DESPITE RM1.5 BILLION; KL will still be the same and badly managed

The UMNO/BN government is going to waste over RM1 billion and KL will still be the same In trying to make Kuala Lumpur more “competitive” globally, Najib must be clear of his objectives, whether being “more competitive” is the most appropriate objective or there are “more pertinent” issues that have to be resolved.Then Najib must ask whether being “more competitive” will bring more benefits to Kuala Lumpur and its inhabitants. Najib must also re-look at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall mission, objectives and various charters and slogans. Overall Najib must really evaluate the performance of the Minister of Federal Territory, the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur and the City Hall Itself. Bear in mind that there are two other Federal Territories in Malaysia namely Labuan and Putrajaya. Last but not least is the RM1 billion worth the money spent because that is the people’s money taxed by the UMNO/BN government not only from the people in the Federal Territory but also all over the country including folks in the deep rural areas who making two ends meet is their main priority in their daily life.Above all, how can the people be assured that the RM1 billion allocation won’t be used as another money-making scheme?

As I am staying and working in Kuala Lumpur, the main concern of us all the working class is just two; daily traffic congestion leading to anxieties, frustrations and late to work and reaching home coupled with expensive parking fees and limited parking space. Secondly the high cost of living that even single people earning RM2,500 a month find it suffocating by the end of the month, let alone people who have children to support. The Ah Long business stickers speak for itself on this issue. Najib also said projects under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) would ensure that Kuala Lumpur be among the world’s top 20 cities. But what is the purpose of being the top 20 cities.

What is Najib trying to achieve?

 Let us look at the criteria set by some watchdog to determine whether a city is in being world class or not;

Air Quality – The air quality that we breathe must comply with the Air Quality Index (AQI).This index takes into account measurements of ground level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. The score assigned corresponds with the highest (most detrimental to health) level of any one of these pollutants daily. Is there any real effort done by KL City Hall to reduce the air pollution?

 Energy Conservation – Global warming has made the commitment of local governments in the developed nations to use renewable energy and energy conservation all the more pressing. Is there any effort for the KL City Hall to reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses, and whether or not green power options are available to the inhabitant? Since the amount of electricity used by Kuala Lumpur is so huge, its contribution to save and reduction of wastage of electricity does have an impact in savings for the nation. Is Kuala Lumpur energy efficient?

Healthy Environment – One important measure of a city government’s commitment to improving its environment is the inclusion of environmental standards in departmental policies. Cities that address topics such as recycling procedures and integrated pest management must be practical and effective. It should not be done half-heartedly and must demonstrate a clear long-term commitment to achieving better environmental performance and enhancing urban environments. The voice of the citizens must be heard and their active participation must be encouraged. Providing opportunities for citizen involvement in environmental initiatives also takes advantage of skills and knowledge available in the community and helps residents gain first-hand experience of challenging issues in their hometowns and opportunities for citizenry to have a voice in the decision-making process.

Green Building and Space – Buildings typically consume very high amounts of energy, generating half of the greenhouse gases emitted. Constructing the spaces in which we spend our lives not only strains resources, but also eliminates habitat, farm land and our architectural heritage. KL City Hall must find ways to green their buildings and develop neighborhoods in a less destructive manner. The importance of green space to the health and happiness of city dwellers has long been recognized. KL City Hall must ask and provide the suitable types of green spaces their citizens had access to, including athletic fields, city parks, public gardens, trail systems, and waterfronts. But KL City Hall must enhance, upgrade and maintain all the green spaces properly and provide enough for the various localities before embarking on any grandiose projects like the costly Beautification of the Klang River passing through KL. It is more pertinent to prevent the river from being polluted instead of making it beautiful but still being polluted badly. Make the water really clear and we can see the fish swimming and this will naturally attract people to the river for recreational purposes.

