UMNO; the unwinnable party

UMNO; the unwinnable party

Many do not learn from history which is in the past was the reality. What was supposed to happen did happen. But not all ignore history totally. China has learned from the mistakes of others in managing its booming economy; do not let the bubble burst. China’s economy is slowing down. Chinese housing prices have started to fall as vacancy rates have skyrocketed. The stock market has dropped. But these are the results of the government intervention and the Chinese government has moved to reign in China’s lending and credit bubble. China is preventing the economic bubble to grow larger and ultimately burst as what had happened in capitalism all over the world. Malaysia has yet to learn.

But the Malaysian government under UMNO/BN will never learn from history. UMNO itself has transformed from being the trust and hope of the nation to one that is despised by many. From the initial years of independence, UMNO, MCA,MIC, Perikatan and whichever party is within the coalition would easily win any election. Some even said that even if UMNO put a dead tree stump as its candidate, the people will still vote for it; UMNO was a winnable party.

Unfortunately due to its own making and not learning anything from history, present day UMNO need winnable candidates; UMNO is not a winnable party anymore. Their problem is further made complicated because there are infightings everywhere and at every level of the organization. Every UMNO leader says that he or she is a winnable candidate it implies that the others are not. Ultimately when everybody says that the others are not winnable, the entire UMNO leadership has become unwinnable! That is what they are implying anyway. Some may say otherwise; that when everyone is saying that he or she is winnable, that means everybody in UMNO is winnable or at least more winnable than others. Well, in the first place, if all of them are winnable the issue of a winnable candidate would not have arisen.

UMNO has always been saying about winnable candidates but have never spelled out its criteria. So with simple common sense the criteria should be all the inherent good qualities, characters, personality, and good background, honest, respectable and respect others, well-educated, good family and be examples to be emulated. But how can we judge a person without really knowing him or her closely; they could be good actors. Well fortunately we are not living in the past and being isolated by the events. We can judge all UMNO leaders from various sources and the best unpretentious characters have been clearly shown during the recent UMNO general assembly. In the assembly they have portrayed their true colours.

We can listen to what they say, how they react and behave, how they commented and what have been highlighted. They are all yes-men, they support their corrupt leaders, they are oblivious to the fact that Malaysia is in trouble and could be another Greece. They are above all racist. They don’t care for the people and they want is position and money to the extent that Najib has to ask for the mandate to have the final say on the choice of candidates, and we can count with our fingers how many of them volunteered to be dropped from the list.

While all these are going on, Najib seems to be struggling all by himself to improve things in UMNO at least, while nothing much has been done by him for the country. Yes, when UMNO politics is first, just like our university education, the welfare of the state and its people under UMNO will always be second; will always be sidelined.

Vote UMNO out, it is no more a winnable party.


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