were able to mingle around in the kampongs like siblings and in more remote areas, the Chinese kids spoke local Malay dialects too. I had a Chinese friend from Kelantan who can’t even speak any of the Chinese dialects and not even the standard Malay language but he was fluent in the Kelantanese dialect. It is the same with those from Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and from the northern region like Perak, Penang and Kedah.

We had no racial prejudice in the kampongs then. In fact my elder brother can even speak Chinese because he was so naughty and whenever he got a canning from our father, he would seek refuge in one of the Chinese families in our kampong and stayed with them for days. My father was not worried either because he knew that my brother was in good hands as mixing with that Chinese family made my brother study or at least read his books. A younger brother of mine went camping together with his school friends who were Chinese and Indian, and at times during some argument they would quarrel, scold each other and even shouted all the abusive and racists words yet they were still friendly and never took the words to their hearts, they knew that none of them were perfect and they had their shortcomings and weaknesses, no one race was better than the other.

 But not now, as our country under BN have become racists with UMNO and PERKASA leading the way. It also has another twist to the disharmony because now UMNO and PERKASA are pointing fingers to others and cannot accept that it has got nothing to do with the various races in Malaysia, or even the oppositions. It is all the faults of UMNO of five decades.

After Hassan Ali the sacked ex-PAS Selangor Chief have barked at the wrong tree in his presidential address on the officiating of his Muslim NGO Jati in Shah Alam recently, several other prominent Malays voiced out their frustrations too, pertaining to the dilemma of the Malays today. Tan Sri Harussani also said about protecting the Malay land and race, then Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim of the Johore Corp fame, who is now the Vice-president of the Muslim Chamber of Commerce wrote in Utusan Malaysia on the Malay equity in the country’s economy and the need to create more Malay billionaires.

But this is an old story, an echo from the past. There have been many Malay conventions held before with several memoranda and other Malay pressure groups like ABIM and personality like Prof. Ungku Aziz, who have all said and urged the same thing to UMNO, but UMNO being useless, corrupt and self-centred has failed on every occasion to fulfill its promises and failed the Malays and everyone else in our country.

UMNO told us that the Malay equity can be increased by the New Economic Policy (NEP), but this only enriched a few people like Daim, Halim Saad and Tajuddin Ramli. Even Tajudin now has to fork out RM500 million to pay back as an out of court settlement recently. Other than that, the Malays have Taib Mahmud who is on his own, using his own “brain” to reap all the money and wealth in Sarawak, which is a shameful way of making money. Then the Malays have Mahathir who has only enriched himself and his sons, all now living in huge bungalows costing millions of Ringgit. Then the Sapura Group of the late Tan Sri Shamsuddin, the NAZA family, DRB-Hicom previously held by the late Tan Sri Yahya but his family still has a special interest, then of course Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar and recently the infamous Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s family with RM250 million to spend at will.

But the truth is that the Renong Group led by Halim Saad is no more in business and Halim himself is just trying to survive. Daim is billionaire but just keep it to himself and has nothing for the rest of the Malays, except for may be a few young Malay girls. Tajuddin Ramli is getting poorer. The NAZA family is still struggling with the UMNO/BN help and when BN loses in the coming GE-13, the whole family will shake. It is the same with the DRB-Hicom having no money to pay for the Proton deal and now begging Maybank for money and hopefully Syed Mokhtar can manage to make enough money to bail out his other companies now losing hundreds of millions. As for Shahrizat hopefully her family can pay back the RM250 million complete with interest. The recent award of the RM2.2 billion KIDEX project is another clear example of UMNO helping the Malays who have no business knowledge, when the company directors are lawyers who have never even sold nasi lemak before.

So all the rich Malays still depend on UMNO, but in the first place, UMNO made the mistake again and again by helping its cronies and those who knew nothing about running a business. If they were all business minded, the Malays could have at least five Malay billionaires in the richest Malaysian list by now and why not since all of them have special help from the government.

The next idea is to have more Malay equities through the GLCs. But this too has failed miserably. The major shareholders are still the same UMNO cronies and UMNO top leaders. Those in the GLCs are more interested in making-money for themselves and siphon whatever they can for their own pockets. MAS is the classic example of UMNO meddling in the business and have to be bailed out almost every damned year! TNB which is supposed to make money as it monopolies in selling power is also in bad financial shape as it is being milked by the IPPs all controlled by UMNO cronies. So the idea of increasing the Malay equity via the GLCs is a farce. Whatever ideas, concepts or schemes that UMNO has installed for the Malays are all to fatten their own coffers.

So the Malays will always be taken for a ride by UMNO but unfortunately the rest of the people are also affected. When UMNO entrusted people who do not know how to run businesses, these companies need bail outs. UMNO has no choice but to fork out from all the government funds meant for the people. So we all know now that Petronas has no more money after Mahathir milked it dry. FELDA too has dried up and needs EPF for money.  So UMNO has to borrow so much to ensure these mismanaged companies and this mismanaged country are still running, now our national debt has ballooned to RM450 billion about twice the amount of the 2012 budget of RM232.8 billion.

So to all the Malays still echoing and lamenting about the present state of the Malays now could you please shut up, go and tell your UMNO leaders to buck up or close shop. The new voice now should be the voices of all Malaysians where we are going to inherit a bankrupt country unless UMNO/BN is kicked out soon. The UMNO NEP has spilled the milk; there is no point in crying over it now. Change to PR.


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