Hassan Ali still hasn’t get it

Last week end, Hassan Ali the sacked ex- Selangor PAS Liaison Chief went to Kemaman and Kuala Terengganu to promote his NGO, JATI but the response from the people was disappointing to him. The program was held in collaboration with UMNO and the program at Stadium Negeri in Kuala Terengganu was attended by none other than the UMNO Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said himself.

Hassan Ali in his presidential address when launching the formation of JATI in Shah Alam, had lamented about the problems and the predicament of the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia. Have not Hassan Ali realized that the mess that has befallen the Malays, the sultans, Islam and the rest of Malaysians including all the other religions is the result of five decades of UMNO rule over Malaysia.

When he found that the response from the people was disappointing despite having a “rent a crowd” of about 5,000 as UMNO brought in by the bus loads, he put the blame on PAS; accusing his previous party of not allowing its members to attend the function. How ridiculous can Hassan Ali be whereby his abjection should be towards UMNO and not PAS. UMNO being thick- skinned and not accepting their faults even collaborated with Hassan Ali to hold the function. It seems that Hassan Ali has lost his faculty and is so paranoid with his grudges against PAS for not appointing him as the Selangor Menteri Besar that his mind has been shut to be a numbskull.

Hassan Ali in his vengeance towards PAS has not realized that he is being used by UMNO without any real benefit to his struggle and also not a genuine one since he is barking at the wrong tree. Hassan Ali must take a deep breathe, calm down and think rationally that the enemy of the Malays and Malaysian is not PAS, PKR or even the DAP. Our enemy is UMNO/BN who is turning Malaysia to a pariah state with five decades of mismanagement, corruption, racial policies and money-making schemes and various scandals.

Hassan Ali must do some other things more worthwhile with his money; don’t waste it on some wrong cause. If Hassan Ali can open his mind and his eyes, he will realize that from the DUMC raid incident, with further stories where the Muslims had to get help from the Church, there is something very wrong with the zakat bodies in Malaysia. The recent use of zakat money (RM63,650) by Jamil Khir Baharom, the UMNO minister to pay for his personal legal fees and another questionable discrepancy in the accounts of Yayasan Taqwa amounting to RM800,000, the company formed by the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP) to manage distribution of zakat funds should make Hassan Ali be more interested in improving the zakat bodies.

There is no point in blaming PAS as it has got nothing to do with all the mess that UMNO has done. Furthermore all Malaysians already know the various wrong doings of UMNO and shouting about it is just a waste of time as Hassan Ali is only stating the obvious. What is the real thing that Hassan Ali has planned for JATI? Maybe there is none at all. JATI is only the shouting platform for Hassan Ali and UMNO gets the benefit.


3 responses to “HASSAN ALI STILL DOESN’T GET IT; it is all UMNO’s fault

  1. When wrong-doings were committed by muslims, Islam is blame. Islam is the most wrong understood religion even by muslims. That is way of majority of people’s mind, shooting at a wrong place. Similarly when a lot of corruptions and mistakes done by a few UMNO leaders, UMNO is blame. Actually with positive thinking with fair and balance, nothing wrong wuth Islam or Quran. Likewise UMNO is a dinamic organization, ready to change. Blame the leaders not UMNO. So change to better leaders, UMNO and BN will change. Don’t loose hope. UMNO members must realize thus fact. If they don’t change of course the rakyat have no secobg choice other than to vite for new dinamic and just goverment. This coming election, I think BN will still win with a thin majority and this is the last mandate given by rakyat especially Malays.

  2. Never says UMNO pariah UMNO itu orang melayu,tinggal ditanah airnya sendiri kalau UMNO pariah Orang India,Cina dll tak akan hidup titanah melayu ini,lihat saja Indonesia macam mana, jangan cakap ikut perasaan, melayu tetap melayu walau dimana merika berada, orang puteh dan jepun dulu pun hurmat raja-raja melayu,

    • kucingkurapan

      UMNO yang rasuah telah menyebabkan ianya menjadi pariah. Siapa kata UMNO itu Melayu? UMNO hanya sebuah parti politik yang digunakan oleh segelintir orang Melayu untuk mengambil kesempatan terhadap orang Melayu yang lain, yang daif dan naive.

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