 Transportation – KL City Hall must provide a range of less-polluting public transportation options to promote a cleaner and well-connected and integrated transportation system. These included bicycle paths and dedicated bicycle and motorcycle lanes, mini buses, double decker buses, hop on/off bus systems, light rail, sidewalks/trails, subways, affordable and efficient shuttle services where needed. Road shoulders and walkways must be clear of obstructions. Directional signboards must be enough, clear updated to avoid any confusion especially to visitors who are not familiar which in their indecisiveness could slow down traffic or even cause accidents. Stalled vehicle must be removed swiftly. The sudden flood in KL which creates traffic havoc must be resolved immediately. Decisions must be made based on actual necessities based on proper scientific studies and not based on political motives.

 Standard of Living – The affordability of a city is critical to its sustainability—without livable wages, the advantages of green space and other environmental benefits may be priced out of reach for many. KL City Hall must look at housing affordability, poverty and home ownership to ensure minimal families living below the urban poverty line, rental rates are affordable and the percentage of owner-occupied housing is improving. Then the cost of living must be monitored and the supply of goods and services must be increased more to demand to ensure low prices this is the basic rule of commerce. Provide more, better and strategically located and well maintained hawker centres instead of expensive restaurants and fast-food outlets.

Two more money-making schemes Najib also said that The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) and “river of life” project are some of the projects to transform the capital city when launching Federal Territories Day celebrations at Dataran Merdeka. The RM60 billion KVMRT project is mired with so many problems and the cost is too expensive that will only serve the huge numbers of immigrant workers and will eventually need a bail out due to poor planning and shoddy constructions as have been experience by all the LRT in KL. Not all the stations are economically viable. Instead of one continuous line the MRT should be constructed to serve only feasible stations while the rest could be served by other means of public transport. The KVMRT is going to be a burden for the people.

Alternative solution Still the best solution is to depopulate Kuala Lumpur that is to reduce the number of inhabitants by not constructing any new projects that will attract the people into KL and at the same time develop areas outside KL to areas like Bukit Beruntung, Sepang and Nilai. Let other areas prosper too. Putrajaya is a ghost town at night, may be Najib could reverse the situation. Even the KL City Hall building, the National Museum, huge shopping centres and stadiums should be moved out. The 100-storey building, the development of Pudu Jail land and the Sungai Besi airport must be scrapped, build them elsewhere.

Create more green space at these locations and the beautification of the Klang River the “river of life” project must be re-considered. It is not necessary. KL City Hall is hopeless KL City Hall has not even achieved its mission and its charters are just empty slogans just like UMNO/Najib where Kuala Lumpur is deteriorating without proper maintenance. We can read in the news on the so many complaints by the people and blunders by the City Hall. KL City hall wasted RM17 million on a fruit orchard as reported in the Malay Mail last year. Pot holes are a daily problem.

 Uncollected rubbish is always an issue. City Hall flats and other dwellings are always problematic with litters, stench, malfunction lifts, vandalism and parking problems.

Dengue is a major disease with almost daily admittance in the various hospitals. Flooding and blocked drains are recurring nightmare.

 Just look at the road shoulders on both side of Jalan Ampang. The tree roots have uplifted the tiles, railings are ugly and damaged, rubbish everywhere and this road is supposed to be in the limelight with many foreign embassies. Recreational parks everywhere in KL are in bad shape.

Kuala Lumpur is like a prostitute, presentable at night but such an abhorrence sight during the day. Yes KL City Hall just tried to spruce up Kuala Lumpur with some lightings at night just like Najib putting on “make up” to improve his image which everyone knows is not good. With the City Hall building itself dirty, ugly, with slimy glass surfaces and need urgent painting reflecting the attitude of the people especially the little known what-is-his-name mayor of Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful river will turn to a smelly swamp in no time.

 The mayor should be kicked out together with Najib/UMNO/BN.

By the way, the new mayor Datuk Pheasal is not fit to be a mayor; he is just the butler for Raja Nong Chik, these two people must also be kicked out too.


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