UMNO leaders continue to admit that they are corrupt but no action will be taken.

Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir the former Tourism Minister under Mahathir’s cabinet told a press conference recently in  February , “the people who are in power since independence are Bumiputera leaders,” referring to Umno’s position as the largest party in Barisan Nasional (BN) and its hold on the prime ministership for the past 56 years. He called the press conference to repeat his stand that BN should “stop the ugly and primitive practice of bribing the rakyat… whether directly or indirectly, in order to win elections.”

Another UMNO minister said, “Which UMNO leader does not have problem” .That was what Shahrizat asked back in retort to the RM250 million NFC debacle/cow-condo scandal.

Then recently as reported by BERNAMA the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself told a gathering in Kedah that he would like to apologise for BN’s mistakes in 2008 which resulted in the coalition losing its two-thirds. He further said that BN will work hard to amend its mistakes.

Daim Zainuddin summed up everything what UMNO really is.

When Tun Daim Zainuddin was asked on how does he see the new generation within UMNO, whether they are as spirited as their predecessors, Daim replied, “Actually, they no longer want to see a government that is corrupt and racially divided. They want to see issues being resolved the Malaysian way and not the racial way. The economy is very important to them. They want to see the country heading in the right direction under the leadership of someone they trust. They do not believe in empty promises and expect the government to fulfill their promises. Do not lose their support if you want their votes.”

If Najib is sincere, Najib must walk the talk starting with the NFC debacle

In view of the statement by Shahrizat , “Which UMNO leader does not have problem” , the government being responsible should have instructed the MACC to interrogate Shahrizat about the corruption scandals affecting all UMNO leaders but instead, Najib arranged for Datuk Shamsubahrin to be the scapegoat and those involved in the blatant abuse of the loan still continue spending the money and rewarding themselves continuously like there is no tomorrow and not a single sen has been paid back.

Earlier Najib has pledged to give more freedom to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in the appointment of its officers if BN wins two-thirds control of parliament in the next GE-13 . Najib hereby was admitting that the present appointment or even the entire set up of the MACC is not independent as UMNO is corruptly having a hand in it.

Najib told a gathering in Kedah that he would like to apologise for BN’s mistakes in 2008, but we all know that the NFC project was implemented in 2008 and nothing has been done to show that Najib is amending the mistake. Najib has been proven to lie so many times such that he has been labeled as a pathological liar. Of course he is not sincere and the Shahrizat NFCorp RM250 debacle is the most glaring example. And this is just one item reported in the 2010 Auditor General report while many other mismanagement and wrong doing by the UMNO/BN government in 2010 have not been rectified.

If Najib is really sincere, he would not have awarded the KIDEX highway and another, the 60-year RM7.1 billion West Coast Expressway project much earlier and as a prelude to this apology to show his sincerity he could have pointed out several examples on what he has done so far to prove his sincerity. Therefore there is nothing that Najib has done to make us believe that UMNO is really sincere in its apology.

But UMNO will never rectify its mistakes

Since Malaysia has only one government that is the UMNO/Perikatan/BN since independence, who is the one that Daim is referring to in the above interview if not UMNO/BN?  It took UMNO 56 years to admit that they are corrupt and racist (implementing racial based policies), but that is just admitting. So how long would it take UMNO to rectify the mistakes?

Knowing that UMNO is headed by a pathological liar and all of them are cohorts; UMNO will never do anything to rectify its mistakes as a party.

The Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that “there is no need to list out our weaknesses; that is in the past.” Instead he boasted on the so-called achievements by the BN in the past few decades by saying, “…during the 54-year period, no one can deny the fact, despite the weaknesses, we have made huge progress in the fields of socio-economy, culture, education, international relations and various others.” Muhyiddin like Mahathir both refused to admit UMNO’s mistakes.

UMNO Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan simply believe that it is enough for UMNO to be given the mandate to rule just by what Najib has admitted UMNO’s mistakes without any need to rectify them when had urged Malaysians “to provide BN the mandate to rule following the promise by Najib Abdul Razak that the coalition will fix its past mistakes”, which will in no doubt be just a lip service.

UMNO will not allow Najib to rectify even if he wants to

We can now see that it took UMNO 56 years to get several UMNO leaders admit and apologize yet at the same time not all in UMNO is willing to admit mistakes as pointed by Muhyiddin. Mahathir too has always defended his 22 year rule and justified everything he did, though flimsy it may be.

The problem with UMNO is that it is a huge “Pirate Ship”, and Najib could be faced with mutiny if he tries to make amend. The pirates have all based on ill-gotten wealth to support their life-style and it is too huge to be laundered clean legally, unless all of them are willing to stay in jail.

The ill-gotten treasure that these pirates have hoarded for 5 decades is even too big for the old and leaking “Pirate Ship” that once in a while one or two pirates will be thrown over-board. For example, Isa Samad has been proven guilty of corruption and was punished. Khairy Jamaluddin too was found guilty but was spared any punishment. Khir Toyo has been found guilty of corruption in the purchase deal of his house because his baggage is too huge. Recently the Sabak Bernam UMNO MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakri was found guilty by the Sessions Court here on eight counts of making false claims amounting to RM80,000, still Najib allows him to continue serving as a member of parliament until the next-GE.

But believe it or not, whatever those UMNO leaders have admitted while Muhyiddin, Ahmad Maslan and Mahathir have said otherwise, and Daim has correctly summed up, or a few UMNO leaders being taken to task and Najib apologizing, it is just a sandiwara. It is not to find justice or even the truth or seeking forgiveness from the people, but when UMNO is involved it is all about gaining votes, power play and infighting.


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